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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Who will be spanked ? You decide....

Well this blog has been going for quite a while now with over 100,0000 visitors but I still have no idea who my audience is as the comments are , quite frankly few and far between.

As you know my site features both men and women on the receiving end of a spanking as I'm a big believer in equality when it comes to spanking.

So , I've decided to try a little experiment to see what my audiences preferences are .....and to solicit some comments perhaps.

So for the next spanking cartoon I will post it frame by frame with blank speech balloons for you...yes you! suggest what is being said .
At the end someone is going to get a spanking .....but who it is will be entirely up to you!

Here we go.....

Well we are starting to get a few interesting suggestions , but it's still not clear if it will be Samantha or David receiving a spanking. Lets see if the next frame inspires anything.....
It appears our feuding couple have retired to the bedroom where one of them is delivering a loud lecture while the other is replying with muted apologies.....

Hmmm....Samantha is now bringing her hairbrush to the proceedings. The big question is , did David send her  to fetch it .......or did he plead for her not too?
If only we had something in those bubbles to tell us what they are thinking....

It appears all the elements for a good spanking are now in place.
David puts a sturdy chair in place and the hairbrush has been deposited upon it.
Only one bottom will be sitting on the chair and the other will not be sitting for quite a while.......

The proceedings are underway !
Stay tuned for the results (which will only be posted if I receive enough comments) .......

Thursday, September 25, 2014

A Wild West Whacking - FM Spanking Comic

Back in the days of the wild west  men were men and loved nothing better than to paint the town red , drinking , fighting , gambling and swearing.
In this tale , the womenfolk have finally had enough and take matters into their own hands.
By the time they're done , the town is not the only thing that is painted red !