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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Teaching the Boss's Wife....the Blackwell way - FM Spanking Story

Janet Blackwell paused to adjust her husband Gerry's position over her lap.
"Dammit Gerry! Will you stop that squirming around and take your spanking like a man?" she challenged
Gerry howled and bucked on his wife's lap as her hairbrush peppered his backside with another stinging volley of whacks.

Janet paused again , this time to swing a shapely leg over both of Gerry's to hold him in place.
"Oh you're gonna be sorry alright Mister.....Ill teach you to go out to strip bars with that Boss of yours and then have  the gall to lie to me about it!" she lectured.
"But I didn't lie hun....I mean Ma'am....we were talking business with clients...." Gerry pleaded.
His wife sighed and raised her arm to resume the hair-brushing.
"You still haven't learnt your lesson have you darling? Well perhaps this will get through to you!" Janet replied.
Janet went to work with her hair-brush , aiming exclusively for the back of her naughty husband's tender thighs.
Despite his best efforts to avoid the onslaught , Gerry's wife had him well and truly pinned.

Janet knew the spanking was finally making the right impression on Gerry so picked up the tempo.
He would still be feeling  this when he sat down at his desk on Monday.
"DAMMIT!",  Janet sighed when she heard the doorbell ring upstairs , "Who the hell could that be on a Saturday morning?"
A grateful smile crept over Gerry's face.
"Saved by the bell!" he joked. "OOOOW!" , his amusement was corrected by a particularly hard whack from his wife's brush to his behind.
"We're far from done her mister so get your nose into the corner and wait while I see who it is!" she ordered , spilling him unceremoniously onto the floor.

It was only when Janet had opened the door to find a tall , elegant , well-dressed lady , that she realised she still had the hairbrush in her hand.
She placed her hand behind her back to hide it as she studied the woman's face.
"You don't remember me Janet? We met at our husbands' work party.... Gerry works for my husband Nigel?" she said , extending a hand , "Lorna....Lorna Noonan".

Janet's face lit up when she realised it was indeed Gerry's new boss's wife at their door.
"Did I come at a bad time ?" Lorna asked , sensing Janet's discomfort.
" of course not....but if you're looking for Gerry he's er....ah....indisposed at the moment." she said , disguising a grin.
She had been making quite the racket downstairs with her hairbrush and Gerry's howling so she wondered if Lorna had been there long enough to hear .
"Actually I came to talk to you Janet." Lorna replied , cocking an eyebrow when she spied the big hairbrush in Janet's hand.
"Well you'd best come in then ..." Janet replied .

Downstairs in the basement , Gerry's ears were anxiously trying to decipher the conversation upstairs as he stood obediently in the corner fighting the urge to rub his blistered behind.
His face turned redder than his rump when he realised who Janet was talking to,
"SHIT! It's Nigel's wife..." he gasped.

Meanwhile his wife was reveling in the irony of the situation.
If only Lorna knew that she had been paddling Gerry for going to a strip club when the wife of his accomplice happened to arrive at their door.
"Have a seat Mrs. Noonan and I'll make us some tea!" Janet said loud enough for her husband to hear.
Gerry panicked , wondering what his wife was up to , but knew enough to stay in position.
"Darn it Janet....why didn't  you make an excuse and send her away!" he seethed.
On the plus side , at least his paddling was over ....for now.

The two women chatted amiably for a few minutes while the tea was being made while Gerry fidgeted nervously downstairs.
When Janet placed the tray on the coffee table , the hairbrush sat conspicuously beside it.
Lorna could not take her eyes off it and when Janet leaned over to remove it she was surprised when her visitor asked to look at it.
A mischievious grin played on Lorna's face as she tapped the back of the brush against her palm.
"They don't make them like this anymore do they? May I ask where you bought it?" she asked.
"Actually it's a family heirloom , passed down from my Mother to me....she got it from my Grandmother....and her Mother before that I think." Janet said.

Lorna smiled , "That explains your beautiful long hair....that old adage of 100 brush strokes a night must work!"
"Oh I doubt if it was ever used much to brush hair!" Janet replied, savouring the look on Mrs. Noonan's face before continuing.
"You see in our family , the Matriarch has always been responsible for discipline.
That old hairbrush has tanned many the naughty male bottom over the past few generations - and still gets used at least once a month here!
It's the secret of a long happy marriage...I'm proud to say we've never had a divorce in the family. This is the best marriage counsellor in the world !" Janet declared proudly staring at the sacred brush.

With a captive audience in Lorna , Janet went on to explain the history of the brush starting with her Great-Grandmother Beth back in the 1900's.
In fact she rambled on so much she completely lost track of time , completely forgetting that Gerry was still downstairs , bare-assed and waiting for the rest of his spanking.
"OMIGOSH GERRY!" she gasped , putting a hand to her mouth when she looked at the clock,
"What's wrong Janet?" a curious Lorna asked.
Janet quickly rose to her feet.
"Please excuse me for a few minutes Lorna, I just remembered I have some unfinished business with Gerry yourself to tea...I won't be long.
With that she spun on her heel and made her way downstairs.

She was pleased to see her husband's still very red backside still waiting in the corner.
"Where the hell have you been !" Gerry complained impatiently.
'SMACK!' "OW!"
Janet smacked Gerry's rump so hard it was clearly heard by their guest upstairs.
Lorna cocked an eyebrow and smiled.

"Don't you dare speak to me in that tone! I'm far from finished with you yet mister.." she scolded.
Gerry's face flushed red when Janet informed him who their visitor was - and that she was still there.
"....but spanking will have to wait....she'll hear!" he protested anxiously.
Janet walked to the cupboard and calmly retrieved the senior cane.
She swished it through the air and the familiar sound made Gerry's head twist around.
"Please Janet.." he pleaded.
"Since you're worried about the noise this will be quiet but effective...." she mused, "....the only thing is to keep you quiet...." she continued.
"Turn around and face me!" she barked.
Her husband's eyes grew as big as saucers when Janet wiggled out of her tight capri pants and peeled off her lace bikini undies.
"Open wide darling." she commanded , placing the garment under Gerry's nose.
Gerry hesitated for a moment , but the mere look on his wife's face told him he should obey.
His mouth opened and he gagged when Janet stuffed her panties in his mouth.
"That out to muffle the noises!" she giggled.
"Bend over the chair.....a dozen with this little gem out to be enough to finish your lessson!" she declared.

Meanwhile , upstairs Lorna's ears were perked listening for more.
The noise was subdued but still audible.
She cocked an eyebrow trying to comprehend the sounds coming from downstairs.
Lorna sipped her tea until she had counted out 12 strokes followed by the sound of Janet's scolding voice.
Downstairs , Janet was admiring her handiwork.
She placed a hand on the raised , red welts she had just painted on her husband's ass and thighs.
Gerry winced.
"Yes...very nice...that should last for a while...."she grinned."Now get dressed while I return to our guest..."

"Sorry about that Lorna....but some things between a husband and wife just can't wait can they?
Now where were we?" Janet said when she rejoined Lorna.
"Actually , I came here to apologize for the way Nigel spoke to you at the party last week.
You were right to reprimand him....unfortunately he can be a bit of a spoilt brat sometimes.
Anyway , I felt so bad about it I wanted to let you know ." Lorna said.

"It would mean more if Nigel had the courage to apologize himself Lorna.....don't you think it's about time you taught him some manners?" Janet replied.
"How on earth would I do that ?" Lorna chuckled.
Janet picked up the big brush on the table."As I told you....this is the secret to a happy marriage..."
Just then Gerry re-appeared and greeted their guest with a smile ....and a grimace.
"Hi nice of you to stop there something I can do for you?" he asked.
The tone of his voice hinted that he was anxious for his boss's wife to leave.
"No Gerry....just girls stuff with Janet and I..." Lorna replied.
"Shall you tell Lorna about you and Nigel's exploits at the strip club or shall I ?" Janet interjected.
"Strip club? Why that little....." Lorna exclaimed.

While Gerry squirmed , Janet proceeded to bring her new friend up to date on her husband's after work activities.
Lorna was visibly shaken and angry.
"Why don't you run along while Lorna and I finish our chat ....and Gerry....don't  you dare call Nigel about this !" she warned.


Nigel Doonan strutted into the house in his usual arrogant manner and gave his wife a peck on her cheek.
"Sorry I'm late know what it's like at the office.....even on weekends. Give me a minute to clean up before we go to dinner.
Lorna was already dressed for dinner in her elegant gown and heels and had been waiting for an hour.
"You couldn't call to let me know you'd be late?' she asked sternly.
Nigel shrugged , "Much too busy why don't you redo your lipstick or something while you're waiting!" came the reply.
Lorna could feel the rage build up inside her , but remembering Janet's advice she remained calm - but firm.

"Yes when I called the club the bartender told me you were very busy.....pushing $50's into a girl's undies!" she announced.
Nigel's face flushed red and his jaw dropped , guilt written all over his face.
"Seems like you and Gerry have been spending a lot of time there ?" she prodded.
"Gerry told you about that?" Nigel exclaimed incredulously.
Lorna grinned and gave her husband a good look at the brand new big wooden hairbrush in her right hand.
"Let's just say Janet 'beat it out of him' with this....just like I'm going to beat some manners into you!" she announced.
Lorna was in full gear now and went on to give her husband a lengthy and detailed lecture about his behaviour and her plan to repair their marriage.
All the time he remained silent , his eyes trained on the brush Lorna tapped menacingly against her palm as she spoke.

When she was finished , she sat down hiked her gown and patted her lap.
"Get those pants down and get over my lap. You are in for the spanking of your life!" Lorna warned.
In fact it was going to be the first spanking of the spoilt young man's life !
Still stunned , Nigel hesitated so Lorna stood up and began undoing his belt.
He did not resist as his wife yanked his expensive suit pants to his ankles.
His face glowed when his silk shorts joined them!
"For the remainder of this evening....including will refer to me as Ma' that understood?" she scolded.
"Yes Ma'am!" came the reply.
A satisfied smile played on Lorna's face.
She knew she had won - and her errant husband was about to pay the price .

Lorna took a moment to savour the moment and admire Nigel's cute , pale , muscled rump as he lay helpless over her lap.
His butt cheeks clenched when she tapped the hard wood of the brush against them.
"I am going to blister your butt soooo good Nigel won't be able to sit for a week!" she announced.
Her right arm rose high in the air and she commenced Nigel's first of many spankings just the way Janet had taught her.
By the 15th spank her husband was already howling and complaining how much it hurt.
His howls had turned to wails and pleads of mercy by the time she reached 40 but Lorna was far from finished.
The reddening of her husband's cheeks seemed to inspire her to spank harder and faster.
After 100 spanks she had lost count and commenced a rapid-fire attack on her husband's vulnerable lower cheeks and upper thighs.
A repentant Nigel was crying real tears but still Lorna would not stop.
The skin on his sit spots on both cheeks were scorched and blistering but his wife continued to dance her brush all over his rear-quarters until he was a sorry sobbing mess.

Finally , Lorna dumped Nigel off her lap , took him by the ear and marched him into the corner.
Then she picked up the phone and called Janet.
"Hi Janet its Lorna. I was wondering if you and Gerry were free you could join us for dinner tonight?" she asked , casting a glance at Nigel's well spanked backside.
Janet chuckled , "I'm sure sitting down for a few hours is the last thing Gerry would like to do this evening but I'm quite sure I can convince him."
"Tell him he won't be the only one sitting on a very sore bottom Janet.....I'll fill you on on the details tonight. Shall we say 8 o'clock at Luigi's ?" Lorna tittered.