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Friday, August 15, 2014

The naughty Lawyers - MF Spanking Story

Maria feigned interest by leaning toward Judge Judy Dewbury , who was outlining her decision in her usual long-winded fashion.

Shifting uneasily in her chair , maria tried to gain some relief by putting her
hands under her thighs to raise her bottom  up off the unforgiving hardness of her wooden seat.
A quick glance at the clock confirmed the older lady had been rambling on for
only 10 minutes , but it felt like much longer.

A,grimace contorted her pretty face.
"Are you alright Mrs. McBride? You seem to be somewhat distracted?" Judge
Dewbury observed with concern.
Maria blushed , and grimaced again.
"Uh....em.. .no... no I'm fine thank you Judge Dewbury. " she replied.
Maria's tone was unconvincing and the older woman leaned back in her chair studying Maria.
"Please follow me to my chambers Mrs. McBride." She said firmly.
With a shrug of her shoulders Maria stood up and followed Judge Judy to her
private office.

The Judge sat down behind her huge antique desk and beckoned Maria to close the
door and come closer to her.
"I would ask you to sit Mrs. McBride , but I believe you would prefer to stand!
In fact ,I would say your behavior in my courtroom today shows your were either very
disinterested.......or you have a well spanked bottom Mrs. McBride!" she
declared to Maria's surprise.

"Really ..Judge . Dewbury " Maria blushed and feigned outrage but
Judge Judy halted her.
"You are too good a Lawyer to be disinterested Mrs. McBride , so obviously it
is the latter ...... you can't fool me !
I've squirmed through my own share of boring cases with a well spanked bottom !
You see my husband believes that the best cure for my poor attitude is the liberal
application of the hairbrush where it will do me the most good !
He even has a name for it , `Mr. Fuller' , after the company who makes
hairbrushes , so when I misbehave he schedules me for a meeting with Mr. Fuller ." the Judge confessed.

She opened up the large , leather agenda on her desk and shared it with Maria.
Maria gasped when she saw the many meetings with the notorious Mr. Fuller  , with another appointment scheduled for that very afternoon.

Maria felt honored that the respected Judge had confided in her about her own spankings.
For once she was interesting to listen to.

"Of course  you are correct Judge Dewbury.
My husband did give me a well deserved spanking last night and I am still
feeling the effects , that's why I've been squirming all day - my poor bottom is just too sore to sit down comfortably." She confessed.

Before they could continue , there was a knock on the door and Judge Judy's 
assistant peeked her head into the office.
She was trying to hide a wide grin.
"So sorry to interrupt Judge Dewsbury, but your husband just called to remind
you about your meeting with Mr. Fuller at 3pm , so you'll need to wrap this
case up in the next 15 minutes."
The Judge grinned and winked at her.
"Well we’d best return to court then - its not a good idea to be late for a meeting
with Mr. Fuller !" she declared.

Maria could not keep her mind on the proceedings as Judge Judy banged her
gavel to end the session.
All she could think of was this strong ,powerful woman about to be draped over her husband's lap for a bare bottom spanking.
As she prepared to leave the courtroom, Maria noticed a tall , striking , grey haired
man waiting patiently outside the Judge's chambers.

The Judge greet him warmly , standing on her toes to kiss him.
Taking her by the hand , he led her inside the office and hung an official
looking sign on the door before closing it.

It took Maria a while to leave the courtroom and she eyed the big wooden door of Judge Dewsbury's office and tried to picture the scene unfolding behind it.
Eventually she was  ushered out by the guard , but purposefully left some
papers in the room.
Dashing back she found the door locked.
"Sorry Ma'am   Judge Dewbury is not to be disturbed ." the security guard told
"But I need those papers in there." She pleaded.
The guard stood firm and shook his head " I'm sorry Ma'am , the Judge left
strict instructions that nobody can go in there until she leaves."

Maria turned on her fine tuned feminine charms .
Batting her big brown eyes and pleading through her full , pouted lips she
begged the Guard to let her inside for only a few minutes.
"Please I'll be in big trouble with my boss if I don't get those papers." She cooed.
The guard sighed and shrugged his shoulders.
"OK but make it quick " he whispered , opening the door just enough to let
Maria squeeze in.

Maria began stuffing the papers into her briefcase but she was more interested in the muffled noises coming from the chambers.
The clock showed 3.25pm.
Judge Judy's 3pm meeting with Mr. Fuller was still in progress.
Maria’s curiosity overpowered her and she scurried to stand close to the huge wooden
door .
The voice was strained but distinctly that of Judge Judy.
"WOW   She's really getting it but good !" Maria said to herself.

On the other side of the thick wooden door , Mister Dewbury was sitting on the
huge antique desk , his left leg extended and his petite wife bent over it.
Her long black robes and dress were hoisted up around her shoulders and a  pair of skimpy , expensive undies were banded untidily around her knees.
Mr. Dewbury repeatedly snapped the back of the hairbrush against her jiggling globes .
Judge Judy howled , furiously kicked her legs and pounded her fists on the desk while  ‘Mr. Fuller’ relentlessly danced all over her bare derrierre.

The courtroom door opened and the guard called to her to leave.
"You promised you'd be quick Mrs. McBride!" the Guard reminded her nervously.
When Maria scampered outside and her cell-phone rang.

She was glad to hear the voice of her husband Jason .
"How did the case go Honey?" he asked.
"Hi was a bit drawn out but quite successful in the end !"Maria
chirped proudly , her mind still reflecting on the spanking she had just heard.
"Speaking of is that cute little tushie of yours - it was still pretty red
this morning?" Jason asked.
Maria could feel the heat rush to her face and her eyes darted around as if
someone had overheard.
Before she could reply , she saw the Guard open the court-room door and 
the Dewburys appeared.

The Judge looked very different outside the formality of her courtroom.
Her long gray hair was no longer tied up in a bun, but released to cascade onto her
Under her robes , she wore a sharp , blue suit which hugged her feminine curves ,.
A pair of shapely legs were defined with a pair of elegant heels instead
of the comfortable flats she wore in court.
With freshly applied make-up , she had an aura of grace about her , nodding and waving to people as the couple walked arm in arm down the hallway.

As the older couple neared Maria she snapped her phone shut , abruptly
ending her call with Jason.
She noticed a slight stutter to the Judge's stride ,and an occasional wince .

"Good afternoon Mrs. McBride." Judge Judy nodded with an impish grin.
Maria hastily returned the greeting with a nod.
The Judge  put a palm on the seat of her skirt and rubbed as if to give a signal to Maria.
"I hope she doesn't have a long car ride home !" Maria chuckled to herself.

Maria felt a tingle in her own bottom when she reflected on the fiery spanking Jason had given her that morning.
There had been no `Mr.Fuller' but instead Jason deployed the trusty wooden spoon for his wife's  chastisement.
It was a big mistake to hide the ticket she had received for talking on her cell phone while driving again, but she had a busy day ahead and she wasn't in the mood for another lecture from Jason.
However , when she exited the shower , a stern  faced Jason was waiting for her with the ticket in one hand and the wooden spoon in the other !

It was too late for clemency and Jason ignored her pleas about a long day in court.
Jason hauled his dripping wet wife into the bedroom and unceremoniously draped her over his lap.
Maria had tried kicking , screaming and squirming to release herself from his
grip , but she was firmly in place so resorted to pleading to avoid her impending bottom warming.
Jason had heard it all before and found it quite amusing , but let the naughty
lawyer make her case for the defence before sentencing her to a sound bottom roasting.

Maria was like a greased pig on his lap , her wet skin sliding around on his lap , 
but Jason stuck to his task and a brisk application of his palm urned her bottom cheeks  pink and then red .
Her wet skin intensified the sting and she kicked and wiggled forcefully until
Jason paused.

Now it was time for the dreaded wooden spoon .
Jason snapped it rapidly all over Maria's bottom , the intense heat setting her skin ablaze.
Maria screamed , howled and bawled as her spanking continued.
Only when tears began streaming down her face , her voice croaking out a
desperate plea for mercy did Jason stop.
After obtaining a tearful apology , and promises to drive safely in future ,Maria yelped when Jason's palm delivered a final flurry of spanks to the tenderized area as a final reminder.
With some difficulty she eased her roasted bottom into her panties and skirt to endure a  long rush hour drive to work sitting on the sorest bottom in town/

Maria's reflections were interrupted whenher cell phone ringing again.
"Did you just hang up on me young lady ?" Jason bristled.
"Yes... .I'm sorry honey but Judge Dewbury I'll explain tonight over
dinner  " Maria replied.
"You'd better have a good explanation young lady or this time your bottom will get a taster of the strap!" Jason warned.
That wonderful tingling feeling in Maria's bottom had returned !