Friday, January 12, 2018

Spanking Relay - FM Spanking Cartoon

This Strict Wife has decided her husband needed an hour long spanking , but realized her arm would likely tire before the end of such a marathon spanking .
Her solution was to ask three of her best girlfriends to help her out by participating in a 'spanking relay'.

With only one deserving bottom and four willing spankers there was only going to be one result - a very sore and sorry husband who would remember this experience for the rest of his life!

The math was very simple . If they changed partners after each 10 minute spanking that would be 6 spankings or one solid hour of non stop paddling .

With him lying over the laps of two spankers it would be much easier to hold him and place and the other two ladies are still available to hold his hands and feet just in case.

As it turned out , her plan worked out to perfection and he has been a model husband ever since.
Of course , she is now obligated to return the favour to her girlfriends three more unsuspecting husbands will be receiving the same treatment very soon!

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Kneeling for Her - FM Spanking Cartoon

This Strict Wife delivers her scathing lecture while her naughty husband kneels before her on a stool that will soon play a major role in his retribution.

His kneeling is a symbolic submission , like a Knight kneeling subserviently to his Queen , accepting of her power to chastise him.

She permits him the minor concession of keeping his shorts on until she has finished her lengthy scolding , during which he cannot take his eyes off the sturdy brush in her hand which will soon be the instrument of his punishment.

When he has been sufficiently chastened , he must then assume the humiliating position , bare backside high in the air and his nose touching the floor.

He will undoubtedly feel very vulnerable knowing his bottom is in the perfect position to receive her brush , and that he must remain in position for a long , long  time.

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Taking Her Time - FM Spanking Cartoon

Sometimes a naughty husband thinks he is in a place where he is 'safe' from a spanking ,such as visiting friends , so he can act up as much as he likes , thinking his wife cannot take the usual corrective action ..... or can she ?

Unless their hostess is of the opinion that a spanking should not be delayed if it is to have the desired effect.

In this case , the offended wife did not even have to ask ..... instead her hostess immediately offered her the unfettered private use of their bedroom , fully equipped with a straight-back chair and sturdy hairbrush of course , to deal with her naughty man.

So , while her own husband waits nervously , our hostess happily escorts their guests to the 'punishment room'.

There is no need to rush , as she made sure their cab will not be arriving for at least another 30 minutes.....leaving ample time for a strict wife to blister her naughty husband's bottom .... and to leave the chair and brush in place for their hosts to use afterwards. 

As soon as the red-faced- and red-bottomed -husband and his satisfied wife leave the room , another anxious husband will be marched in by his determined wife for a similar comeuppance. 

Almost as bad as his own spanking , is listening to the other man receiving his walloping.
Cringing with every loud crack of the brush against bare skin,  accompanied by his howls of pain and anguished promises to behave. 

Which is worse ? Listening in the knowledge that you are next , or listening after you've already had your bottom blistered?
Of course , for the wives , listening to the spanking upstairs will be very entertaining.

Afterwards , these husbands will have to endure a very uncomfortable taxi ride , and will be  reluctant to sit for the remainder of the evening ....but their good behaviour will be assured!

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Overdue for a Spanking - MF Spanking Cartoon

Newlyweds Dan and Angie had their first fight , so Angie packed her bags and ran home to her Mom.
Dan calls his Father-in-Law Harold who has been having similar issues with his estranged wife Martha.

Fed up with the childish antics of their wives , Dan and Harold decide it's time to do something about it!
So armed with hairbrushes belonging to their ladies , the two men head over to Martha's house for some long overdue Marriage Counselling.

When the two women see their angry men at the door brandishing hairbrushes , they know they are in big trouble- and what to expect!

Angie is about to experience her first , but not her last , trip over her new husband's knee that will have her sitting gingerly  for the next few days.
Martha has had that hairbrush applied to her naughty bottom many times in the past , but clearly not enough , so Harold decides she is long overdue for a spanking.

So while Dan takes Angie upstairs for her spanking , Harold takes a familiar seat by the fireplace to warm Martha's behind.

Afterwards , Angie packs her bag and returns home with Dan , while Martha invites Harold to stay over and talk things over.
Another two marriages are saved by the power of the hairbrush!

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Happy New Year 2018 !

Wishing you all a wonderful 2018.
I hope this inspires you get it off to a great start!