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Friday, November 20, 2015

Spanking Implement of Display - MF Comic

I had published the comic of these two couples previously from the FM perspective
Spanking Implement FM

but , as anyone who follows this blog regularly will tell you , I always like to even the score.
So here is the same comic edited to reflect the MF version.

Would anyone care to speculate on what is going on?
Love to hear from you


Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Spanking Private Jennings - MF Spanking Story

A number of you were asking when Private Debbie Jennings who made her debut on the blog in the story The Spanking Sergeants Well it's finally time to catch up with Debbie to see if she can manage to be spanked again....what do you think?

Private Debbie Jennings marched briskly back to her barracks  , her bottom still burning and tingling wonderfully from the impromptu spanking she had received from the hunky
Sergeant Blackwell.

She was anxious to get ready for her date with the unlikely Dexter Moulard.
As a teenager in California , the cute blonde had dated every hunky surf dude she met and Dexter certainly did not fall into that mould.
Perhaps that was why she liked him so much...maybe even loved him?
Physically , everything about Dexter was average but intellectually he was on top of his game.
Back home she would be rediculing him as a Nerd.

At the tender age of 26 , Dexter's genius in the hi-tech field had made him millions but you would never know it.
He was brought up in the bible belt under strict parents so his values and upbringing could not be more different from Debbie's.
He was strict , to the point , no nonsense and did not tolerate fools  which sometimes made him wonder what he saw in the dipsy , liberal , blonde Debbie.

Still ,their  romance was getting serious now after dating for months .
While they  had been intimate ,  Dexter's conservative values did not allow him to go too far before being betrothed.
Of course liberal  Debbie was of a different mind , but despite her best efforts , Dexter had not weakened - yet.
In a way Debbie admired Dexter's conservatism and liked the way he could take charge in their relationship , often scolding or lecturing her when she did something stupid or goofy- which was a lot!

That spanking from Sergeant Blackwell had made Debbie hornier than ever and she hoped that tonight would be the night she and Dexter would consummate their relationship.
After her shower she proudly admired her still glowing red bottom in the mirror.
She could still see the outline of  the Sergeant's palm prints where his heavy hand had landed repeatedly on the soft skin of her bottom.
It had been quite the spanking and one she had needed and wanted for some time.

Debbie had never been spanked as a child, but was still strangely fascinated by being taken over a strong man's lap and spanked on her bare bottom.
She hoped Dexter would be the sort of man to do just that.

The guys she had dated were not interested in spanking and apart from a few clumsy , half-hearted attempts she had remained a spanking virgin until the day she met a handsome young cowboy from Texas at a beach party , about a year before she joined the army.

She had teased him incessantly all night until he finally hauled her off to a sand dune and gave her the first real spanking of her life.
Her string bikini offered scant protection as he set her bottom on fire and afterwards they made love with a passion she had never experienced before.

Her spanking cowboy has  kept her bottom warm on a regular basis until they both went their separate ways.
Debbie longed for Dexter to do the same thing to her , the way Sergeant Blackwell did.
Now there was a man who knew how to spank.
She envied his pretty wife Dana , "I'll bet she must be going over his knee for a spanking twice a week!" she mused.
If only Debbie knew the truth!

Debbie stared at her lingerie draw and pondered .
Should she?
She held up the 'spanking' leotard she had purchased recently on line.

The black spandex would hug and enhance her curves and her entire bare bottom would be exposed prompting Dexter  to take her over his knee.
Surely that should be a big enough hint for him to spank her?
Impishly grinning she squeezed into the racy item.
It certainly did enhance her feminine attributes but she gasped when she spun around for a rear view.
The leotard did display her glorious bare bottom wonderfully......but it was still bright red and even had visible imprints of Sergeant Blackwell's palm.
That might be hard to explain to Dexter but she decided to roll the dice anyway. All she had to do now was be a naughty brat all evening to earn that spanking.....that part was easy.

She started by being at least 20 minutes late and , as she expected, Dexter was furious.
"Really Deborah....if the army taught you one thing I would have thought it would be punctuality! Now we're going to be late for the Art Exhibit..."
Debbie raised a brow in disbelief.
"Art Exhibit? I thought we were going to a club?"
Dexter nodded. "We are....the Metro Art of my clients is displaying her exhibits there....don't you remember?"
He looked at Debbie in her short,seductive ,curve hugging dress and heels.
"I guess you didn't're not exactly dressed for an art exhibit....don't you have a shawl or cape or something?" he scolded.
Debbie's face flushed and she stood with hands on hips.
"No I do NOT have a shawl Dexter! You can be such an ass hole sometimes!" She spat.

Dexter did not appreciate poor manners or foul language and Debbie knew it.She also knew quite well they were going to an art show and chose to ignore Dexter's dress instructions.
She waited anxiously for his reaction.
There seemed to be a slow burn travelling through his veins as he glared angrily at Debbie.
He took her by both wrists and pulled her to him.
"If we weren't already late I'd take you inside and teach you some manners young lady...
but you had better be on your best behaviour this evening or so help me you'll get a good sound spanking!" he warned.
Debbie's heart pounded and she felt she would swoon.
Dexter had mouthed the 'S' word for the first time....but did he really mean it?

The stuffy affair at the art gallery gave Debbie lots of opportunity to misbehave.
She flaunted her revealing attire , drank a little too much and loudly panned the various paintings.
People began to notice so Dexter discretely warned her to behave.
"I wasn't joking about that spanking miss'd better behave!"
Debbie's bottom tingled.She was almost there!

She seized her opportunity when Dexter introduced her to his client the artist featured in the exhibit.
She had the typical,arrogant  'artsy' demeanour , which onlyvadded fuel to Debbie's plan.
Soon the pair were engaged in a heated  debate.
Debbie was no dumb blonde an had a good enough knowledge of art to hold her own and was enjoying winding up the haughty lady artist.
Meanwhile Dexter stood uncomfortably  ,squeezing Debbie's arm to lead her away but Debbie resisted.
There was a hushed silence when Debbie delivered a foul-mouthed insult to the stunned lady.
Dexter's jaw dropped and for a moment he was stunned and speechless.
He pulled Debbie to him and she looked up at him defiantly.
"I believe you owe Miss Pringle and the entire room   an apology for that Deborah...I'm sure you didn't mean it?" he said.
Debbie flung her head back.
"Damn right I meant it!" she yelled.
Dexter scowled and looked at Miss Pringle.
"I'm so sorry Eva there somewhere I could er...speak..privately with my girlfriend?" he asked , tightening his grip on Debbie's arm.

Debbie heard a bold and familiar male voice reply.
"You can use the cloakroom down the hall Sir. I believe there is a big straight back chair in there which will be quite useful !"
Debbie's head twisted and her eyes bulged at the sight of handsome Sergeant Blackwell who was standing with his wife Dana.

Dexter grinned, "Thank you Sir!" he said , giving his girlfriend an angry glare.
"You were warned Deborah!" he said and guided her away from the room.
"WAIT!" a female voice called out.
Dana Blackwell reached into her bag and produced a stout wooden hairbrush.
When she handed the implement  to Dexter , Debbie noticed it had no had one purpose....spanking!
A beaming Dexter thanked Dana , and Debbie struggled to keep up as he purposefully dragged her down the hall to the cloakroom to laughter and applause from the onlookers.

As people returned to mingling and discussing the art exhibit , Dexter got down to business finally dealing with his naughty girlfriend.
Taking his place on the big chair he tipped Debbie over his lap.
He paused to admire the sight of Debbie's shapely derriere before hoisting her tight skirt.
Debbie trembled with excitement and anticipation when she felt the cool air on her cheeks , fully exposed by her spanking outfit.At last she was over Dexter's lap and ready  for a spanking!

Dexter gasped in surprise when Debbie' glorious twin globes were displayed.
He also noticed Debbie's skin was bright  red and was sure he could make out the imprints of a large male hand.

Debbie looked up to see Dexter's reaction and felt the need to explain.
"I got in trouble at the base today and would have had my leave cancelled ....but Sergeant Blackwell agreed to a spanking instead."
Dexter was furious .
"Is that so? Well I'll be making it clear to Sergeant Blackwell that I'm the only one who spanks my fiancé"
Debbie's face lit up.
"Fiancé? " she gushed.

Dexter reached into his inside pocket to produce a small velvet box and handed it to a stunned Debbie.
"OMIGOSH! You mean it Dexter?"she asked when she opened it to reveal a huge , sparkling diamond ring.
"I was planning on asking you at dinner tonight ...will you be my wife Deborah?" Dexter asked.
Debbie looked up at him with an impish grin.
"You know the tradition is for you to ask me while on one knee Dexter....not with your future wife OVER your knee!" She giggled .
Dexter leaned over to place the ring on her finger.
"I have a hunch my future wife will be over my knee quite a bit so get used to it." He smiled , planting a kiss on Debbie's full lips.
"I will be your wife Dexter Moulard...." Debbie purred, " are you going to spank me or not?"
Dexter grinned and caressed his new Fiance's shapely bare bottom.
"Oh I'm going to spank you alright, and now that we're engaged I can spank you on your bare bottom.
"YEOOW!" Debbie yelped when Dexter's palm smacked her bottom for the first time.

Back at the art exhibit Dana Blackwell chuckled at the sound of a very hard spanking echoed from the cloakroom.
"That sassy little minx is getting what she deserves!
Simon nodded but shifted uncomfortably as he pretended to study a painting.
Dana put a hand up to turn his head to face her.
"Got something to tell me Simon?" she asked ,knowing her husband well.
Simon opened his mouth to speak but nothing came out.
"It's ok....Betty told me all about the cute little Private Jennings...."
Simon put his hands up to placate his wife.
"There's nothing going on Dana....honest."
Dana pondered , "Then why are you looking so guilty then?"
Before he could answer, the door to the cloakroom opened and the happy couple emerged.
Dexter was looking proud and very pleased with himself while a disheveled looking Debbie looked as uncomfortable as she felt.
The combination of Dexter's palm and Dana's paddle had set her backside on fire.....she would not be sitting comfortably for a while.

A beaming Dexter handed Dana her paddle.
"Thank you Ma'am ....I'm Dexter Moulard and this is my fiancé Deborah.
Debbie and Simon blushed in unison.
"Do you two know each other?" Dexter asked.
"Simon is your fiance's commanding officer...Sergeant Blackwell....aren't you dear?" Dana replied , revelling in Simon's  embarrassment.

Dexter bristled , looked at Debbie and back at Simon.
"I'm quite sure my fiancé deserved that spanking you gave her today Sergeant Blackwell but from now on I'll be taking care of her discipline if you don't mind."

Simon blushed and Dana looked like her head was about to explode.
"YOU SPANKED HER?" she yelled.
Debbie looked on supressing a giggle as her tough Sergeant squirmed beside his wife.
"Yes honey ....but it...." Simon babbled but Dana cut him off.
"Save it mister....I'll deal with you when we get home!"

Dexter chuckled , "The cloakroom is available now Mrs.Blackwell and your paddle is already nice and warm!"
Dana grinned , "Thank you Mr. Moulard but I have a special paddle at home reserved for my husband which is much more appropriate!"
Simon blushed and looked earnestly worried about his wife's public threat."Dana ! Please ?" He mouthed in protest.
Debbie had to put a hand to her mouth to cover her delight at her Sergeant's embarrassment.
"Sergeant Blackwell's wife spanks him! Just wait until they hear about this back at the base!" she thought....

Friday, November 13, 2015

Sally Takes Charge - FM Spanking Story

                               Sally Takes  Charge
                                                Advice for Young Wives to Discover the Power of the Hairbrush


Sally and Ian had only been married for three years but her new husband’s decline from the man of her dreams into a selfish , obstinate slob did not escape her attention.

More and more of Ian’s time was spent on golfing or lying on the sofa for an entire afternoon , eating chips and swilling beer while watching sports on television.
He began neglecting his share of the household chores , and was oblivious to the fact Sally's workload was overloaded.
Sounds familiar? Then keep reading .

One Saturday morning when Ian was golfing with his buddies , Sally visited her good friend Susan who she hadn’t seen for a few years.
The first thing Sally noticed was that Susan’s husband Dave , a good friend of Ian’s ,  was busy doing the vacuuming instead of golfing .
“He knows what his chores are ....and if they aren’t finished he can’t golf.....simple as that.” Her friend told her.

Sally was impressed and asked Susan what her secret was.
Susan took Sally to the bedroom and pointed to a wooden hairbrush sitting prominently on her dresser.
“I call this my husband tamer….if Dave breaks the rules he gets a good spanking with it to remind him what a jerk he’s been.Believe me he remembers it each time he sits down for a quite while after.Just the sight of it sitting there makes him shape up!” She announced proudly.

Sally was rendered momentarily speechless at Susan’s revelation , but after spending the rest of the afternoon hearing more about Susan’s approach , she decided to stop on the way home to pick up a sturdy hairbrush of her own.

Ian arrived home from his game and as usual , dumped his gear and clothes all over the floor .
When he emerged from the shower Sally was waiting for him , hairbrush in hand.
Denying him a towel to dry off , he was forced to stand there shivering while Sally gave him a long lecture on his behavior and how things were about to change.
Ian offered no defense and moments later found himself draped face down over his wife’s lap receiving the tanning of his life.
Sally felt a sense of release and empowerment and really vented her frustration on Ian’s rump with the brush.

Afterwards , a thoroughly repentant and apologetic Ian took Sally out to dinner for the first time in months and began acting like the man she married with little touches such as opening doors for her and pulling out chairs for her to sit.
Sitting for Ian was a different story and his run-in with his wife's hairbrush had him squirming and shifting in his seat all evening.
The spanking ignited passion in both of them and that night they enjoyed their steamiest love-making session in ages.

Following Susan’s advice , Sally and Ian sat down together and agreed on a set of rules. If Ian broke the rules he would be spanked – long and hard.
Susan was right.
The mere sight of the hairbrush sitting on Sally’s dresser prompted an immediate improvement in Ian’s behavior , and it wasn’t long before it was called into action again when Ian left the bathroom in disarray .
It was a relatively minor offence , but remembering Susan’s instruction to be consistent , Sally scorched her husband’s backside with the same intensity as before .
The result was a sparkling clean bathroom followed by a torrid love-making session.

Things improved so much that Ian even preferred a golf foursome with Sally and their friends Susan and Dave to golfing with his friends.
It gave the two young wives a chance to chat and compare notes.
“Nice swing!” Ian complimented as Susan teed off.
Susan winked and replied “You should see me swing a hairbrush!”
Ian and Dave blushed ,instinctively putting palms to the seat of their pants in unison while Sally chuckled.
Sally’s drive was just as sweet as Susan’s and when Dave complimented her in the same way, Sally chose to up the ante.
“Yea….all that practice I’ve had swinging that hairbrush has really helped my power…hasn’t it darling?” she said firing an impish grin at Ian.
It was Susan’s turn to laugh this time as Ian coughed nervously and Dave tried to look away.

Throughout the game , the ladies bantered and competed with innuendoes and subtle comments about spanking and hairbrushes much to the chagrin of their husbands.
It certainly affected their men's game , and by the 9th hole it was the ladies who were carrying the game for their partners.
Susan studied the score card and her face lit up with a mischievious grin.
“How about we go girls versus guys for the last 9 holes?” she suggested.
Ian and Dave looked at each other and raised their eyebrows at the challenge.
“You girls are having a great game but Dave and I are just warming up ….” Ian replied.
Sally simply could not resist responding to her husband’s opening.
“You know I don’t give you warm-ups Ian!” she chirped to loud applause from Susan.
“To make it interesting how about a little wager guys?
If you win we’ll give you both a kind of ‘get out of jail free card’ you can use to get out of your next date with the hairbrush…..If we win you guys get a well-deserved bare bottom spanking!
Our house is only 5 minutes away and I have an extra hairbrush I can lend you Sally.” Susan announced.

If the constant hints about spanking weren’t enough , the cat was really out of the bag now.
Ian and Dave hesitated before boldly accepting.
“There’s no way you guys will win so bring it on!” Dave declared confidently.
At the 18th hole  it was a much more subdued Dave as he watched Sally sink her final putt to tie the match.
Looking confident and smug , Susan carefully eyed her potential match winning putt.
It was a difficult one for sure but Ian was still nervous enough to ask about the wager if they were tied.
“There won’t be a tie Ian….watch this.” Susan responded.
Ian and Dave sweated bullets as their wives milked the moment for all it was worth.
“Its too bad you guys will be sitting on the sorest backsides in town when you take us out for that expensive dinner tonight!” Sally teased.
Susan laughed as she lined up her putt.
“Yea ….I’ll give you a demonstration on how to really blister Ian’s ass!”
Susan’s putter made contact with the ball and it seemed to take forever to ease toward the hole , slowing considerably as it approached and the guys breathed sighs of relief as it nestled precariously on the edge….before plopping into the hole.

Sally and Susan jumped for joy as their husbands hung their heads.
Not only had they lost at golf to their wives but they earned themselves a sound spanking into the bargain.
“Lets hit the showers Sally. 
We’ll have our drinks at home and then you guys will pay….boy will you pay!” Susan cackled.