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Mission Accomplished - MF Spanking Story

Debbie could barely contain her excitement as she pulled into her Mom's driveway.
It felt good to be home again after a long absence while she accelerated her career in the US Marines during the past 5 years.
Along the way , her Mom and Dad had supported and encouraged her to succeed.
And succeed she did!
Debbie was now a Sergeant in charge of her own squad and she was a very different person from the shy , petite teenager she was when she left.
She was tougher , physically and mentally , specializing in martial arts and hand to hand combat and she was a match for men twice her size. 
Debbie's parents were very proud of her.

Now it was her Mom , Sharon who needed her support.
After over 30 years of marriage Debbie's Mom and Dad had surprisingly decided to separate about a year ago.
The separation was especially hard on Debbie's spontaneous , flighty Mother.
She really needed a man in her life so desperately that , rather than attempting to reconcile with her estranged husband Frederick , she experimented with numerous brief relationships over the past year , some of them disasterous. 

Sharon was a handful , but Debbie's Dad knew how to handle his feisty wife ,and secretly Sharon really missed his firm hand and discipline to keep her focused. 
It was no secret to Debbie and her siblings that their Dad spanked their Mom when she needed it.
When Dad marched Mom off to the bedroom the tell-tale smacks and yelling were there for all to hear.
Mom made no attempt to hide her predicament and would make a big scene of rubbing her bottom and complaining about how hard it was for her to sit.
She would amuse everyone with her post spanking comments and antics.

Debbie had always attributed those spankings to the success of her parent's marriage and was surprised when they split.
So a determines Debbie considered this visit a mission to reconcile her parents.

Sitting in the passenger seat beside her , Debbie's Dad Fred shifted nervously.
"Are you sure this is a good idea Debbie. Your Mom may have one of her tantrums when she sees me!"
Debbie reassured him with a hug and a grin.
"Don't worry Dad. It wouldn't be the first time Mom threw a tantrum , and as I recall , you always knew what to do when she did?"
Fred sighed , "I know honey .....but things have changed...."

Debbie rang the doorbell and was enthusiastically greeted by her bubbly, effervesant Mom and immediately noted dramatic changes.
Sharon's new hairstyle was  punkish and dyed a an odd pinkish purple .
She noticed her Mom had certainly put on a few pounds. 
Sharon's choice in clothes had always been risqué  , but the outfit her Mom wore surprised even Debbie.

Mom's ample cleavage strained against a skimpy tank top , and loud skin tight leggings left little to the imagination.
To top it off , she teetered on the 6 inch heels of her knee high boots and was wearing way too much make up.

Debbie realized her task was going to be more challenging than she planned.

Her Dad was ultra conservative and had often objected to his wife's racy taste in revealing clothing resulting in some fiery disputes between them over the years.
However , she was encouraged by the fact that eventually , her Mom would tone down her dress to atone her husband , albeit usually after he had warmed her bottom with a good spanking!

As expected Frederick's eyes widened when he set eyes on Sharon but he made no comment.
"Frederick! What are you doing here?" Mom bristled.
Debbie cast her Dad a pleading glance when she noticed the rage building up inside him.

"Look I haven't seen you guys for ages and I'm taking you out for a nice dinner,so let's get along " Debbie explained.
She could tell from her Dad's expression exactly what  he was thinking.'there is no way that woman is going out to dinner dressed like that!'
But to placate Debbie ,  Fred bit his tongue and forced a smile , "Hello Sharon , it's so nice to see look....", he bit his tongue , "...nice?" he added sarcastically.
Sharon actually looked disappointed that he had not lectured her about her dress , and cheekily stuck her tongue out at him.
"Behave Mom!" Debbie asked .
Sharon flung her head back dramatically , invited them inside and turned on her heels.

Debbie whispered in Fred's ear , "Work with me on this Dad....please ?" she pleaded 
Fred's shook his head in disgust when he watched Sharon's plump, spandex encased bottom wiggle across the room 
"I'll do it for you Debbie....but that bottom of hers is in dire need of a good hairbrushing!" he seethed.

Debbie's Mom had always been meticulously house proud , but the house was frankly a mess.
Clothing and articles were spilled over the floor , dirty dishes filled the sink , dust bunnies scurried  about and every windows was clouded with grim.
She and her Dad were shocked at the spectacle, especially since Sharon seemed oblivious to the mess and offered no apology.

Despite the messy surroundings , the trio settled in the living room for drinks and caught up with all the news from their daughter.
They laughed , joked and reminisced sharing fond memories.
Even Fred looked his old self and Debbie noticed her estranged parents slowly warming to each other again.

Debbie looked at her watch, "OMIGOSH! It's after 8 we've missed our reservation !" she gasped.
Sharon put a hand on her daughter's shoulder , "We're having such a good time dear....why don't we stay here and I can whip up something for us all to eat...".
Then , casting her eyes on the filthy kitchen and recalling her fridge was empty she quickly added ,"...or we could order in?"
Fred was actually relieved not having to be seen in public with Sharon dressed like a hooker so quickly agreed.

Jyst then Debbie's phone rang and she saw it was from her team leader , "Excuse me...I really have to take this.How about you order us some Chinese food Dad? " she asked.
Fred pulled out his cell phone , "Sure you go and take your call.Your Mom and I will ...while you're gone...won't we Sharon?"
Debbie bristled again , "I suppose your going to lecture me on my outfit!"she growled.
Fred leaned closer to her , "I certainly am!"

Debbie had no time to referee and left to take her call.
Deep down she felt it was good that her parents needed some time to talk as they had done little of that since the break up.
In fact she considered it real progress that they were actually interacting , but she knew she still had an important role to play to reconcile them.
Moments later when Debbie shut off her phone ,  she heard a commotion from down the hall.
Her Mom screamed loudly....very loudly...and the screams were interspersed with other sounds....very familiar sounds!
"Don't you dare Frederick!" 
"Put me down this minute or I'll call the police..."
"What are you doing ?..STOPPIT YOU BIG BRUTE!"
Debbie knew exactly what was transpiring in the other room...Dad was giving Mom a good spanking!

Moving closer to the commotion Debbie peeked into the living room.
Sharon was draped over Fred's lap , her spandex leggings were now banded around her knees.
Perhaps to permit his ex some dignity, Fred allowed her tiny yellow thong to remain in place.
 It offered no protection to her jiggling bottom which was already a bright red.

"Dressing like a hooker,  letting this house go to hell, being lazy....there are going to be some changes around here young lady!"Fred scolded.
As usual , despite her predicament and increasingly sore bottom , Sharon remained unrepentant .
"Like hell! You can't tell me what to do! Let me go you bastard!" She spat.

Of course this only incited Fred to spank her harder...much harder and it was exactly what Sharon wanted!
After a furious flurry of spanks Fred paused for breath.
"Bring me the hairbrush Debbie!" he yelled , aware his daughter was listening in.
Digressing to her teenage years ,Debbie rushed to the bedroom to retrieve the antique hairbrush from its usual place on her Mom's dresser.
Sharon's eyes widened when she saw her daughter return with the dreaded implement.

"No Debbie don't ! Frederick!  Don't you dare use that monstrous thing on me know how much it hurts!"
Fred gleefully took the brush from his daughter.
He was clearly enjoying this.

"Now you're really going to get it good missie!" he replied with a determined grin.
With all her squirming and bucking , Sharon had almost fallen off Fred's lap , so he took a moment to adjust her position.
Taking her right arm he pinned it behind her back and placed one of his powerful legs over hers.
"No Fred! Please ....not the brush!" she pleaded with a pout.
Fred was having none of it.
He had heard it all before.
The sound of the hairbrush cracking against Sharon's bare skin was much louder than the hand spanks.
So was Sharon's howling!

It had been well over a year since Sharon's bottom had felt the sting of that hairbrush yet she found it strangely theraputic. 
All the anger , frustration and stress which had built up inside her since the separation was released with each burning blow of the brush.

Soon she was very repentant.
"PLEASE STOP FRED .....I'M SO SORRY! "she wailed.
Frédéric paused , noting her contrition.
"As soon as I finish spanking your naughty bottom , you'll go upstairs and change into some respectable clothes!" he demanded , emphasizing with two stinging whacks .
'WHAP! ' WHAP! ' 
"You will get rid of that clownish hairdo!"
'WHOP! ' ' WHOP! ' 
"You will get to work cleaning this house!"
'WHAP! " 'WHOP ! ' 

Frederick paused to catch his breath before helping a sobbing Sharon up onto his lap and hugging her.
"I've missed you so much Sharon..." he told her earnestly , planting a kiss on her full lips.
Sharon snuggled closer to him.
"I missed you too Frederick....especially those spankings!" she purred.

Just then the doorbell rang.
"That will be the food.I'll get it!"Debbie chirped.
"Take your time honey...your Dad and I will be upstairs for and little while..." Sharon said , smiling seductively at Fred.
Fred scooped his wife up in his arms and slung her over his shoulder .
Debbie giggled when her Mom let out a girlish squeal and Fred patted her still bared, red bottom to dispatch her upstairs.
"Thanks Debbie!" Fred winked at his daughter.
"Mission accomplished!"Debbie mused to herself.

It was about 30 minutes or so later before Debbie had confirmation that her mission was indeed successful.
The door to her parents' room opened quietly and they giggled like teenagers as they descended the stairs.
As usual Sharon made an exaggerated scene about how sore her bottom was , rubbing it vigorously and contorting her pretty face into a grimace.
"How am I supposed to sit down for dinner?" she pouted at Fred.
"With this of course..." he replied , tossing a pillow on her chair.
Debbie had seen it all before but still chuckled at her Mom's antics as she wiggled her bottom and carefully sat on the pillow.
"Your Father and I have an announcement to make Debbie." Sharon beamed.
Debbie tried her best to look surprised as she served the fried rice , "Really? "
Sharon looked lovingly at Frederick , " We've agreed to get back together. He's moving back in tomorrow!"
"......and if this place isn't ship shape by the time I arrive you'll find yourself over my knee again missie!" Fred warned.
Debbie shook her head and smiled , "Well in that case best leave the hairbrush out to save time!"
They all laughed together.

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Spanking Moms - Happy Mothers Day!

 A potpourri of Comics featuring Moms......
Wishing all the Moms out there a wonderful Mothers Day!

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Mrs. Murphy's Report Card - MF Spanking Story

School Vice-Principal , Janice Murphy checked her emails.
It was the usual mundane stuff , with one exception , from ‘hmurphy’, her husband Harold.
Suddenly ,Janice felt as guilty as one of the students sent to her office.
The title on the email was ‘ Report Card – Janice Murphy – April’
A sense of excitement  and anticipation pulsed through her veins when she clicked on it.

The body of the message was brief and it had an attachment:
'Attached is your Report Card for April.
We have a reservation at Giovanni’s at 8 , and don’t forget the paddle!
Love Harold'

Janice felt her face flush and her heart pound.
“Darn…I’d forgotten it was that time again .”she sighed as she opened the attachment:

                                 REPORT CARD – APRIL 
Student: Janice Murphy 
Prepared by: Harold Murphy
Rudeness & lack of manners               C-
Overspending D
Tardiness C-
Household Chores C+
Nagging C+
Truthfulness D


COMMENTS: Janice has regressed  back to her old ways and poor habits including unauthorized purchases, lying , smoking and general moodiness. Significant correction is required.

RECOMMENDED ACTION: 6 swats of the paddle and a good sound spanking.

Janice had mixed feelings of dread ,  anticipation and excitement and could feel her bottom positively tingling at the very thought of a good spanking on her bare bottom.
She chuckled at the irony of the situation.
It was her job to paddle students backsides for poor behaviour , and now that very same paddle was going to be used on the Vice- Principal’s  naughty bottom.

Despite her obvious distraction , she tried to focus on her work.
Her first task was to call the Brennan's to discuss  their daughter Tiffany’s rude behaviour in class.
Mrs. Tina Brennan’s opening tone did not auger well for the telephone discussion.
She was angry, hostile and aggressive,  barely allowing Janice to get a word in.

Janice’s ears burned as Tina launched into a profanity-laced tirade , blaming the school and everyone except Tiffany for her daughter’s poor behaviour .
Despite Janice’s best efforts to calm the woman ,  the conversation deteriorated ,  ending with Tina calling the Vice Principal ‘ an incompetent bitch ‘ and slamming down the phone.

Janice took a deep breath and prepared herself for another verbal blast when she called Mr. Jack Brennan at work.
She was relieved when a  polite, soft-spoken male voice answered.
Unlike his wife, Mr. Brennan listened to Janice , understood the problem and thanked her for calling.
“It’s very important that you and your wife BOTH meet with me Mr. Brennan , I was wondering if you could persuade her to attend ?” she asked Jack.
Jack Brennan’s  polite tone changed when Janice informed him about his wife’s angry tirade.

“I do apologize  Mrs. Murphy , but you can see where Tiffany gets her poor manners from . Let me  assure you that Mrs. Brennan will be at your office at 2pm ! In fact I’m going home right now to have a little….er….’chat’ with her  about the way she spoke to you.....” he began , then surprised Janice  adding, “....she's going to need a pillow to sit on at our meeting once I'm done with her !“ 
For most people , Jack’s comment may have been overlooked , but lifelong ‘spanko’ Janice Murphy knew exactly what was in store for the rude Mrs. Brennan .

Janice went back to work ,  but that tingling in her bottom had returned and all she could think of was her own impending spanking , and an image of Tina Brennan sprawled over her husband's lap receiving  a well-deserved bottom warming.

“Mr. & Mrs. Brennan are here for their appointment.” Janice's secretary said.
Janice rose from her chair and greeted the couple warmly.
Mr. Brennan looked relaxed , in contrast to his wife , who appeared subdued and nervous.
Janice’s sharp eye caught Tina wince as  her palm rubbed the seat of her slacks ….. a sure signs she was feeling the effects of a darn good spanking!

Jack had threatened Tina with a spanking many times before , but this latest incident was the last straw .
The second Jack’s car had screeched into the driveway in the middle of the afternoon , Tina knew she was in trouble.
She had ran to lock herself in the bathroom , but was not quick enough to elude Jack’s grasp .
There was no need for any discussion. Tina knew exactly why she was draped over her husband’s lap but was still hopeful she could charm her way out of a spanking as she had done many times before.

Not this time ! Jack immediately peeled down her skinny jeans and skimpy undies and began spanking her bare bottom with the big wooden spoon he scooped up  from the kitchen.
He spanked her so furiously , the spoon broke into two pieces but he continued spanking her with his palm hand until her bottom was blazing red and on fire.

In fact , after her spanking , Tina’s bottom was so swollen and sore , that squeezing back into her tight jeans was not an option ,  so she opted for some comfortable slacks.

“Before we start , my wife has something to say to you Mrs. Murphy “ Jack said.
Like a naughty schoolgirl,  Tina Brennan hung her head and stammered out an apology in a low voice.
Janice  politely accepted the apology and beckoned the couple to sit.
She planned to make this meeting a long one so she could watch this rude lady squirm on her well spanked bottom.
Janice hid a chuckle when Tina let out an involuntary “OOOH” upon sitting down. 

Throughout  the meeting , Janice was distracted with visions of the diminutive blonde draped over her husband’s strong lap and longed to be lying over her own husband’s lap and to be squirming on a hot bottom as they dined at Giovanni’s.

When the meeting concluded , Janice’s phone rang and she noticed it was her husband.
“Do you mind if I take this? It’s my Husband.” she asked the Brennan's.
On the other end , Harold’s deep , firm voice asked his wife if she had seen her report card.
Janice blushed , quietly whispering that she had.

“Then don’t forget to bring the paddle home for your 6 ‘Murphy specials ‘ , you won’t be able to sit down for quite a while by the time I’m finished with you young lady !
Now don’t you dare be late  or I'll be adding extra swats . Our reservation is at 8 and I want to make sure your naughty bottom is taken care of before we leave!”

“Yes dear .”Janice replied sheepishly, her blush deepening .
“Is everything ok Mrs. Murphy?” Jack asked with concern.
Janice forced a smile and tried to look relaxed but her voice crackled nervously when she replied.
“Ahem….why thank you Mr. Brennan ….it was just my husband reminding me about our dinner engagement this evening…….you see I have a tendency to be late ....quite often.”

Jack grinned impishly,  sensing a connection with a fellow ‘spanko’.
“Well we don't want to get you in trouble for keeping Mr. Murphy late ….and Tina and I have some important matters to discuss at home….don’t we darling?” he said putting a palm on Tina’s shapely thigh.
Tina squirmed on her seat and blushed.
“If the meeting is over I'd like to stand if I may Mrs.Murphy?” she asked meekly.
Satisfied Tina had suffered enough.....and was likely in for more  , Mrs. Murphy ended the meeting.
Tina stood up , gasping with relief and rubbing the seat of her slacks .

 Jack moved closer to Janice and whispered in her ear.
“I was wondering if I could…um…borrow your paddle for the evening Mrs. Murphy?”
Janice pretended to look shocked and Jack leaned closer.
“That  spanking I gave Tina this afternoon was just the appitizer , she needs a good dose of the paddle for the main course.” he said.

Janice was thrilled by Jack's comment , “Unfortunately my husband has reserved the paddle for this evening Mr. Brennan , to take care of my tardiness and issues , but  I’m quite sure a resourceful man like yourself can find some other household implement to perform the task.” She replied.
Jack smiled .

Harold Murphy sat in his favourite chair reading his newspaper when Janice arrived home.
He greeted her affectionately with a hug and a kiss and helped her with her coat and bag.
He was already dressed for dinner in a smart blue suit and crisp white shirt.
Janice went upstairs to change  and Harold hurried her along with a playful whack to the seat of her tight pencil skirt.
“Make it fast or you’ll pay with extra licks young lady  ! “ he warned her.
Janice feigned outrage , letting out an exaggerated squeal , "Yes Sir!" before scurrying upstairs.

Meanwhile , over at the Brennan residence, Jack and Tina were enjoying a quiet evening at home .
Tiffany was in her room sulking about being grounded for a week.
The couple lounged together on the sofa enjoying a bottle of wine and Tina snuggled close to Jack .
“Its not fair Jack … come Tiffany gets grounded and I get spanked?”She pouted , seductively rubbing her plump bottom.
Jack  stroked her long, blonde hair “Well for one thing , it’s way more fun to spank you!” He teased.

Tina loved being married to a strong man who wasn’t afraid to deal with her temper tantrums.
She was wearing one  of Jacks old t-shirts and raised it to inspect the damaged area.
Jack ogled at his wife’s gorgeous and still glowing globes.
“Oh it still red and it burns so much darling !
Did you know how humiliating it was having to squirm on that hard chair for almost an hour while that Murphy woman sat there gloating? I think she knew I’d been spanked “ Tina ranted indignantly.

Jack looked at her sternly “ Consider yourself lucky that Tiffany is here tonight young lady , because I had every intention of  blistering your butt with the paddle!”
Tina’s jaw dropped in outrage “ Jack! You wouldn’t  dare!"
“I certainly would , but luckily for you ,  Mrs. Murphy’s paddle is not available tonight!” Jack grinned.
“WHAT? You mean Murphy’s getting the paddle? Oh what I’d give to see that!” Tina giggled.

Janice stood under the shower contemplating how Harold would soon be warming her bottom .
At  work her role was to be in charge and administer discipline , so it was refreshing change to come home and have Harold take charge .

The feeling of release was comforting……. and very erotic to her.
Janice loved to wear the steamiest undies she could find when she knew she was in for a spanking, so had an extensive lingerie collection.
This evening  she settled on a matching red lace bra and pantie set with a garter belt , black stockings and heels.
Even though she knew the skimpy undies  offered scant protection from the tanning Harold was about to administer , she loved to show off her lovely bottom to her husband.
At 55 years old , she no longer possessed the slim figure of her youth, but it had pleasantly blossomed with ample breasts, thin waist and curves in all the right places.

Downstairs, Harold placed a straight back chair in the middle of the room and placed the school paddle and hairbrush on it.
He removed his jacket and rolled up his right sleeve.
Eventually , Janice floated haughtily down the staircase, her head up, long hair flowing like a Queen going to her coronation.
To Harold she was a vision – a vision who was in for a darn good spanking!

The routine had been well rehearsed many times before , so words were not required.
There would be lots of time to discuss Janice’s behaviour over dinner - after her chastisement.
Janice walked directly over to the chair, handed her husband the paddle and teased him with a seductive wiggle of her bottom as she bent over the chair .
"I'm ready Sir." she purred , glancing back at her husband.

Harold hoisted his wife’s expensive dress over the curves of her hips and exposed her glorious, twin globes, artistically framed by the red lace lingerie and black stockings.
The sight was a feast to Harold’s eyes.

Positioning himself beside her,  he tapped the paddle lightly on her bottom and  her ample cheeks jiggled provocatively.
A retired School Principal himself , Harold was quite an expert with a paddle.
Janice clenched her cheeks and braced herself for the first swat.
A loud ‘CRAACK’ echoed through the house when the harsh wood connected with Janice’s tender bare skin..
She gritted her teeth and let out a most unladylike grunt from the sheer force of the blow.
It stung beyond belief , but she could also feel the stress of the day stream out of her.

Somehow she was able to maintain some composure for the first two swats , but the third was much harder and produced a loud  shriek “AAAAAAHHH! FUUUUUUCK !”.
Her bottom was smouldering now and she let out involuntary howls when Harold delivered two  more swats in quick succession.

With a deathly grip on the chair , Janice waited for the final swat.
As always it was going to be the hardest.
"OOOOOH!  WAAAAAH!"she wailed.
Feeling like her bottom was on fire,  Janice wobbled but remained obediently in position until Harold helped her to her feet.

He sat on the chair ,  permitting  her a brief moment to rub her poor bottom .
“OMIGOSH …..THOSE WERE REAL SCORCHERS HAROLD….MY BUTT IS ON FIRE !” she wailed  , rubbing furiously.
Taking hold of his wife’s wrist, Harold guided her carefully over his lap until her nose was almost touching the floor , bottom high in the air and legs flailing.
Janice felt so vulnerable but at the same time ,  very safe and content under Harold’s expert control.
She gasped when his fingers crept into the waistband of her tiny undies , easing them all the way off.
Teasingly he massaged her glowing  bared cheeks .
Janice cooed , grinding into his crotch.

Starting slowly and building up momentum, Harold’s palm performed a merry dance all over Janice’s bouncing fanny.
Soon Janice was bucking uncontrollably on Harold’s lap.
Her bottom, already red from the paddling was positively glowing now.
There was a brief respite when Harold paused to catch his breath – and  to retrieve the dreaded hairbrush !
Janice gulped tightening her grip on Harold’s leg and tensing her cheeks.

The sound of Harold’s palm was replaced with louder gunshot-like  cracks of the wooden brush on Janice’s tender hide.
Real tears welled in her eyes , and she kicked her legs wildly as Harold soundly walloped every inch of her rear end with the nasty brush.
Her legs thrashed so wildly ,one of her heels flew off and shot across the room.

By now , Janice was physically and emotionally drained but the intensity of the spanking had ignited flames of passion in both of them.
Harold helped his wife to her feet and pulled her tight into his arms .

They kissed passionately as she tried to balance comically on one heel.
Harold took handfuls of his wife’s red-hot globes
and they undressed each other, tossing expensive items of clothing all over the neat room ,  then made love on top of the antique dining table.

Later at the Restaurant, Janice’s squirmed uncomfortably on her seat just as Tina Brennan had earlier in the day.
Over dessert Harold took his wife’s report card from his jacket pocket and handed it too her.
Janice frowned “Pretty bad month for me wasn't it sweetie ?”
Harold nodded and Janice promised to do much better.

He had heard it all before and he was quite sure that in 30 days time , she would be over his lap once again for another bottom warming.
That was fine with Harold, he loved  having a , sexy , naughty wife who enjoyed having her bare bottom spanked.
He gazed around the busy restaurant at the couples of all ages, shapes and sizes and wondered how many of them had been spanked before dinner?

The answer was a lot more than even Harold thought!

Monday, May 1, 2017

Motivation - FM Spanking Story

"Anybody Home?" Cindy called out as she entered the backyard of their next door neighbours , Bill and Sharon.
It was another blazing hot day and Bill and Sharon had an open invitation with Cindy and her husband Carl to come and use their pool .

Carl was off golfing  , so Cindy decided to pay a visit to their good friends and cool off.
Venturing closer to the pool she smiled when she spied a familiar object laid out on one of the patio tables.
In fact she owned one just like it , a nice big antique hairbrush , perfectly suited for chastising naughty male bottoms.

She recalled the events of the previous evening and had a feeling Sharon's hairbrush would be seeing some action.
Sharon had been complementing her on their freshly painted deck and complained about how Bill kept putting off the task of painting their deck.
"He's had the paint and supplies in the garage for a month but he is just not motivated to get going!" Sharon sighed.
Bill bristled , "You know I'll get it done eventually so stop nagging me!!Saturday is my golf day and Sunday is a day of rest !"

Cindy grinned and glanced at Carl.
"Sometimes we need to get you guys motivated to get things done so I 'motivated" Carl to postpone his golf game and get the painting done!"
Bill puffed in disbelief , " You must be quite the motivator to manage that!"
"Let's just say I have my methods......don't I darling?" Cindy teased her red-faced husband who appeared too preoccupied studying the table to respond.
 "Maybe it's time you 'motivated' Bill to start painting Sharon?" she winked at her friend.

Bill shifted uncomfortably in his seat and raised a palm to placate his his wife's mischieveous grin.
"Uh uh honey.....Carl and I are golfing tomorrow!" he said nervously.
"Let's have a private discussion on how I can motivate you when we get home sweetie shall we?" Sharon replied.

Cindy chuckled to herself. She knew exactly what Sharon had in mind and , judging by his reaction , so did Bill!
In fact both ladies had been spanking their husbands for years , and a good spanking was Cindy's  'motivatation' for Carl to paint the deck last week.

Sharon realized she had been too lenient with Bill lately and he had taken full advantage of her.
It was time to assert her authority again and give him the same treatment Carl had received last week.
"Sounds like that deck is going to be painted green this weekend?" Cindy cackled.
"Not before I paint something engine red !" Sharon added with a giggle.
Bill was looking decidedly uncomfortable now but he knew better than to argue.

After their friends departed , Carl stood with arms folded , "Well I guess I better start calling around for a golf partner tomorrow....I get the feeling Bill is going to cancel," he sighed.
"Whatever gave you that idea Silly!" his wife replied wryly.

Sure enough , early on Saturday morning , Carl was not surprised to receive a text message from Bill, ' sorry bud...have to cancel golf today....feeling poorly'
However , Carl may have been surprised had he been able to see the scene unfolding on the other end of the text.

Sharon was sitting  on the spanking chair , hairbrush at the ready , watching a stark naked Bill send the message.
Then , curling a finger, she beckoned her husband to her."Over you go mister!" she ordered , patting her lap , " You've had this coming for a long time and now you're gonna get it .......and if that deck is not painted to my satisfaction by noon you'll be getting  a dose of the strap as well!" she warned.

The painting project was well under way upon Cindy's unexpected visit.
Bill panicked when he heard his neighbours voice , not because he was embarrassed that Sharon had indeed 'motivated' him to paint the deck , but because Sharon insisted he perform the task stark naked and with his blazing red bottom on full display !

Bill's eyes scanned for a place to hide as Cindy approached nearer ,  but was saved when Sharon appeared.
"Oh hi Cindy , I was just about to go for a swim myself." she smiled.
"How is Bill? Carl told me he cancelled golf because he was feeling poorly..." Cindy asked.
Sharon giggled girlishly ,"Well a certain part of his anatomy will be feeling poorly for quite a while , but it's nothing to stop him painting the deck!" she declared proudly , pointing to the hairbrush.
Her friend clapped her hands excitedly, "I hope you gave it too him good....he was quite rude to you last night...may I have a look?"
Sharon grinned , " Why's the least he deserves ....Bill! Cindy's here for a swim but she'd like to see the deck." she shouted.

Flustered , Bill tried to hide his privates with the paint can , but it was never going to conceal his very conspicuous erection , especially since the deck was a level lower and the two ladies were looking down at him.
"Happy to see me Bill?" Cindy teased , "Nice shade of red Sharon!" she chuckled pointing at poor Bill's well spanked backside.
Sharon beamed proudly , "Yes its a shade darker than usual,  but it's been a while since his last spanking so I decided to make it special! Turn around honey and give Cindy a good look at your naughty bottom!"

The heat from Bill's face almost matched the intense burning in his rear.
Cindy looked impressed , "Nice! You didn't miss a spot...he's gonna be feeling that for the next day or two!" she complemented.
Sharon waved her hand imperiously at her humiliated husband , " OK Back to work more coat and then you can join us in the pool." she told him .
Then she turned to Cindy and began easing herself out of her bikini.
Cindy grinned and wiggled out of her one piece , "Skinny dipping is way more fun than golf! she teased , dramatically dropping her swimsuit on the floor to display her voluptuous body to Bill.
Sharon wiggled her bare bottom seductively at Bill ."Is that enough 'motivation' for you sweetie?",  she purred.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Sunnie and Marcel - MF Spanking Story

Sunnie raised her glass , “One more round of Bellini’s for everyone!” she gushed  to applause from her enthusiastic employees.
It was unlike the sensible and responsible businesswoman everyone knew , so everyone was surprised , none more so than her fiancee Marcel who was seated beside her.
The pair seemed to be a contrast , not just physically .
Sunnie was very petite yet athletic , with dark velvety skin ,and possessed  the stunning features typical of Ethiopian women , big almond eyes , high cheekbones , long neck and that wonderful hair that was her trademark.
 Marcel at 6’3” towered over Sunnie and  had all the charm , good looks and elegance of a typical French man.
Personality wise , they  appeared to be opposites Sunnie energetic , fun-loving  and relaxed and Marcel reserved , formal and always in control.

Sunnie escaped the turmoil of her native land and was able to start a new life  in America .
It had taken her years of hard work , with many ups and downs along the way , but 20 years later at the ripe age of 45 she now owned a chain of successful fashion stores which employed over 100 people.
Despite her success , Sunnie always remained loysl to her humble roots so treated her employees respectfully and very well.
Marcel admired Sunnie immensely and felt very fortunate to be in a relationship with her.
Not only was she a stunning beauty and a confident , shrewd businesswoman but she was a deeply good and caring person also.
The only child of French diplomats , his life could not have been any different from Sunnie's.
He went to the best schools , plying his trade with large multi-national companies before branching out into his own successful consulting business.
During their time together , Marcel came to know Sunnie well , especially  her big weakness which was her impulsiveness and wild temper which she sometimes fought to control.
Tonight was an example.
The dinner was to celebrate a recognition award for Sunnie's business , and  started out with some decorum but overindulgence of alcohol soon took it in a different direction.

The extent of Marcel’s drinking  was to sip a glass of fine wine , so he was able to see trouble arising where Sunnie did not.
More than once during the evening he had advised her  to tone it down but she ignored him teasing thst he was just being a ‘wet blanket’.
However , for Marcel this was getting serious.
He realised Sunnie’s generosity  could be placing some of the employees in danger should they drive home under the influence of alcohol  , risking liability for both her and her business as she was the one plying them with liquor.
Leaning close to his fisncee's ear , Marcel whispered her a final warning.
“I think everyone has had enough drinks for one evening’s getting late and you need to make sure everyone gets home safely….” He whispered , a hint of warning in his tone,
Sunnie’s response was indignation and denial .
Defiantly she stood up and encouraged more drinks.
“Nonsense Marcel….stop lecturing me ..can’t you see the night is young !” she giggled , raising her glass again.

A dark shadow surrounded her when Marcel stood up , and pried her glass from her tiny fingers.
Marcel gave her a serious glance which she recognized well.
“Time to say goodnight darling…” he warned her.
The feisty Sunnie  was not about to be bullied by anyone and held her ground , glaring up at Marcel defiantly.
Meanwhile her employees looked on with great interest at the standoff , some offering words of encouragement to their boss to extend the party.
Sunnie grabbed another glass and opened her mouth to speak , but the words morphed into a girlish squeal when Marcel delivered a hefty smack to the seat of her tight skirt.

The act stunned the room to silence and Sunnie  felt her face burning with embarrassment.
“Don’t make me take you across my knee right here in front of everybody young lady! Now are you going to wind this down sensibly or shall I?”  Marcel whispered in her ear.
Sunnie’s bottom burned from the smack and she put a palm back to rub it.
She knew Marcel was serious ,  and knew from experience he would do exactly as he had warned .

In fact , only last week he had done just that at  Sunnie’s family gathering when she started an argument at the table.
When Sunnie's mother tried to calm things  , Sunnie rudely blurted  "‘shut up mother!”
She immediately regretted her outburst , but before she could offer an apology , Marcel had hauled her from her chair , placed her over his knee and proceeded to administer a brief but stinging spanking .
Astonished,Sunnie’s’ mother and the entire family laughed and cheered Marcel on .
He added to his fianee's embarrassment by flipping her skirt up and delivering a final flurry of spanks to her scantily clad and mostly bare posterior to everyone’s delight.
Afterwards Sunnie apologized , and her mother thanked Marcel for doing what she was unable to do.
The impromptu spanking ignited something  deep inside Sunnie and when they left she kissed Marcel passionately.
“I deserved that spanking.” She told him.
Her jaw dropped when Marcel replied , “Good  because when I get you home you’re getting  a ‘real spanking’”.
Marcel told  Sunnie to never speak to her mother like that again and , true to his word , she went over his knee again , baring her bottom this time for a  long , fiery spanking which ignited passion in both of them.
That night they made love in a way neither had experienced before.

 Sunnie loved every minute of her spanking ….especially the mind blowing sex afterwards..
Marcel had hoisted her on top of him  , sitting on her well spanked bottom ‘cowgirl style’ , she slid  onto his shaft , as he cupped her hot cheeks in both hands
Tonight she knew she was in for another spanking , and was filled with anticipation.
Sunnie put down her glass and addressed the group.
“As you can see, for my own safety , or at least the safety of my butt, there will be no more drinks  tonight except coffee.. ….I want you all to have a safe journey home. Make sure you all take a cab home and send the bill to me .” she announced.
Marcel nodded his approval.
“Did you have to smack me so hard Marcel?” Sunnie pouted to a beaming Marcel.
“You were warned ….more than once ….and we will  be continuing this when we get home  !”he warned.
Sunnie felt her bottom tingle in anticipation.
The anticipation of a good spanking was almost as thrilling to her than the spanking itself , so by the  time the pair arrived home , her juices were flowing freely.
This did not escape the attention of Marcel , who teased Sunnie by avoiding any mention of her impending spanking as he made coffee for them both.
They sat down and held hands on the loveseat , casually chatting over the coffee until Marcel finally said , “You need to set a better example to your employees ...they are young , impressionable and really look up to you…”
Sunnie had to nodin agreement, “I know Marcel....I guess I need to be spanked….HARD!.”
“….and so you shall my dear….so you shall….” Marcel said , patting his lap.

Sunnie pouted , flashing her big eyes at Marcel before nestling her body over his muscular thighs.
An audible gasp escaped her lips when Marcel slowly lifted her dress to reveal her glistening , almost bare twin globes.
She wore the tiniest pair of yellow panties with blue polka dots which were so cute he decided to  leave them on.
They would offer no protection anyway.
Marcel spent a moment rearranging the skimpy garment to his satisfaction before commencing.
Slowly but firmly , Marcel spanked one round cheek and then the other.
Each one stung terribly and Sunnie  began squirming on Marcel’s lap .
He loved the way her pert  cheeks jiggled and how the  redness  would show through on  her dark , ebony skin until it became the predominate colour.

Sunnie's bottom was burning so she  gritted her teeth and took a firm grasp on Marcel’s leg.
She felt him adjust her on his lap , wrapping his right leg around both of hers , raising  her exposed  bottom even higher.
She knew the worst part was coming and felt so vulnerable….yet  so safe.

Marcel resumed the spanking ,this time briskly and much harder.
Sunnie yelped , bucking and squirming on Marcel's lap to avoid the onslaught which seemed never ending.
Her bottom felt like it was on fire now.
“Do you promise to set a good example to your employees ?” Marcel asked as he spanked away.
“Yessss….I do…..I dooooo…OOOW…I promise…..OW! YEOOW!”
Sunnie drew a breath when Marcel finally stopped spanking.
“Good! Because if you ever pull a stunt like that again this is what you will get!” Marcel declared.
Then he landed  hard spanks in volleys of  6 or 7 to each cheek which had Sunnie bawling like a baby .
When it was over he permitted her a minute to regain her composure before letting her up.
Marcel laughed  when Sunnie launched into a wild , frantic dance.

“Nice performance of  the Eskista Sara!” he cackled , referencing the traditional Ethiopian dance , involving a lot of shoulder movement he had seen Sunnie perform previously.
Sunnie   was certainly doing lots of that as she hopped around rubbing  her sore bottom furiously.
Marcel took her by the ear and led her to the corner.
“You can resume the Eskista later after your corner time!” he scolded.
Placing her nose in the corner , Sunnie held up her dress , exposing her blazing hot bottom for a full 5 minutes until he scooped her up into his arms and carried her upstairs.
All eyes were on Sunnie the next morning when she arrived at work , unusually later than usual.
She was positively glowing , especially her well spanked and still tender bottom.
There were smirks and grins at the table when she flinched and carefully sat herself down.
“ a dear and fetch me a cushion please.” She requested nonchalantly.
“OMIGAWD….HE REALLY DID SPANK YOU DIDN’T HE?” Wendy gushed putting a hand to cover her mouth.

Sunnie grimaced and squirmed in her seat.Then  she said in her most matronly tone , “ Yes Marcel gave me a spanking ….and a good spanking wouldn’t do all of you any harm either!”
Her comment produced bowed heads and flushed faces in the room.

It was then Sunnie noticed she was not the only one in the room squirming on a pillow!

Thursday, April 20, 2017

A Lesson in Manners- FM Spanking Story

Sunnie's eyes widened and glared at her Fiancee Marcel.
"Really Marcel!How dare you make another public scene....that was totally unnecessary?
Can't you see it was an honest mistake."she scolded.

The young female waitress stood red-faced and embarrassed by Marcel's loud outburst which had turned heads in the restaurant ,but he was relieved that Sunnie had come to her defence.
"I'm so sorry Sir...I..." the young girl began , her voice wavering a little until Sunnie put a comforting hand on hers arm.
"You have nothing to be sorry for my dear.....but my Fiancee is going to be very sorry when I get him home tonight!" she announced , an impish smile playing on her lips.
Marcel bristled , "A good wine has to breath France ....."he began but stopped  when the M'aitre arrived on the scene.

"I beg your pardon Monsieur is there a problem?" he asked Marcel.
As Marcel opened his mouth to respond , Sunnie intervened.
"Thank you for asking , but the only problem is my fiancee's poor manners , and that is something I need to deal with right now. Unfortunately we will need to leave for a short while , but would be most grateful if you could hold our reservation until we return won't take long." she asked politely ,casting Marcel a warning glance.

Marcel's face flushed , "Please Sunnie, let's order dinner and we can discuss this later..." he asked , almost pleading.
The young waitress was very amused and impressed by this strong-willed lady taking charge .
Sunnie leaned closer to Marcel, "I'm afraid this can't wait darling!"
The M'aitre smiled at the scene as if he had seen it before .
"Best to do as Madame says Monsieur , we would be pleased to reserve your table until you return." he suggested.

Sunnie nodded at him ,"This young lady has provided such wonderful service so we hope she can be our server when we return?" she asked , her tone sounding more like a demand than a request.
"Of course Madame." came the reply.
"WHAT?" Marcel blurted incredulously.
Sunnie responded with an icy stare and wagged her finger .
"Fetch the car Marcel. Obviously the sooner I deal with you the better." she seethed .

By the time he returned with the car , Marcel had become somewhat  contrite.
"Look Sunnie...I'm sorry ...I shouldn't have made a scene again but can't we talk about this over dinner?" he reasoned.
Sunnie motioned for her fiancee to  open the car door for her and she only spoke when they were both comfortably seated.
"I've warned you about  making a scene in public Marcel. I felt so bad for that  poor girl . She was so embarrassed . You will be apologizing to her when we get back ....that is once I t's time I've taught you some manners." she scolded.

It was a short and silent drive home and once inside , Sunnie wasted no time in leading her naughty boy to the bedroom.
"Strip off....every stitch!" she barked , scooping her hairbrush from the dresser.
By the time Marcel had disrobed , Sunnie was sitting in the spanking chair waiting for him.
She had slipped out of her dress to avoid getting it wrinkled  by Marcel squirming on her lap.

The sight of his delectable Fiancee sitting in her skimpy undies , patting her shapely thighs had an expected effect on Marcel.
Sunnie looked at his erection and sighed in disappointment , "I suppose I'll have to take care of that before we start. Hands on your head Marcel !"

Marcel groaned , "AW NO SUNNIE...PLEASE?" he begged .
Sunnie put a hand on his shaft and began pumping it.
As Marcel became more excited she frustrated him by stopping and squeezing the base of his penis hard.
Slowly she would  edge him towards an orgasm before denying him again and again.
For Marcel it was a torture more severe that his impending spanking.

His member twitched uncontrollably and Sunnie giggled , thoroughly enjoying the control she was asserting.
"GAAH! OOH! PLEASE SUNNIE! NOO!" Marcel gasped , trying his best  to keep both hands on his head.
Sunnie dropped to her knees , allowing her lips to tease the tip of Marcel's member.
She caressed it with her tongue , sending him into a frenzy before clamping her hand tight to deny him yet again.
She began pumping  again , quickly this time before letting go and watching with glee as Marcel's penis shook and exploded like an out of control garden hose .
His penis twitched sperm squirting out onto the floor.

Sunnie  resumed her position on the chair smiling that Marcel's shrunken  member hanging limply.

"Now you can get over my knee.I am going to blister your backside mister ." she ordered , patting her lap.
A thoroughly humbled Marcel , climbed over , placed both palms on the floor and braced for his ordeal.

The hairbrush rose and Sunnie began spanking her Fiancee's bare bottom with vigour.
Sunnie snapped the back of the brush against his cheeks turning them a blazing red.
She picked up the pace , alternating  thunderous whacks on one cheek and then the other.
Marcel began howling incoherently when Sunnie's brush began dancing on the tender area between his cheeks and upper thighs.
He bucked wildly on his Fiancee's lap , frantically pleading with her to stop but his torture continued .

Finally Sunnie paused to rest her arm.
"Are you going to behave properly when we go back to the restaurant?" she asked boldly.
"YES MA'AM!" Marcel hollered.
'WHAP!' 'WHAP!' 'WHAP!' 'WHOP!' '

Another pause and another question from Sunnie
"Are you going to apologize to that young waitress?"
"YES MA'AM!" Marcel bawled.
This time Sunnie used her left hand to expose the virgin skin between Marcel's cheeks and aimed exclusively for that area.
'WHAP!' 'WHAP!' 'WHAP!' 'WHOP!' ''WHAP!' 'WHAP!' 'WHAP!' 'WHOP!'
Marcel  shuddered and squealed like a banshee.
"OMIGOD THAT HURT!" he exclaimed breathlessly after the final volley.

Sunnie leaned back in her chair.
"You may get up and get dressed now!" she announced imperiously.
Marcel staggered unsteadily to his feet , immediately cupping both of his battered cheeks with his hands.
Sunnie smiled with satisfaction as she stepped back into her dress and watched Marcel wince and grimace as he dressed.

As they stepped outside , Sunnie snatched the car keys from Marcel.
"Best I drive. You won't be able to concentrate on the road sitting on the sore backside I just gave you!" she teased.

Marcel endured a most uncomfortable drive back to the restaurant but his  humiliation was far from complete .
He dreaded having to face the young waitress he had insulted ,never mind apologizing.
As promised , their table awaited them , just as they had left it with their waitress already standing beside it.

The two women shared a grin.
"As you requested Madame , we have provided a nice soft pillow for Monsieur!" the waitress said , trying not to giggle.

Sunnie went ahead and giggled anyway.
"I'm can assure you ,  Monsieur appreciates that....don't you darling?" she teased.

"Yes Ma'am." a red-faced Marcel replied before  agonizingly lowering  himself onto the pillow.
Amused , Sunnie looked at him , "You can stop calling me Ma'am? now."
Marcel blushed an looked seriously at the waitress.
"I'd like to apologize for yelling at you. I'm very sorry." he told her earnestly.
The young waitress nodded , smiled broadly and launched into her well rehearsed menu introduction "Today's special is the roasted  rump roast ...." she began .
Sunnie laughed , "Monsieur has already had that!...tenderized and well done! "