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Friday, June 13, 2014

School of Spanking - MF & FM Spanking Story

This story is on the long side but there is a good reason for it , as my objective was to introduce as many characters as I could and make sure they all get a spanking- not an easy task !
So I'll issue a challenge to see who can be first to confirm exactly how many spankings are in the story.....oh and let me know if I missed anybody...

the Glenmore

School of Spanking

Tiffany and her boyfriend David were Seniors at the Exclusive Oakwood Academy.
They had been dating for a whole semester , but the strict college rules made it difficult for them to meet up during school hours.

“Aw come on Dave…don’t be a prude….science class is a bore anyway” Tiffany reasoned.
Her boyfriend wasn’t so sure.
“I dunno Tiff….Murphy is pretty strict about skipping classes…what if we get caught?”
Tiffany shrugged “ Oh Dave…we won’t get caught…Jen and I do it all the time….Mike is coming too!” she pouted.

Dave remained reluctant “….Murphy lets you girls away with murder , but Mike and I will really get it she catches us.”
He was referring to the exclusive  private college rules which permitted corporal punishment for Senior boys  .
All Girls were exempted from such punishment.

Tiffany looked around the schoolyard to make sure they were alone , then slowly eased her short  plaid skirt up over her thigh ,to reveal the top of a red lace thong.
David gulped and felt a bulge grow in his pants.
“If you meet me behind the bike sheds you’ll get the full show ….” she teased.
Oh yea?” her boyfriend asked lustily but  then the bell rung ,
“See you at one….if you dare!” Tiffany said .
“I knew those two would be too chicken to come Tiff!” Jennifer snorted taking another long drag of her cigarette.
“Yea …. they’re terrified that Murphy might find them and they’ll get the cane !” Tiffany sighed , lighting up her second cigarette.
“Actually I’d love it if they got their cute little tushies whacked just for keeping us waiting !” Jennifer giggled.
Tiffany smiled , “I heard that Murphy sometimes canes them on the bare !”
Jen’s jaw dropped “No way!”

Tiffany nodded knowingly.“Sharon Kelly told me her boyfriend Adam was caned twice by Murphy this term and the second time he got it on the bare butt ! He showed her his butt afterwards , and it was pretty sore , but the second time it left 6 big red stripes on his butt and he had trouble sitting for a week!”
“WOW!” Jen exclaimed “ Would have loved to see that !”
Her friend nodded agreement “ Murphy told him if he was sent to her office again she would put him over her knee and spank his bare butt with a hairbrush just like a naughty kid!”

Neither Dave or Mike smoked , so there was no incentive to risk skipping class , but the prospect of reaching the elusive third base with their seemingly willing girlfriends was a convincing reason for a young gentleman to risk a caning.

A rustling noise behind the shed startled both girls so much that they immediately dropped their cigarettes and stomped on them.
Dave and Mike dived into the shed , looking very relieved .
“Darn it  …. Why did you two have to sneak up on us like that?….you just ruined our smokes!” Tiffany complained.
The two guys just smiled  and moved closer to their girlfriends.
“Smoking is bad for you and it makes your breath smell!” they lectured playfully.

The girls pretended to be upset , but eagerly snuggled against their boyfriends.
“Murphy was on the prowl so we had to lay low  until she left….I’m pretty sure she has a meeting this afternoon so we should be good..” Mike said.
“Maybe we should just turn these two in to Murphy for keeping us waiting Jen?” Tiffany suggested.
“Good idea Tiff! All we’ll get is a warning but they’ll get their butts caned….maybe even their bare butts !”Jen chided.
The two boys turned very pale.
“W..WHATT?” they chimed in unison.
Tiffany repeated the story of Sharon’s unfortunate boyfriend , making sure to leave out some very pertinent points.
“SHIT !” Dave panicked looking at Mike..

Jennifer pulled Mike close to her , “Don’t worry silly ….I’m sure she won’t find us”.
Mike smiled nervously and moved in for a kiss , but Jennifer abruptly pushed him back.
“Wait a minute…..not so fast big boy! Remember I’m still mad at you for ruining my smoke !” she teased.
“Aw come on Jen…” Mike groaned , pulling her closer.

Jennifer reached for another cigarette and handed one to Tiffany.
“Here Tiff…those two can wait until we finish our smoke.” She said.
Prying herself off Dave , Tiffany joined her friend leaning against the wall while
Dave and Mike looked on in utter frustration.
“Yea …it’ll give us time to decide if we should deliver them to Murphy!” She said.

The two girls were thoroughly enjoying the power they held.
“You wouldn’t do that Tiff…would you?” Dave questioned.
“What’s the matter boys? Afraid of getting your lily white butts caned?

“Why don’t you take a puff Mike…we can share this one …come on , you’ll like it.” Jennifer suggested.
Mike pondered the offer  for a moment.
“Well…OK…a few puffs won’t hurt I guess.” He said taking the cigarette from his girlfriend.

Tiffany looked at Dave and held out her cigarette .
“Well Dave ?..come on…then I just might  show  you my new undies....” she teased.
Seconds later Dave was taking his first puff of a cigarette.

As he forced himself to inhale , he felt a presence , and turned to see the formidable presence of Principal Janice Murphy , hands on hips and glaring at them.
“Well isn’t this quite the scene ladies and gentlemen!” she declared firmly.
Mrs. Murphy was in her fifties  , but  considered by the boys to be quite attractive  …for her age.
She did carry a few extra pounds but in all the right places ,giving her a mature , voluptuous look.
She often wore tight blouses which gave a glimpse of her substantial  cleavage  , and form-fitting business skirts cut just above the knee to display her tiny waist , curvy hips and long shapely legs.

Mrs. Murphy had been the principal at the prestigious private school for more than two years now and was well known for her relentless application of school rules and discipline.
Skipping class and smoking were considered very serious rule infractions.
“All four of you….in my office NOW!” she bellowed , and the quartet quickly followed her.

 The boys’ faces blanched white while they waited outside the Principal’s office .
“Dammit I knew this was a bad idea….we’re really gonna get it from Murphy this time!” Dave seethed.
By contrast their girlfriends looked quite relaxed and more interested in examining their nails.
“Looks like we’ll  have to pay my kid brother to write us another one of Murphy’s stupid essays…” Jennifer complained with an exaggerated sigh.
“Wouldn’t want to be you two….you’re  getting  the cane for sure !” Tiffany boasted with a grin.
Jennifer cackled “ Yea I bet their little bottoms will be too sore to sit through tonight’s movie!”
Dave and Mike seethed. All the girls loved it when boys got the cane.

With a wave of her hand , Janice Murphy ushered the four into her office and sat down behind a large mahogany desk.
She began writing on some pink forms as they waited in silence.
When she stopped writing , she opened her desk drawer and placed a  long thin cane with a curved handle on the desk.

Jennifer playfully elbowed her friend and , pointing to the cane , she licked a finger and  placed it on the seat of her skirt making a sizzling sound .
Tiffany tittered and Mrs. Murphy looked up at them sternly.
“Something funny girls?” she asked.
Tiffany and Jennifer smirked and stared at the cane .
“No Mrs. Murphy.” They chimed politely in unison.
 “Don’t worry ladies  ….the cane is reserved exclusively for young gentlemen.“ she said with a just hint of a satisfaction.

Mrs. Murphy looked up and addressed the four miscreants.
“Lets get down to business shall we ladies and gentlemen ?” she began,
“Ladies first. For skipping classes you will both write a 200 word essay on the importance of science since you skipped that class  today. I want it on my desk by noon tomorrow and there will be additional assignments if I’m not satisfied ….is that understood Ladies ?”
“Yes Mrs. Murphy” came the reply from both.
“Have a seat ladies while I deal with the young gentlemen.” Mrs. Murphy said , turning her attention to the two young men staring at the cane on her  desk.

“Your turn Gentlemen !
For skipping classes and for violating the school no-smoking rule ,  you will each receive six strokes of the cane on the seat of your trousers”
With that , she picked up the cane and stood up.

Both boys glanced over at their girlfriends who sat gloating  in eager anticipation.
“…but Mrs. Murphy…..” Mike began to protest but his voice trailed  off when Mrs. Murphy cast him a stern glance.
 “I said bend over gentlemen …or I will add extra  strokes for insubordination!” Mrs. Murphy threatened impatiently.
She took the cane in both hands and flexed it as if to prepare it for its task.

Jennifer poked Tiffany, when their boyfriends’ bent forward to present  their  firm , football team rumps encased in tight trousers.
Jennifer nodded her approval.
The two young ladies had never seen a caning before so were enjoying every minute of the ceremony.
Dave had been caned a few times before , but not recently and certainly not by the formidable female figure of Principal Janice Murphy and not in front of girls.
He braced himself for the worst
Above all he wanted to put on a brave show in front of Tiffany and take his caning bravely.

Principal Murphy stepped back , assuming a wide stance and flicked her wrist so the cane made a menacing swishing sound.
Raising the cane  shoulder high she brought it down briskly  , whipping it across the sear of Dave’s pants.
David tried to suppress a yell but made a  gasping sound upon impact.
Without a pause the cane lashed down again  this time producing a loud “OW!” when it connected.

His dignity quickly disappearing , Dave howled loudly for each of the remaining 4 hard strokes.
“You may get up now.” Janice said with just a hint of sympathy.
Slowly Dave rose , his face contorted in a grimace as he rubbed his backside..
Tiffany and Jennifer were both holding back giggles.

Principal Murphy turned her attention to Mike who had remained in position throughout his friend’s ordeal.
Although he was glad his punishment was over , Dave took no solace in watching his friend endure the same fate.
Mike did not take his strokes bravely , wailing and bawling  loudly from the first to the last stroke.
Afterwards he hopped from foot to foot , rubbing his bottom furiously  and when he finally composed himself , his face was red and tear-stained .

Principal Murphy gave the smirking girls a discerning glance and put the cane away.
Despite their best efforts , the two boys were unable to stand still while the Principal addressed them.
“I trust this has taught you gentlemen not to smoke or take  your girlfriends for a date  during class time ?” she lectured.

The two girls looked at each other with satisfaction.
“….and I expect you girls to exercise more judgement than to blindly accompany  young gentlemen when they  break the rules.” She scolded.
“We will Mrs. Murphy.” they replied still smirking.
“Good! Now all of you get back to class!”

While the girls walked briskly back , Dave and Mike moved slowly and tentatively .
They could feel the painful welts forming on their backsides.
 Tiffany and Jennifer gave their boyfriends an affectionate hug.
“That was very brave  of you to take all the blame for us” Jennifer said to Mike .
Mike growled “ We didn’t have much choice did we ?…OOW! Careful Jen !” he yelled when his girlfriend’s hands touched his tender rear.
“Ooopsie…sorry Mike” she tittered.

“ I guess you guys will be too sore for our date tonight….too bad!” Tiffany teased .
Turning around ,she raised her skirt once again , this time all the way to her hips giving  Dave a view of her skimpy red undies which barely covered her round , firm  globes.
Following her friend’s lead , Jennifer hiked up her skirt to sreveal her equally shapely ,  bottom encased in a tiny pink thong.
Instinctively Mike reached out for a touch , but his hand was slapped away.
 “Naughty , naughty Mike…you know you have to earn that.” She scolded , quickly covering up

The unfulfilled temptation just added more e misery to the boys … in addition to  their sore backsides , they now also had unsatisfied erections !
This did not escape the attention of their girlfriends who giggled again.
“Getting a little excited are we guys ? See you in class…” they chirped and scurried away.

Their girlfriends were already comfortably seated in Miss Jones’ science class when Dave and Mike entered the classroom.
Their humiliation seemed never-ending.
Now they had to walk  through the class back to their desks with everyone knowing they had been caned .
The boys in the room showed respectful compassion with their silence , but the girls showed their amusement by  tittering , whispering and pointing .

This included Miss Jones, who had acquired an avid interest in caning during the short year she had been teaching at the college.
Like most  girls , she had never actually witnessed a caning so her curiosity always  peaked  when a boy returned to her class after such a punishment.

The fact that Miss Jones was a very attractive young lady , not many years their senior,  just added to the embarrassment of Dave and Mike.
“Welcome back gentlemen….I understand you had an appointment with Mrs. Murphy’s cane?” she asked with a smile.
The girls in the class erupted in laughter.
Thoroughly enjoying the banter , Miss Jones feigned a grimace.
“Oh dear me….your poor bottoms must be so sore …I wish I could offer you a nice soft pillow to sit on !”
The remark brought more laughter  from the girls.

Miss Jones was right though – a pillow would have been appreciated - sitting on a hard wooden chairs after a caning was difficult .
Mike and Dave squirmed and shifted in their seats while  Tiffany and Jennifer made fun  of their discomfort.

Mercifully the science class ended and the boys were relieved they had  a p.e. period afterwards which required no sitting.
There was an element of pride in their punishment and the other boys showed their admiration and in the showers  Dave and Mike proudly wore  the six angry red stripes on their lily white rumps like a badge of honour.

Finally the bell rang for the end of the school day and David and Mike made their way out to meet their girlfriends at the  arranged time.
Images of beautiful female bottoms danced in their minds and they were sure that progress to the next base would be assured tonight  -if so , the caning had been worth it.

As they walked down the hall , Mrs. Murphy emerged from her office.
“Do you have a moment gentlemen?” she asked.
The two boys looked shocked , but she immediately re-assured them.
“Don’t worry gentlemen …you’re not in any trouble…..this won’t take long..”
Somewhat puzzled , Dave and Mike looked at each other and followed Mrs. Murphy’s plump but curvy  rear into her office and closed the door.

“Gentlemen…..I know you two don’t smoke , and have a perfect attendance history , so I must say it was very brave of you to take the rap for those two girlfriends of yours.
You see I’m afraid it’s just too easy for girls like Tiffany and Jennifer to break the school rules . You know It really did pain me to have to give you both six of the best  ” she said.
“Not as much as it pained us Maam!” David quipped , putting a hand to his sore bottom.
“I’ll second that!” Mike added doing the same.
Mrs. Murphy laughed with them.
“Unfortunately The College rules are not quite balanced for boys and girls so I hope you understand that I had no choice?”

The two boys nodded ,clearly anxious to leave but the Principal surprised them with her next comment.
“If it were up to me  it should have been Tiffany and Jennifer getting their bottoms warmed-it would do both of them the world of good you know. !
It’s  unfortunate that school rules prevent me from doing the honours…. but I do hope someone, who really cares enough about them,  will give them what they deserve -
It took a while for Dave and Mike began to understand what she meant.
“We hope so too Mrs. Murphy.” Dave replied  confidently .

After they left the Principal’s office  , the two friends realised the unhealthy hold their girlfriends had over them .
Constantly teasing them into such a frenzy that they could no longer think for themselves.
“I think Tiff and Jen  set us up for a caning so they could watch Dave !” Mike concluded.

Dave knew his friend was right.
Although  disappointed in Tiffany’s deviousness , his thoughts returned to the suggestion made by  Mrs. Murphy :
‘… I hope someone,  who really  cares about them,  will give them what they deserve…’
The two boys agreed on a plan to deal with their girlfriends.

Tiffany and Jennifer were waiting for their boyfriends at the rendezvous point.
“Where the hell have you two been ?…we’ve been waiting for ages !” Tiffany raged , her pony tail bouncing  furiously.
Instead of his usual pleading  and apologizing , Dave ignored her and Mike did the same to Jennifer.

Outraged at his defiance , Jennifer poked a finger aggressively in Mike’s face.
“Well Mike?…you heard Tiffany ..we’re waiting for an answer!”
Mike smiled confidently and looked at Dave.
“Did you hear that Dave ?…our two little princesses are waiting for an answer!” he said.
Dave grinned , “ Well we shouldn’t keep royalty waiting , should we Mike , lets give them what they deserve !”

Tiffany and Jennifer had never seen their boyfriends act like this so were completely  unprepared for what happened next.
 Dave and Mike took them firmly by the wrist and led them to the same deserted bike shed where their ill-fated romantic rendezvous had taken place earlier in the day.

Tiffany and Jennifer babbled and complained all the way , but had no choice but to follow along.
A single cyclist was lingering in the shed , so the four waited in silence for the brief moments it took him to leave.
Taking the lead,  Dave put his left foot on the low wall and bent a surprised Tiffany over his outstretched knee.
Tiffany wailed in protest ,“What the hell are you doing Dave? Let me up!”
His response was to flip up her short skirt to expose her scantily clad bottom.
He took a long , lingering look at the beautiful sight.
Meanwhile , on the opposite wall,  Mike had Jennifer pinned over his knee in the same embarrassing  position.

Janice Murphy had witnessed the quartet go to the sheds from her vantage point in the staff room and decided to wander over to investigate.
She halted her approach upon hearing the distinctive sound of  bare bottoms being smacked , accompanied by frantic wailing from female voices.

The sound was well known to her , having heard it for the first time almost 25 years ago when her husband Henry had taken her over his knee and spanked her own bare bottom - and he had been doing it regularly ever since !

Back then , Janice  was just as spunky , stubborn , sassy and manipulating as Tiffany and Jennifer and it took a strong ,  loving ,  man like Henry applying  a firm hand to her bottom when she needed it to make her a success in life.

Although Tiffany and Jennifer were not appreciating this point  at the moment , Janice knew the spanking they were receiving would do them the world of good.
Hopefully Dave and Mike would keep it up – if Tiffany and Jennifer were anything like Janice -they would have to!

Meanwhile ,  back in the staff room , science teacher Wanda Jones was having an animated  discussion with the boys’ gym teacher Jack Warner.
The couple did not hear Janice approaching , so she gave the customary cough and  throat clearing to warn them.
The two young teachers had been dating for almost a year , so Janice figured a good argument was a good sign .

“The boys in my gym class told me you made fun of some boys about being caned?” Jack asked.
The pretty blonde science teacher bristled and fired back  a reply.
“So what if I did ? You can’t tell me how to run my class Jack Warner !”

 Jack leaned closer to her , “How would you like it if  I told  your friends when  I spanked you Wanda ?”
Wanda was outraged “Jack ! Really! It’s not the same thing at all….“ .
Jack continued .“……and I wonder what they would say if they knew you were going to get another  good spanking  tonight?” Jack threatened.
Wanda blushed “ You wouldn’t dare!”
Jack picked up Wanda’s  briefcase and handed it to her.
“Oh I would dare young lady ….and you know it …..Let’s go Wanda!”

Janice coughed again – louder this time - and the  couple turned to look at her.
“Oh  Mrs Murphy……we were ….er um …just leaving…” Wanda sputtered her face flushing red.
Janice winked  at Jack” I wonder if you would do me a favour Mr. Warner…I completely forgot to lock my office door and …..silly me….. I left the cane on my desk after I disciplined those two boys this afternoon. Would you be good enough to put it away in my desk drawer and lock the door before you leave ?”

An impish glint appeared in Jack’s eye and Wanda looked worried.
“Of course we would Mrs. Murphy.” He replied.
Janice watched the young teachers disappear down the hall and heard Wanda’s faint protests. “Don’t you dare get any ideas with that cane Jack..” she reasoned.
Janice’s walk to the parking lot proved to be a very interesting one..
Taking a short cut through the garden area she paused behind a bush outside her office window.
The blinds were partially open so she could see clearly inside- and what she saw did not surprise her.

Miss Jones was bent fully over , touching her toes in the classic position. Clearly all those yoga classes had paid dividends.
Jack Warner was standing to her left , cane in hand and ready to apply it  to the seat of Wanda’s tight skirt.
There was a ‘swish’ , a ‘whack’ and Miss Jones let out a most unladylike howl  .
She straightened up and furiously rubbed her bottom.

Jack just grinned.“I told you to stay in position Wanda . Now bend over and touch those toes!”
Wanda let out an exaggerated sigh .
“You’re enjoying this aren’t you ?” she said and resumed her bent over pose.
With a flick of his wrist Jack delivered two  rapid-fire strokes which had Wanda yelping although she managed to remain in position.

Jack abruptly hoisted up Wanda’s skirt , revealing a very shapely round bottom encased in a skimpy pair of satin baby blue bikini panties.
Miss Jones looked back and mouthed  a protest , but quickly looked forward again upon Jack’s firm command.
The cane rose and fell for stroke number 4 and Wanda’s yell was much louder this time.
“Stay down you’ve got two more coming  !” Jack reminded her when she moved to shift  her position .
The two final strokes were delivered quickly and with vigour .
Janice could see the red stripes begin to form on the young science teacher’s exposed skin.
Janice chuckled when  Wanda’s performed a frantic ‘war dance’ , hopping from foot to foot and furiously rubbing her jiggling bottom.

Then she departed  for the bicycle sheds where Tiffany and Jennifer were still being spanked .
The girls’ angry wails of  protest had transformed to teary apologies and sobs.
Janice poked her head closer for a peek.
Indeed there was little resistance from the two young ladies now , their skimpy undies were banded around their knees and their bottoms and upper thighs so red they positively glowed.

The two young men stopped spanking to observe the red , jiggling bottoms draped over their laps and began massaging the punished area.
Tiffany and Jennifer groaned and writhed in a manner which indicated the spanking had stirred something in them .

Unsteadily , the two well chastised young ladies staggered to their feed , immediately  reaching back to sooth their burning bottoms.
They studied each other’s bare bottoms.
“Oh your poor bottom looks like its on fire Jen…” Tiffany exclaimed.
Jennifer pointed at her friend’s bottom “ Boy is your butt red Tiff !” she giggled.

David and Mike smiled and  drew their girlfriends’ into their arms.
Both girls winced when  their guys cupped their hands around their tender  bottoms.

 A satisfied  Janice made her way to the parking lot , her own bottom  tingling in anticipation of the spanking which awaited  her when she got home.
When she reached her car , Jack Warner was opening the car door for Wanda.
“Good evening Mrs. Murphy !” he shouted.
Janice could not suppress a giggle when she saw Miss Jones  wince when she sat down.
“Someone’s going to have one sore ride home!” she thought to herself.
Jack sat down beside Wanda and grinned.
“Now you know exactly how those two boys felt Wanda !” he declared.
Wanda shifted uncomfortably on the hard leather seat.
“Not quite Jack Warner…they  got 6 on their trouser seats… those last three on the bare really hurt!” she whined.

Jack leaned over and gave her a hug “ Actually I took it easy on you Wanda , trust me…if you took 6 of the best from Murphy you’d be even sorer.”
Wanda raised an eyebrow at Jack’s slip of the tongue.
“So you’re telling me Murphy  gave you 6 of her best ? I didn’t know you were a student at Oakwood .” she asked.
It was Jack’s turn to blush.
“I wasn’t.” he replied.
Wanda giggled. “You’ve got some explaining to do when we get home Jack….”
For Tiffany and Jennifer, walking home was a relief- they were way too sore to sit anyway.
Their tearful apologies were sincere and the spankings made them realize how mean they had been to their boyfriends.
Their bottoms were still hot and tingling from their spanking experience and  made them as anxious as their boyfriends for their date later that evening.

The main issue was what to wear.
They found their  bottoms were much too tender for tight skinny jeans so they opted for short , curve hugging dresses showing just a little cleavage..
The outfits met with the approval of Dave and Mike , who were still hopeful to move  to the long elusive third base.
Given that they all had sore  bottoms ,the original plan of going to a movie was discarded in favour of dancing at the local club.

It turned out to be a great idea with little sitting and lots of  slow dance numbers  where the couples could snuggle affectionately  and allow their hands to discretely explore each other r.
Mike’s penis hardened when he felt the firmness of Jennifer’s nipples against his chest. She pressed her lips against his for a lingering French kiss and slid her hand slowly up his thigh until it reached his throbbing erection.

Dave and Tiffany also moved rhythmically to the music , their bodies entwined , JTiffany nuzzling and kissing Dave’s ears and neck while his hands caressed her round firm cheeks.
They wished the evening would never end but they  had an 11pm curfew and early morning classes – and also realised that a move to 3rd base would require the privacy of David’s car- so both couples decided to leave the club early.

Dave found it difficult to concentrate on his driving with Tiffany blowing in his ear and dancing her fingers all over him.
He was also distracted by the heavy panting and moaning coming from the back seat where Jennifer was eagerly straddling Mike.

Dave jerked the car to an abrupt stop at a secluded spot and squeezed beside  Tiffany in the passenger seat.
It wasn’t long before  the windows in the car were fogging with the throngs of passion from the two couples inside.

In readiness , Tiffany and Jennifer had removed their thongs in the dancehall bathroom and put them in their purses . Their boyfriend’s eyes bulged when their girls hoisted their dresses , straddled their lap and displayed their jewels for the first time.
Dave and Mike eagerly pleasured their girlfriends and moaned when nimble female fingers undid their pants to release their bulging erections.
Tiffany and Jennifer curled their fingers around the throbbing shafts and soon had their boyfriends moaning loudly.

Trying desperately not to ejaculate , David manoeuvred his position to enter Tiffany but she squeezed his penis tighter and pushed him back.
“No Dave…..3rd base only honey..” she lectured.
“AW TIFF Please.” He whined.
“NO means NO Dave….now sit still and I’ll finish you off.” She replied allowing her hand to slide up and down his shaft.
It didn’t take very long for Tiffany to milk Dave until he was dry.
Meanwhile in the back seat , Jennifer squealed with excitement when Mike exploded his load into her hand.

Afterwards , the girls enjoyed a cigarette while they all caught their breath.
“You two have got to stop that filthy habit!” Mike lectured , waving the smoke fumes away.
“Yes…and we can help them quit ….can’t we Mike!” Dave added.
Dave took the cigarette from Tiffany’s mouth and tossed it out the open window.
“HEY!” she complained  but then found herself draped over Dave’s lap for the second time that day.
She feigned  outrage when Mike’s palm began smacking her bare bottom – but in reality it was exactly what she wanted.

Jennifer crouched on all fours on the back-seat ,  her bare backside waving teasingly in the air.”Spank me big boy…spank me hard…” she purred.
Mike gladly complied.

A few miles down the road , Janice and Harold Murphy were finishing dinner at their favourite Italian restaurant.
The couple had always liked to dress up to go out to dinner .
Harold looked dashing in his suit and tie , while Janice wore  her favourite ,form hugging  classic ‘little black dress’.
Her long hair was released from its daytime restraints to spill over her shoulders , and 4” high heels accentuated her shapely  legs.
With a splash of costume jewellery and make-up , she looked positively stunning.
As Harold told her, ‘sheer class’.

Harold was a retired former School Principal himself , so he enjoyed hearing his wife’s often  colourful stories of the latest goings on at the College.
They had a  long spirited discussion  about  Janice’s decision to cane the two boys , even though she knew the real culprits were the two girls.

Janice argued that she was bound by the facts and school rules , but Harold disagreed.“There can be no excuse or reason for knowingly  administering an undeserving punishment.”
 His words stung and he scolded her as if she was a schoolgirl again , and she gladly accepted it.
“Yes sir! Of course you’re right again SIR !” Janice responded  sarcastically .
The hint of mockery in her tone did not go unnoticed by Harold.
“There goes that attitude of yours getting you into trouble again young lady….in your case a punishment is well deserved and I will deal with your impertinence when I get you home!” he told her.
Janice tingled with anticipation.
“Yes dear.” She replied in a respectful tone this time.

The couple sipped on their espressos while Janice entertained her husband with the story of the two young teachers who had been experimenting with her cane.
Harold laughed , “ They sounds like us 20 years ago !”
“Not quite dear!” Janice corrected him.
This time it was Harold whose face flushed.

Janice reminded him when Harold was a School Principal , well versed in applying the cane to the backside of errant schoolboys , and Janice was the rookie English Literature teacher.
A common interest in literature  brought the two of them together , and the Headmaster was smitten with  Janice’s stunning good looks , intelligence , confidence and feistiness..
After  a whirlwind romance they were married within the year.

During their courtship , like Wanda Jones , Janice developed  an interest in Harold’s caning exploits. She would regularly bring the subject up in conversations and asked a lot of questions about  canings Harold had administered.

She was curious what it would be like to administer a caning . Calling a boy to the front of the room then applying the cane to the seat of his tight trousers , but she knew  as an ordinary teacher this would never be permitted.
However  , due to an increase in general class unruliness , the school introduced a policy  allowing teachers to administer an in-class ‘slippering’ for minor offences such as talking in class , etc.
Only boys could be slippered , up to four whacks on the seat of their trousers.

Janice was one of the few female teachers who adopted the policy in her class and admittedly enjoyed administering  a good hard slippering  to well-deserving boys and she quickly became very adept at it.

She loved the way the boys had to bend over and present their tight trouser seat for her to punish, , and how they would howl loudly  after each whack and then  rub their backsides and squirm on their seats afterwards.

The boys in Janice’s class quickly realised that a ‘Murphy slippering’ was to be avoided ,  four heavy whacks of the huge size 12 slipper from Janice would leave a boy’s  backside sore for quite a while , and would provide a painful reminder each time he sat down.
She soon became notorious , always managing to have at least one unfortunate boy bending over for the slipper at each of her lessons.

On one notorious occasion Janice entered  the classroom to  a cacophony of noise.
She ordered the girls to write lines but  the boys had to write their lines sitting on sore backsides.
Janice lined all 15 of them up in front of the class and dispatched  4  hard whacks with the slipper to each of them.
She recalled how they howled and rubbed their backsides as the girls tittered at the sight of the boys squirming in their seats .
It was around this period that Janice  received the first of  many spankings from Harold. .
It all started very innocently during  one of their intellectual discussions , but  Harold infuriated Janice so much that she dumped her glass of wine over his head.
His response was rapid , and Janice found herself draped over his lap , bottom bared and Harold’s firm palm descending on it repeatedly  until her skin was red and stinging.
Almost as bad , was having to stand in the corner , hands on her head with her glowing bottom on display until she was ready to apologize.

After that  , Janice found herself going  over Harold’s knee on a regular basis.
One evening after he had given her a fiery spanking for displeasing him , she indignantly challenged him with the observation “why is it at school only males receive corporal punishment while in our relation ship only the female does?”

For once Harold was dumbfounded and had no response .
Janice stood rubbing her bottom impatiently waiting for an answer.
“If  I can be spanked you can be caned ?” Janice proposed.
Harold started to speak but had little room for argument.
Janice stood defiantly with arms folded.
“To even the score , tomorrow evening we will  You will bend over for  6 of the best Harold !” she declared.

Janice was like a child at Christmas ,eagerly turning the cane in her hand ,  flexing it  and swishing it through the air.
She  thought it  so ironic that her first caning was not a naughty schoolboy but the notorious caning Headmaster himself !
As with most first times , the caning was a memorable one .
Janice held nothing back and delivered six hard , well-aimed and expertly delivered strokes which left stripes on Harold’s backside for the next day or two.

That night when  they made love , she teased him about the caning , running her palms over the  welts on his skin. The caning gave her a sense of power , almost like ownership as if she had ‘branded’ her man the way cattle were , identifying him as hers.
Such was her sense of control that she even took charge of their love-making session that night , climbing on top of her man and frantically riding him cowgirl style.
It had been the most amazing session for both of them and for Harold , well worth the thrashing .

So Harold and Janice entered into an informal DD arrangement whereby he would be caned and she would be spanked.
Upon Harold’s retirement he was presented with the cane which was used by him so frequently and it still hangs in the bedroom closet , ready to be applied to the seat of Harold’s trousers by his loving wife when required.

But tonight it would not be required….it was Janice’s bottom which was to be the object of chastisement.
As they left the restaurant , Harold could not resist giving his wife’s curvy rump a hearty smack to hurry her to their car.

Wanda Jones turned her head and examined  her shapely bottom in the mirror.
She had always been proud of the beautiful roundness of her bottom but it looked even better with her lily white skin criss-crossed with the fading red lines from the cane.
The caning in Janice Murphy’s office had been more experimental and ceremonial , the strokes firm but still light…her real punishment was to come.

She cast a glance over at the sturdy wooden hairbrush sitting on her dresser.
Standing in her nakedness she shivered excitedly upon hearing Jack’s deliberate steps climbing the stairs.
There was a pause before the bedroom door slowly opened and Jack appeared.
Wanda’s nipples hardened and her bottom tingled in anticipation.
Jack picked up the brush and gently tapped the back against his palm before sitting on the chair.
“Lets have you young lady!” he said , tapping his lap.
Obediently Wanda walked over and draped herself over Jack’s lap.

Jack took a moment to drink in the sight of Wanda’a glorious backside and long , dancers legs.
He rubbed his hands over the red marks from the cane , caressing her quivering bottom with the back of the brush.
Then the  brush rose shoulder high and he brought it down hard….Wanda’s promised spanking had begun.
Just as Wanda Jones’ spanking was beginning , Janice Murphy’s was drawing to a tumultuous conclusion.
Harold was sweating profusely , tie loosened , shirt color open ,his right sleeve rolled up to his elbow and the hairbrush in his right hand.
Face down over his lap lay Janice ,face flushed , mascara running , both palms on the floor .
Her little black dress was bunched around her waist , a pair of black lace panties dangled around her ankles and her bare bottom was  raised high in the air.
Any remnants of decorum or grace had long since departed and she squirmed and struggled on her husband’s lap  when the brush landed again and again.

When her bottom was a blazing red, Harold put down the brush and tenderly stroked his wife’s burning skin.
“I think that’s enough of the hairbrush- for now!” he declared.
Janice let out an exaggerated gasp “Thank God for that!”
Her husband frowned , “ appears you still have some insolence remaining young lady!”
His hand rose and began briskly spanking the tenderest area of Janice’s  bottom until she begged him to stop.
After delivering a final flurry of spanks Harold decided Janice’s punishment was complete and he  helped her to stand up.
She grimaced when her sore bottom sat on his lap but  she put both her arms around him.
“Thanks Honey….I needed that!” she whispered softly.

“OOOOOOH!”Wanda exhaled loudly and gingerly eased herself onto the chair in the Oakwood staff room..
Jack did not even attempt to hide a satisfied smirk.“Now you’re sitting comfortably why don’t I get you a coffee.”
“HA HA! Very funny isn’t it Jack?” Wanda scowled , shifting from side to side in a vain search for comfort.
While Jack was gone ,  Art Teacher ,  Sonia Deluca approached Wanda.
“May I join you dearie ? Or do you and Mr. Warner need some privacy ?” she cackled loudly.

Wanda rolled her eyes and reluctantly  beckoned the vivacious but annoying Sonia to sit beside her.
Sonia was a short , plump lady in her late 50’s , she had been a hippy , flower child from the sixties and still dressed and acted that way.
Today she was clad in a vivid purple bell-bottomed pantsuit  with yellow sunflowers embossed on it. Her long grey hair was tied up with a matching purple bandana and her eyes and nails were outrageously painted in the same loud colour.
Under her arm she held a small , embroidered pillow which she nonchalantly placed on her chair .

Her face contorted in an exaggerated grimace when she wiggled her ample hips to slowly sit down.
She let out an exaggerated exhale and looked at Wanda for a reaction.
When there was no response , without as much as a blush , Sonia proceeded to describe    -in intimate detail -how her boyfriend Charlie had spanked her bare backside the night before.
For added emphasis , she put a hand back to rub her large bottom .
“My bottom feels like I’ve sat on a hot griddle …but that’s exactly what naughty girls like us need once in a while…right Wanda ?” Sonia jibed playfully.

Wanda tried her best not to blush but  her tell-tale squirming did not escape the attention of an experienced spanko like Sonia.
Sonia giggled and elbowed Wanda.
“It’s ok dearie….Jack told me you were you a naughty girl last night!”

Wanda turned red and looked at Sonia in disbelief.
Just then Jack returned with the coffees .
One look at Wanda’s face and he knew he was in trouble.

 Wanda looked at the clock  and feigned surprise .
“Oh my is it that time? Sorry Sonia , Jack promised me he’d help me move some shelving in my classroom before class….didn’t you Jack?” she seethed through gritted teeth.
Jack blushed and tried to avoid Wanda’s stern glare.
“Er….um….yes I did!” he stammered nervously.
Sonia stood up and nudged Jack’s elbow guiding  him down the hall.

Sonia chuckled to herself , shaking her head and as watched the young couple hurriedly leave.
“Oh to be young again!” she sighed ,wincing again when she shifted on her pillow.

Wanda wagged a finger and glared at Jack once they were alone.
“How dare you tell  that annoying woman that you spanked me  Jack Warner! she accused angrily.
Jack shrugged and put his hands out defensively in an act of placation.
“Aw come on Wanda…’re over-reacting…..I was only joking with her…..she always makes comments about spanking !” he said nervously.
He had never seen Wanda this angry.
“Can we talk about this somewhere else….these coffees are scalding my hands ?” Jack asked.
Realising his discomfort , Wanda had no intention of moving.
“Well your hands won’t be the only part of your anatomy that will feel like its been scalded when I get you home tonight  !” Wanda warned him..
Wanda’s finger was almost touching Jack’s nose and he found himself backing into the wall.
Jack had never seen Wanda act like this and he actually found it stimulating.
“This discussion is not finished Jack Warner!” she concluded and spun around to go to her class.

As Wanda  marched angrily down the hall she noticed a grinning Janice Murphy who had been lurking nearby.
“May I have a moment Miss Jones!” Janice called out.
Wanda stopped in her tracks“Yes Mrs. Murphy?” Wanda asked politely.
“I couldn’t help but overhear your…er …conversation with Mr. Warner…has he displeased you ?” Janice began carefully.
Wanda rolled her eyes “Oh he’s displeased me alright Mrs. Murphy!”

Janice held out her hand which had a key in it.
“I have a meeting at the School Trustee office today and won’t return until late.
My office is locked…. but perhaps you could keep the key.?.….in case you need to have a ‘private’ meeting with Mr. Warner ?” Janice suggested with a wink.
Wanda smiled and took the key.
“Why thank you Mrs. Murphy…you read my mind .” She replied.
“Just lock up when you’re finished dear ….oh and , by the way , you’ll find the cane in my desk drawer!” Janice added.

“OOOOW!  GEEZ TAKE IT EASY WANDA ! ” Jack hollered .
Wanda flexed the cane and paced behind Jack who was bent over the large desk , pants down.
She had just delivered the third of a full dozen strokes .
“Stop squirming and get that bottom of your right out Mr. Warner!” Wanda scolded , tapping the cane against the seat of Jack’s tight sport briefs.

Taking a wide stance , she lined the cane up against her target and smiled when Jack’s cheeks clenched in anticipation.
Teasingly she moved the cane around his bottom before raising it high over her shoulder.
The cane  whistled through the air, wrapping around Jack’s buttocks with a loud crack.
Wanda paused  before following up with two searing , rapid-fire strokes which had Jack gasping and standing on his toes.
“GUUUUUGH!”  he sputtered , clearly struggling to stay in place and maintain his composure.

Wanda paced behind Jack again , making sure he heard the swish of the cane.
“Am I starting to get through to you Mr. Warner?” she asked imperiously.
“Yes!” Jack sputtered a reply.
“I beg your pardon? Yes WHAT?” Wanda asked.
“YES MA’AM!” Jack promptly added.
“Good.” Wanda said “You have six more strokes to come and you will count each one with a ‘thank you Ma’am’ is that understood?”
“YES MA’AM!” Jack repeated.

Janice Murphy stood outside her office listening to the activities within.
She feigned a wince “ Oh my…that one really connected !” she observed with a chuckle.
Sonia Deluca stood beside Janice , also looking very pleased.
“I’d say that worked out very well Mrs. Murphy .” she remarked
 Sonia’s fiendish cackle was interrupted by another particularly hard stroke from the cane.
“TH..THREE…TH..TH..   THANK YOU MA’AM !.....“HEY! What the ….AW NO! Please Wanda….” They heard Jack cry.
“Best hold on tight Jack! The last three will be on your bare bottom!” Wanda announced.

Janice looked at the pillow Sonia was holding under her arm.
“You may wish to let our Mr. Warner borrow that for the rest of the evening. It sounds like he’s going to need it more than you Miss Deluca !”

Janice and Sonia retreated a safe distance from her office to wait for Jack’s caning to conclude.
Finally , the door opened and Wanda strode confidently out , followed by Jack Warner.
While Wanda radiated  a buoyant glow , Jack looked the exact opposite , walking stiffly behind Wanda  , red-faced and ruffled. , as they approached the two older ladies.
“Your key Mrs. Murphy….thank you so much for letting us use your office ! Your office is locked and you’ll find everything exactly as you left it. ” she beamed.

Jack’s head remained silent during the brief exchange  between the ladies and when the young couple left , Janice noticed his hands were held stiffly at his sides as if he were fighting the urge to rub his backside.
 “Looks like somebody’s gonna have one heck of a sore ride home !” Sonia chuckled , making a sizzling noise and touching her ample behind for emphasis.
 Sonia looked quizzically at Janice who was staring into space , visions of the caning which had just taken place in her office dancing in her mind.
“Penny for your thoughts” Sonia said , snapping Janice back to reality.

The impish grin on Janice’s face could not disguise some of those thoughts from Sonia.
Her bottom was still tender and smarting from the sound hair-brushing Harold had administered but now it was time to turn the tables on her husband.
“Oh nothing  Sonia…you go on ahead …I just remembered I have to call Harold.” Janice resplied.
“Actually ….” Sonia continued tentatively
 “….I was wondering if I could….er…um…borrow your cane this evening Janice?
Janice raised an eyebrow
“…..Nigel has been a rather naughty boy lately…I’ve been warning him he deserves a good caning !” she blurted.

“Enjoy !” Janice chirped and handed  her cane to a delighted Sonia before dialing Harold’s number.
Harold  was attending a  charity event for  the local hospital and excused himself when he saw Janice’s number.
“You’ve been a very naughty boy lately Harold…..”