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Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Morning Heat - FM Spanking Cartoon


Most Wives like to make sure their Husband goes to work in the morning with a hot breakfast. 

Shirley prefers that her Husband goes to work with a red -hot bottom !

Monday, September 28, 2020

Settling Matters - MF / FM Spanking Cartoons


Martha's sassy mouth has got her into trouble again during Sunday dinner at their daughter's house. 

Her husband George quickly admonished her and suggested they settle the matter at home. A red-faced Martha knew exactly what he meant ! 

Martha receives a brief reprieve from her well-earned chastisement when her daughter calls , but as far as George is concerned the matter is far from being settled !

The following Sunday , it is Martha's turn to settle some outstanding matters with George after returning from Dinner. 

Martha quite enjoyed her Husband's contrite reaction when she announced during dinner that they could not stay late because she had a number of matters to settle with George which could not waiting longer . 

This time their daughter realized what her Mother had in mind , and made a point of not disturbing  her with a call .

It certainly is going to be a long night for George !

Friday, September 25, 2020

On the Bare - FM Spanking Cartoon


Frank knows how much Linda loves him to wear cute underwear so was hoping his latest fashion statement would provide him with a welcome layer of protection for his upcoming spanking.
Linda promptly orders his new undies to join his jeans at his knees , and his bared bottom will no doubt be receiving extra spanks for his efforts!

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Party Paddling - FM Spanking Cartoon


Sonia warned her Husband Larry to be on his best behaviour at her charity fundraising event.

Perhaps it was the presence of so many attractive ladies , but Larry could just not control his blatant flirting until Sonia finally had enough.

Larry should know better after 18 years of marriage that his wife is a firm believer in discipline and always delivers it on the spot.

So now , after enduring a lengthy public scolding that left little doubt to the ladies what Sonia had in store for him , he must endure an embarrassing walk upstairs where another session with the dreaded hairbrush awaits him.

His humiliation will be complete when he returns to the party with a painfully well-spanked bottom to the amusement of the guests.

Monday, September 21, 2020

Philandering Phil Pays the Price - FM Spanking Cartoon


Phil promised Sharon that he would change his philandering ways after they were married.
"Don't worry Phil....I'll make it my business to change you and I have just the method to do just that !" Sharon informed him confidently.
However , only two days into their Honeymoon , Phil was back to his old antics and , as usual , Sharon was on to him - but this time she intended to do something about it.
Phil gave the Attendant at the Men's Bathing Room a hefty tip to let him sneak in a new lady friend , but Sharon gave him an even bigger tip to let her have 15 minutes alone with her new Husband behind locked doors.
"Newlyweds!" the Attendant shrugged after pocketing the cash.
Once inside , Sharon took the big bath brush off it's hook on the wall and regarded her shocked Husband with a determined look he had never seen before , but was certainly going to see a lot more of ! 

After a bath brush blistering in front of his lady friend , followed by a naked 'walk of shame' through the resort where a lengthy hairbrushing awaits him , Phil's philandering days are over !

Friday, September 18, 2020

Poldark - Demelza's Comeuppance - MF Spanking Comic


Against his wishes , Ross finds that Demelza has been going into town to meet with his business associates regarding the state of the mine.
As her confidence has grown ,Demelza has become more assertive and disobedient , so Ross decides it is time to put his wife in her place.