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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

A Timely Lesson for Tardiness - FM Spanking Story

"Another game Simon?" Adam gasped.
His friend Simon shook his head.
"Sorry Adam's Dana's parents 30th wedding anniversary and you know what will happen if I keep us late!" he replied.

Adam grinned , "I know all about that paddle of hers about you Nick?" he asked , turning to the young man who was dating Dana's kid sister.
Nick nodded an affirmative and stepped onto the court.
Simon put an assuring arm around Nick's shoulder.
"You don't want to be late for this occasion Nick!"
"Don't be such a worrier Simon....I have lots of time to get home. I'll finish this old geezer off in no time!" Nick replied.

Simon wagged a finger , "OK it's your butt on the line ..don't say I didn't warn you." and headed to the change room.
Nick paused for a moment upon hearing Nick's comment and felt that tingling in his backside again.
Linda had warned him that she would blister his backside with that darn hairbrush of hers if he dared to be late and wondered if Simon knew something.
His girlfriend had been spending a lot of time with her big sister recently and he wondered if she had told her she spanked him when he deserved it.
Returning his thoughts to the game he looked at Adam , "Lets get this over with old man!"

The Friday afternoon traffic was worse than usual and an impatient Dana was standing at the window when Simon pulled into the driveway.
"Another 5 minutes and I'd be waiting here with the paddle mister!" she warned.
Her husband planted a sloppy kiss on her full lips.
"Have you seen Nick? Linda's been calling looking for him." Dana asked.

Simon started the shower and began shucking off his clothes.
"I warned him but when I left he was starting another game with Adam. The traffic is horrendous so he'll be late for sure" he told her.
Dana sighed , "I'd better call Linda and let
her know."
As she turned to leave ,  Dana gave her husband's muscular bare backside a hearty smack.
"OUCH! What was that for?" he yelped.
Dana grinned impishly , "Just a reminder to be on your best behaviour tonight."

Linda was livid when she received the news of her boyfriend's  tardiness.
"He's always late ....and he knows how important this is! He's so inconsiderate Dana .Mom will be furious." she complained.
"Don't worry kiddo , I'll take care of Mom and you take care of Nick!" Dana said.
Linda seethed , "Oh I'll take care of him alright! He's going to get a very painful lesson on time and punctuality when he gets here....a lesson he'll be reminded of every time he sits for the next few days."

Five kilometres away , a frustrated Nick was stuck in gridlock.
He glanced at his cell phone which already had 5 missed calls from Linda.
The clock showed 5.30pm and they were supposed to leave at 5.15pm for the 6.00pm cocktails.
"At least we'll make it for dinner at 7." he reassured himself.

His phone rang again and a shiver ran up his spine when he saw  Linda's number again.

His heart pounded and he gripped the steering wheel tightly.
He knew he should answer , but convinced himself it would be better to explain his tardiness face to face than over the phone.
The ringing stopped and his voice mail kicked in.
"Dammit Nick-PICK UP! I need to know where you are and case you haven't noticed... we're already very late for my parents anniversary are in soooo much trouble!"
Sweat beaded on Nick's brow - it was going to be tough to sweet talk his way out of this one.

The phone rang again- this time it was Dana's number so Nick picked it up.
"Oh hi Dana.." he said nervously.
"Here's the plan....Linda's on her way over here so get off the highway and head over to our place .
The parkway is clear so you shouldn't be more than 10 minutes.
Simon and I are on our way and Linda is bringing your stuff with her so you can change at our place.
With a bit of luck you can make it before dinner!" she explained.

Nick felt reprieved .
"Thanks Dana." he gushed.
"There's one other thing Nick. When you get there Linda will be waiting for you in the basement."
Nick raised a confused brow , "The basement?"
"Yes the basement young man. There is a nice big Jokari paddle down there reserved especially for naughty boys like you." she told him.
There was a brief pause.
"A jokari?" Nick asked.
"Yes...a nice big one.....stings like the dickens by all accounts!" Dana said and hung up.

Nick had difficulty focussing on his new route.
All he could think about was that huge paddle and what it would do to his poor backside.
To make it worse , everyone at the dinner would know Linda had paddled him.
Now he was truly sorry for being late.

Back at Dana's basement , Linda had a look of determination on her face as she swung the big paddle through the air.
She looked more delectable than ever in her low cut , little black dress , heels and her hair styled for the big occasion.
She was actually looking forward to dealing with her errant boyfriend.
She truly loved Nick but his behaviour really tested their relationship to the point where she had I considered ending it.

Then she confided in her big sister Dana who gave her the solution.
Dana introduced her to the "Blackwell Method" of applying a hairbrush , strap or paddle to a male backside to achieve the required result.
It worked like a charm and she chuckled when she recalled the first time she took Nick over her lap and blistered his bare behind.
That was a few months ago,  and she had spanked him many times since then ,but Dana's paddle would really leave an impression

Nick was genuinely afraid when he opened the door to Simon and Dana's house and stared blankly at the door to the basement.
Slowly he went downstairs to find Linda looking absolutely stunning - and holding the biggest paddle he had ever seen in her right hand !

"Well if it isn't Mr. Punctuality ." Linda declared haughtily.
Nick put up two palms to placate his girlfriend , "Listen Honey...I....I..."he began but Linda held up a finger to silence him.
"As you clearly have a serious problem with time management you are about to receive a lesson on the subject which I dare say you will not forget." Linda said.
Nick was frozen to the spot.
"Take off ALL your clothes and bend over that chair!" she ordered.
The deep firmness in her tone prompted Nick to immediately comply so he quickly disrobed and assumed his position over the chair.

On the chair , Linda had placed a wall clock and Nick's downward gaze was affixed to it.
"Tell you know the purpose of the instrument on the chair?' Linda asked.
"Yes Ma''s a clock." came the reply.
Linda was pleased her boyfriend referred to her as Ma'am without prompting.
"....and what is it used for ?" she prompted.
"It's used to tell the time Ma'am." Nick replied , his buttocks clenching in anticipation.

"....and do they have a clock at the squash courts?"
"Yes they do Ma'am."
"AH! So we can conclude that you know the purpose of a clock so you must need a lesson on how to read it. Shall we get started?" Linda lectured as she paced behind Nick , her heels clicking on the wood floor.
"How many numbers do you see on the clock?"
"Twelve Ma'am."
"Correct. Let's go through them shall we? You count and I'll WHACK!" Linda declared.

Taking her position to Nick's left , she tapped the hard wood against his lily white cheeks.
"Three" 'CRAAACK!' "GAAAAH!"
The count continued until the paddle had  landed heavily 12 times against Nick's behind turning it a rosy red.

"Now for lesson two. Do you see those little marks in between each number?"
Catching his breath , Nick responded  with a sharp "Yes Ma'am"
"....and what are they for?"
"To count the minutes and seconds Ma'am."
"....and how many are there?"
Nick gulped and clenched his stinging cheeks.
"S..sixty Ma'am" he muttered.
"Good. You count and I'll whack again!"

Linda paced behind Nick and was thoroughly enjoying the power she was wielding .
"Please Linda....not sixty with that's too much..." Nick pleaded.
Planting her feet , Linda took up her position.
"I'm waiting Nick..."
Nick sighed .
Linda really wound up and followed through with each whack.
By the time she had reached 30 Nick's rump was a blazing red with white spots appearing on each cheek.

His voice was quivering and shaky now.
"Th...thirty...wwwwun." 'CRAAACK' "OOOOOW!"
By 50 his composure was gone and his behind was a real mess and truly blistered.
Diligently , Linda prompted her man to continue counting until they had reached 60.
She noticed Nick was sobbing and his legs trembled.
"I'm sorry Linda...please no more...I'll never be late again..." he begged.

Linda pondered his plea as she continued to pace behind him.
"I'm afraid your lesson is not finished yet young man....and you can stop that blubbering." she scolded.
"Now let's see just how much you've learned shall we?" What time are cocktails at the party ?" she asked.
Nick hesitated , "Please Honey...."
"Answer the question or we will go back to lesson 1 !"
"Six Ma'am" he sobbed.
Nick howled as Linda delivered 6 rapid-fire swats to the same spot on his right cheek.

He was panting and breathing heavily now.
"What time was dinner?"
Resigned to his fate , this time Nick replied quickly.
"Seven Ma'am'

The howling resumed as the seven quick swats were delivered to the same spot on Nick's left cheek.

Linda paced again and the only sounds in the room were the clicking of her heels , the ticking of the clock and Nick's groans.
Finally she spoke.
"So now there is only one remaining question to answer Nick. Why were you late?"
There was silence as Nick considered an answer and concluded there was no good one.
"I was selfish and inconsiderate Ma'am."
Linda considered his response and continued pacing.
"....and what are the consequences when you are selfish and inconsiderate?"
"I get a spanking Ma'am....but please Linda more my butt is on fire" he pleaded.

Linda took a close look at Nick's behind and admired her handiwork.
He would not be sitting comfortably for quite some time.
"So you think I shouldn't spank you because your bottom is too sore?" she asked teasingly.
"Yes Ma'am."
"Stand up" Linda ordered curtly.
Nick slowly rose up and to his relief , Linda hung the paddle on the door.
"I have a feeling my sister will be needing that later." she smiled  and sat down on the chair Nick had been bending over.

Nick eyed her warily as she hoisted her skirt up to reveal more of her silky , tanned thighs.
"Get over my knee!" she commanded.
"Your going to get a spanking whether you like it or not."
"AW Linda..." Nick moaned but draped himself over her inviting lap.
Linda felt his previously limp penis come to life when it pressed against her.
She raised her palm high and brought it down smartly on Nick's punished rump.
He bucked on her lap and squealed like a girl as she soundly spanked him with her palm for two minutes non-stop.
When she finished her hand was stinging and Nick just lay there sobbing.
"Get up and get dressed now. I'll wait for you upstairs " she said nonchalantly as if nothing had happened.

Nick's backside was so sore and swollen he swore his pants were two sizes too small.
Linda could not hide her amusement at his obvious discomfort when he walked stiffly along.
It was a thankfully short but very uncomfortable drive to Linda's parents for Nick.
Linda added to his punishment by not allowing him to drive and making sure to hit every bump in the road causing him to yelp in pain.

Nick's humiliation continued when he arrived at the event and Linda insisted he apologize to the entire room for his tardiness.
Dana and Simon teased him all night about his sore behind and he gratefully accepted the offer of a pillow to sit on for dinner which also raised some brows.
Of course Linda found all of this very amusing.

Somehow Nick made it through the evening , although based on Dana's expression ,Simon was not as fortunate after making some inappropriate comments at the dinner table!
"I left the paddle hanging on the door Dana....I figured you might need it!" Linda told Dana.
Simon looked very flustered for a change and even Nick laughed.
Dana reached up and tugged on her husband's ear , "Let's get you home for your medicine mister!" Dana announced to a red-faced Simon.

Linda's parents Jack and Laura came to wish the young couple goodnight.
"Don't worry about your punctuality problem Nick....I was just as bad when I met Laura !" her Father  said loudly , hugging his wife.

The happy couple had partaken a little to much in the bubbly and were much more relaxed than normal.
"Yes and thanks to regular applications of my hairbrush to his backside ,  I taught him how to be on time ...didn't I dearie?" Laura giggled , giving her man's rump a hearty slap.
"OUCH!  careful  sweetie I'm still a little tender back there!" Jack replied feigning outrage.
Laura giggled , "I forgot I had to blister his buns last night for  keeping me waiting at the caterer's for an hour while he was playing tennis!

Linda blushed as she took in her parents' revelations.
Her Father  tapped his  watch , "Well speaking of time honey  ,your speech rambled on for 5 minutes longer than planned ...." he grinned.
Laura cackled , "Guess I'm in for a good old fashioned 'pankin' then!" Emphasizing by rubbing her bottom.
"Welcome to the family son!"Jack said to a grinning Nick.
He looked at Linda ,"....and you kept me waiting for ages while you chatted with Dana..."
For the first time , Linda seemed uncomfortable .
"I guess I kinda lost track of time...."she replied.
"Perhaps you need a little lesson on time young lady?" Nick asked
Linda blushed and instinctively rubbed the seat of  her dress.