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Friday, August 28, 2020

Spanking at the Stables - Part 2 - MF Spanking Comic


Taking his lead from Jasper's handling of his two headstrong daughters , Lord Blackwell decides to take his equally headstrong wife out to the stables for the same treatment.
It turns out to be a very effective visit which results in Lady Blackwell's afternoon ride being very uncomfortable!
Lord Blackwell may be very pleased with himself , but he should take his wife's warning of revenge very seriously.....

Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Spanking at the Stables - Part 1 - MF Spanking Cartoon

Lord Blackwell hired Stable Hand Jasper to keep his two impetuous daughters in line , and Jasper quickly found a very effective way to do just that!

After their weekly visit to the stables with Jasper , Lord Blackwell noticed that Cynthia and Marigold were not only very well behaved , but also reluctant to do any riding for the rest of the fact they were reluctant to any sitting at all , and he never saw them look so happy .

Jasper must be doing something right and his Lordship wondered if his young Stable Hand's methods would work on the headstrong Lady Blackwell......

Friday, August 21, 2020

The Blackwell Academy Tradition - FM Spanking Cartoon

Colin and Raymond met their wives when they were all attending the prestigious Blackwell Academy , a private college well known for its strict rules and regime.

For violation of the rules , all young gentlemen were subject to corporal punishment , while  young ladies were exempt and given lines or detention instead.

Corporal punishment was both a painful and embarrassing event for young gentlemen as it was carried out in front of the entire class by a member of the all female faculty.
The Schoolmistresses were very adept at applying the cane to the backside of errant young gentlemen , and enjoyed it as much as the young ladies in the class who were able to watch.

So it was commonplace for Sonia and Sue to see their boyfriends , and future husbands , bend over for six of the best on the seat of their tight trousers , and they loved to tease Colin and Raymond about it when they went out on a date afterwards!
The two young men were actually proud to show their girlfriends the angry red stripes the cane left on their behinds .

According to tradition , at the Blackwell Academy graduation ceremony , each young lady was presented with an authentic Blackwell Academy canes of their very own !
Having witnessed many canings , the two young ladies needed little instruction on how to thrash their boyfriends' bottoms if they misbehaved.....and thrash them they did !

It must have worked , because a few years later Colin and Raymond proposed marriage.
Sonia and Sue accepted , on the condition that to ensure a happy marriage canings would continue , with an added caveat that once they were man and wife , canings would be applied to their bare bottoms!

There was no argument from their men , who are now model husbands who know that displeasing their wives will result in a rather unpleasant dose of the cane which will leave stripes on their backsides for days....stripes that Colin and Raymond are very proud of !

Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Discipline at Blackwell Academy - FM Spanking Comic


                                               A 1st offence for Jenkins....or is it ? 


                Jenkins forgets it's his 2nd offence ...but the young ladies don't!

Soon ALL the young gentlemen are paraded in front of the class for a 'trousers down' caning..........


On their date that night Jenkins; girlfriend Mary takes a page from Miss Blackwell's book to keep her boyfriend in line......

The Blackwell Academy for young Ladies and Gentlemen was no ordinary college.
Students were aged between 19 and 21 and were required to agree to the College's strict discipline.
Until 10 years ago , the Academy was exclusively for Young Ladies and the introduction of mature young gentlemen to the classes required a modification to the Discipline regime.
Corporal punishment was introduced for the gentlemen , consisting of strokes of the cane applied to their backsides.
Caning of young men on the 'seat of their trousers' became commonplace in the classroom , and were thoroughly enjoyed by both the female Teachers and the observing young ladies!

Friday, August 14, 2020

Overdraft Lesson - MF Spanking Cartoon

Linda loves to spend , but has always had some trouble keeping track of how much she spends.
Richard has finally had enough of reminding her how much a bank overdraft costs them , so he has decided to try a different approach to curb his wife's lavish spending habits.....and it just might be working !

Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Warming him Up - FM Spanking Cartoon

Dale is regretting being an hour late for his supper date with his new girlfriend Sherry.
Sherry warned him she had a cure for his chronic tardiness and now he is finding out what it is.
The fire and his supper are toasty warm , but not as warm as his backside is going to be after a session with Sherry's paddle!
He'll eat supper standing at the mantle , while Sherry sits comfortably at the table , something he will be unable to do anytime soon!
Then for for dessert , Dale will be over his girlfriend's knee for a generous portion of Sherry's hairbrush as a final reminder never to keep her waiting again .....

Saturday, August 8, 2020

The Naughty Twins - MF Spanking Cartoon

Eric and Jed were looking forward to a quiet day at the beach with their girlfriends , twins Tina and Tanya , but had a feeling their mischievous ladies had other ideas.
"What are you guys bringing those  for ?" the twins asked when she saw the big bath brushes being packed in their bag.
"Don't think we won't take you two into the sand dunes and paddle those cute little bottoms of yours if you act up!" Eric warned.

The twins just giggled , thinking their men were teasing them again....they wouldn't dare spank them ....and certainly not at the beach !
Or would they ?
The twins packed their inflatable cushion and a big jar of Aloe Vera just in case!