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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The Blackwell Wives - FM Spanking story

Dana rummaged through the huge library of paperbacks stored in the basement family room.
Most of them really weren’t to her taste ,  the usual harlequin romances and  bodice rippers which her Mother-in-law , Janet , thrived on.
Next to the open bookcase was another cupboard with closed doors 
Curiously Dana opened them for a peek inside , fully expecting another batch of cheesie paperbacks , but her jaw dropped when she saw its contents.

Hanging from hooks were two large canes , a thick leather strap with two tails , a ping-pong paddle and a Jokari paddle .
One of the canes was slightly longer and thicker than the other , when Dana picked it up to examine it , a female voice startled her.
“Ah….the dreaded Senior cane!” It was her Mother in Law Janet.
“I reserve that one for serious offences…Gerry really hates it…it leaves big welts on his behind for a week!” she chuckled.

Dana felt like a naughty schoolgirl caught in the act.
“I’m so sorry Mrs. Blackwell…I wasn’t snooping ,  just looking for  books….I didn’t mean to….” She stammered.
Janet smiled and placed a reassuring hand on her daughter in law’s shoulder.
“Call me Mom Dana….and don’t worry you have every right to be curious . 
Frankly I’m amazed Simon hasn’t mentioned anything to you about domestic discipline before now!”

Her Mother in law looked seriously at her, “Dana , I know my son is  very stubborn , headstrong and quite a handful ….so he needs to have his bare backside thoroughly thrashed on a regular basis ! 
I don’t know how you’ve been able to put up with  his behaviour  over the past 2 years ?”

The younger woman shrugged.
“To be honest , Simon’s behaviour has been causing some problems in our relationship . No matter what I say or do ,  he just won't change….”

Janet pointed at the cane Dana was holding , “A taste of that across his bare backside will guarantee he’ll change - QUICKLY !”
Dana blushed and shook her head ,“I don’t think I could do that Mom.” 

“I think it’s time for us girls to have a little talk about handling a Blackwell husband….and I can give you a lesson or two on how to tame that unruly son of mine ?” Janet suggested.
Dana gushed out an enthusiastic agreement .
“We’d best get started then…” Janet said,  tossing Dana a cushion from the sofa.
 “What’s this for Mom?” 
“That my girl will simulate your husband’s backside….until you’re ready for the real thing!”


Dana was curled in the big armchair beside the fire chair and looked up from her book.
“Simon! My feet are cold …can you fetch my slippers….and put another log on the fire please ?” she asked , just a hint of firmness in her tone.
Janet smiled at her daughter-in-law’s new-found assertiveness and awaited her son’s response , already quite sure of what it would be.

Simon was busy moving to another level of his military combat video game  and ignored Dana.
“Simon! I’m talking to you…put that silly thing down will you!” she yelled , her voice rising.
“What did your last slave die of ? Do it yourself!” Simon snapped back , tilting the game pad and then slamming it down angrily. “DAMMIT WOMAN …you made me lose that level !”

Dana looked at her mentor Janet .
“I hope you’re not going to let that go dear ?” Janet told her. 
“Here goes !” Dana sighed , rising  from her chair  and striding purposely over to Simon.
Taking him by surprise, she pried  the game from his grip and  stood over him with hands on hips .
“This thing is hereby confiscated until we get back home dare you speak to me like that in front of your Mother . ” she barked.

Simon had never seen Dana act this way and his attitude immediately changed.
“I’m sorry hon...I...” he stuttered.
“Oh your gonna be sorry alright ....get your keister downstairs mister !” Dana blasted.

Simon flushed , suddenly realizing his wife’s intentions.
“Downstairs? ..but….” he stammered.
Dana  pointed to the stairs.
“I SAID DOWNSTAIRS NOW ....Or would you prefer I  deal with you right here in front of your Mother?”  she asked .
“No Ma’am”  her tough husband replied and promptly scurried downstairs like a frightened puppy.
Janet laughed out loud , “WOW! That went way better than I thought!”
Dana beamed proudly then , putting on her sternest look , she descended the stairs.

Simon waited  uneasily for his wife  , eyes down and hands clasped in front of him.
“Right then …get your clothes off…all of them!” Dana ordered.
Her husband’s eyes grew as wide as saucers.
“Whaat?”he asked incredulously
Dana was already busying herself by placing a chair in the middle of the room , and looked over her shoulder at him.

“You heard me mister ! STRIP…every stitch off …then bend over this chair !” she ordered.
Simon hesitated for a moment but began undoing his pants.
 Dana smiled in satisfaction and turned her attention to the implements in the cupboard.

She had practiced with all of them , knocking the stuffing out of the sofa cushions, and  had already made the decision to use the big Jokari paddle.
She liked the feel of it , it was large enough to cover an entire cheek,  easy to swing and guaranteed to sting like the dickens !
She wanted Simon to be feeling the effects of this every time he sat down for the next day or two. 

The look on Simon’s face when he saw Dana holding the Jokari confirmed her choice.
She tapped the big paddle in her palm as he stood naked in front of her.
Despite his embarrassment he had a huge erection.
Dana playfully tugged on it ,  “I’ll take care of that later…” a faint grin dancing on her face.
“Bend over the chair and get that butt of yours right out mister!” she ordered .
She felt a thrilling surge of excitement pulse through her veins .
Taking charge of Simon in this way felt good in more ways than one.

Obediently Simon bent over the chair , gripping the seat with both hands.
Dana stepped up to his left  and gave her husband’s taut , muscular buns an admiring look.
They were a lily white hue at the moment but she would soon be turning them a deep red!
“Hold on to the chair and stay in place. If you dare to move I’ll add extra swats …do you understand?” she instructed.
“YES MA’AM!” came the prompt reply.

Simon’s cheeks clenched instinctively when he felt Dana tap the big paddle against them.
“Get that bottom right out mister!” she instructed.
Simon arched his back to present a better target.
“How many swats will I get Ma’am ?” he asked.
Dana smiled with satisfaction enjoying the power she possessed.
“Don’t you dare question me Simon Blackwell ! I’m in charge of this spanking  and you’ll receive as many swats as I feel you need….plus a dozen more for even daring to ask such a question!” she scolded.
“Sorry Ma’am” 

Upstairs  Janet sat by the fire reading her book,  but her ears  and  attention were trained on the basement door.
The proceedings were underway.

Janet winced at the sound .
The paddling was a ferocious one as Dana released years of frustration onto Simon’ bare backside .
She felt a sense of release with every swat , and the sight of her husband’s rear getting redder and redder inspired her.

Simon was bawling loudly after the first dozen or so swats , and by 25 he was blubbering incoherently - but his whacking continued.
Dana stopped for a breather after delivering stroke number 40.
“Is my punishment almost over Ma’am ? My butt feels like it’s on fire!” Simon whined , his tone submissive . 
“Didn’t I  already warn you not to question me ?” Dana barked at him.
“YES MA’AM….SORRY MA’AM” Simon babbled.
“You already had a dozen extra coming for the first offence,  so I’ll add another dozen  ....and these will be the hardest yet !
 I want you to count out and thank me for each one….do you understand?”

Just then Simon's sister  Nancy and her husband Jeff arrived home from their shopping trip .
Nancy’s was clearly irritated and Jeff looked quite surly.
“How was the shopping ?” Janet asked tentatively.
“OK …no thanks to him!” Nancy replied poking Jeff in the chest , “…it’s like shopping with a two year old …and to top it off he got a ticket for blowing a red light!”
“It wasn’t red!” Jeff argued.
Nancy glared at him “Oh really Jeff? Well I can tell something’s going to be very red once I get you down stairs !”

Grabbing Jeff by the ear , Nancy led him towards the basement stairs but halted  in her tracks  upon  hearing the crack  of Dana’s paddle against bare skin.

“The basement’s occupied right now honey….you and Jeff will just have to wait your turn.” Janet said.
A broad grin spread over Nancy’s face.
“That’s Dana ? With Simon ? Well I never!” she declared looking at her Mother.
“Is she using the Jokari ?”
Janet nodded.

Nancy looked at Jeff , “You’ve never felt the Jokari have you honey ?”
Jeff  looked very worried.
Simon’s voice was quivering now.
“Hear that Jeffie ? Simon’s one of the toughest guys in his unit and Dana’s got him squealing like a little girl with that paddle.....Boy does it hurt…..just what a bad boy like you needs !” she teased.

Jeff cringed at every stroke Dana delivered .
A hard final stroke caused Simon to  spring to his feet  and dance wildly around the room clutching his backside.
It was quite an amusing  sight for Dana who could not resist capturing the moment on her phone camera.
Chuckling to herself , she calmly stood with arms folded watching  her husband’s silly dance.
“Turn around and get your nose in that corner!” she ordered when he finally stopped.
Simon obeyed , turning to display his red and blistered bottom and Dana took another picture.

Simon looked at her with concern.
“Are you taking pictures ?” he asked.
Dana was in complete control and in her element now.
“Let’s just call them my little insurance policy shall we Simon?” she mused , “Perhaps I could show them to your marine buddies to let them know who really wears the pants in our family….”
Simon looked at her in disbelief , “You wouldn’t Dana?”
Dana glared at him angrily.“Are you challenging me mister?”
“No Ma’am.” he replied.
“Then just stay in that corner and be quiet until I give you permission to apologize to your Mother and I ?” 
“Yes Ma’am”

Dana aimlessly leafed through one of Janet’s romance books for a full five minutes as her husband stood restlessly and silent in the corner with his hands on his head.
“OK you can come out now.” she said.
A teary eyed Simon grimaced as she gave him a big hug.

Triumphantly  Dana marched Simon upstairs to a round of applause from Janet and Nancy.
The big tough Marine Sergeant Simon was sore , red-faced , teary eyed and thoroughly humbled.
Dana beamed with pride  “I left the Jokari out on the table. The way the men behave around here I figured it won’t be long before it’ll be needed again!”
Nancy cackled , “Actually it won’t even have time to cool down Dana….get downstairs Jeff!”
“Yes Ma’am” Jeff replied.

Dana stood with arms folded looking at her husband .
“Well Simon?”
Simon’s first attempt at an apology did not meet his wife’s approval.
“I’ll give you one more chance to apologize properly or I’ll fetch the hairbrush and put you across my knee right here in front of your Mother!” she scolded.
 it was sufficient incentive for Simon to mouth an apology worthy of Dana’s satisfaction.
“Good boy….now stoke that fire and fetch me my slippers.....and I’ll let you give me a nice foot rub like you used to.”
“Yes Ma’am”.

A red-faced Simon  was dutifully handing Dana her slippers and gingerly rubbing the seat of his jeans when Gerry arrived home .
“What’s come over Simon ?” he asked cheerfully.
He was enlightened when he paused near the basement stairs .
Nancy was busy introducing  Jeff to the Jokari paddle .

Gerry winced and looked at Janet “That sounds like the Jokari! What’s going on around here?”
Janet shrugged ,smiled and rose  from her chair to  him a big kiss.
“Do you remember the last time I used the Jokari paddle dear?” she asked.
Gerry blushed and put a palm to the seat of his jeans.
“Yea…’s not something you forget….that thing really stings!” He recalled painfully.
“Simon’s can vouch for that ….won’t you honey?” Dana chirped
Simon was obediently kneeling in front of his wife , massaging her feet , as he was way too sore to sit.
“Yes I certainly can...... Ma’am” he mumbled with a hint of a smile.
“You can call me Dana or honey now sweetie!” Dana told him.

Janet suddenly pulled back from Gerry.
“That better not be beer I smell on you Gerry Blackwell….did you stop at Murphy’s?”
The guilt on Gerry’s face was obvious.
“Well no….but….er…OK yes…just for one…”
Janet raised a brow
“....or two....or so?” Gerry mumbled.

The noises from downstairs intensified.
Nancy was thoroughly enjoying herself , swinging the Jokari like a tennis pro , cracking it against one cheek and then the other.
“12 more to come Jeffie…count ‘em for me !”

Janet glared into her husband’s steel grey eyes.
“Nancy will be done in a minute… and Jeff’s behind will be ‘well done’…...then it’s your turn .” She scolded.