Saturday, December 9, 2017

Saddle Sore - FM Spanking Cartoon

Well here is one Cowboy who is going to be riding high in his saddle for the next day or two!

Lucy runs her ranch with an iron fist and any violations of her strict rules will result in a lengthy trip across her knee for a good dose of her dreaded hairbrush....and that goes especially for  her Fiancee , and Ranch Foreman , Clint.

Adding to Clint's embarrassment is that Lucy timed this spanking to occur just before she hosted the monthly meeting of the Womens' Guild.

Of course she may have mentioned this to some of her Guild members who take the opportunity to watch the proceedings through the open drapes.
It certainly has given these two ladies some ideas on how to deal with their own menfolk when they get home after the meeting !

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So I have decided to start deleting any comments that I find distasteful or have nothing to do with the post .
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Thursday, December 7, 2017

Waiting Their Turn - MF Spanking Cartoon

It could be before , during or after the party but these naughty wives are getting , or are about to get what they deserve.
Are the ladies friends with husbands who spank them when they need it , or perhaps a Mother and Daughter where spanking is part of the family tradition.

Either way , the 'senior' couple are taking the lead , showing the previous generation how a good old fashioned spanking is carried out.
He has left his wife the dignity of keeping her undies on , although they offer her bottom no protection , perhaps because he knows there is an audience , or just because her bottom looks so darn cute in them?

The other man is not only enjoying watching the spanking but is looking forward to doing the same to his pretty young wife's derrierre once the hairbrush becomes available.
For her part , watching the other lady having her bottom roasted has his wife completely terrified !
They will be two sore bottomed ladies when they return to the party...

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Take 'em Down ! - FM Spanking Cartoon

"Take 'em down!"
Just one of those phrases a wife can use to have her husband shaking with fear and dread.If he knows what's good for him , he had better do as she says and do it fast!

Fear and dread are the words to describe the  look on this unfortunate husband's face .
His wife has  thoroughly enjoyed warming the seat of his shorts , and he knows this is just the beginning of his ordeal.
So as she settles her cute little  bottom comfortably onto the spanking chair , he must remove the only layer of protection for his bottom.
He will need no prompting to place himself over her lap for the rest of his spanking .
This time her brush will be applied to his bare bottom , and her expression shows she intends to hold nothing back.

It will be at least a day or two before he will even consider sitting down again ,and no doubt she will enjoy teasing him incessantly about that!

Monday, December 4, 2017

Double Wheelbarrow - FM Spanking Cartoon

Two women spanking in unison is a thing of beauty is it not?

These two wives may be using different spanking implements , and have slightly different spanking styles but together they are creating a wonderful symphony for the ears.

Of course their two unfortunate husbands would no doubt disagree .
It would have beeen embarrassing enough for the pair of them to be spanked together while sprawled over their wife's lap , but instead they find themselves in an even more humiliating and vulnerable spanking position.

The ladies , on the other hand , love this position which allows them to hold their man in place with minimum effort while they concentrate their spanking efforts on the part of the most sensitive areas of their husband's backside .

The question is , will the ladies change places, implements and husbands for a second spanking?
My guess is they would not pass up such an opportunity!

Saturday, December 2, 2017

A Stubborn Wife - MF Spanking Cartoon

He had warned her to be on her best behaviour when she accompanied him to an important business meeting , but she just couldn't help herself.

Perhaps she insulted a customer , got into a heated discussion with one of the other wives , or told his boss what he really thinks of him?

Whatever it was , he had no choice but to take her somewhere private to remind her of her manners.
A good spanking would usually do the trick but she was a very stubborn wife.
She just refused to apologize , even when he bared her bottom and turned it crimson.

Eventually she will learn that he will continue her punishment until she is a truly contrite wife who is ready to return to the dinner and apologize for embarrassing him.

Everyone at the table will know from her demeanour and the way she squirms in her chair that her husband gave her a good old fashioned spanking.
The men will chuckle , and the ladies may feel a tinge of sympathy for her , recalling that they may also have sore bottoms before the night is out.

Will it cure her stubbornness? I doubt it!

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Corner Time Agony - FM Spanking Cartoon

If you have not been following the misadventures  in the corner of our unfortunate husband in previous posts you can refresh your memory at the following link:More Corner Time

Well as you can see from the state of undress of our strict wife , it appears she has come to the grand finale of his punishment.

She has clearly lost patience with all his squealing , wailing and moaning so has silenced him by strategically storing her final item of clothing .

It's not clear by his expression whether he is overjoyed at the sight of her nakedness while gagging on her undies, looking forward to what might follow , or is he more terrified about what the nasty leather tawse she is caressing will do to his already severely beleaguered backside.

He should know that , whatever her intentions,  it will not be a pleasant experience for him.
Any excitement he gets from her nakedness will no doubt quickly disappear as the tawse stings his behind.

No doubt , as she thrashes him , she will tease him mercilessly about the pleasures she could allow him but will deny.
The end result will predictably be one very sorry , disappointed and sore husband....