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Tuesday, April 21, 2020

The Broken Glass - A MF Spanking Comic Featuring Julie

Some of you may have been following fellow spanking blogger Strict Julie's urge to be spanked at her parent's house , and I promised her some artwork if she actually did it.
Unfortunately Julie was talked out of it ,  so the planned spanking at her parents was not going to happen.
You can read Julie's account of her plan here :

As it turns out , Julie DID get a bare bottom spanking in front of her parents but not because of a broken glass.
You can read Julie's account of it here.

The artwork featuring the broken glass escapade was already quite advanced by the time Julie had a change of heart , so here is my version of  what the scene MAY have looked like!

Friday, April 17, 2020

A Visit to the Spankologist - FM Spanking Cartoon

Jennifer thought she had tried everything to convince her Husband Jim to change his ways.
Jim didn't realise how much his irresponsible behaviour was threatening their marriage , but reluctantly agreed to go to Marriage counselling.

Ms. Irene Spankem was no ordinary Marriage Counsellor, and she quickly realized that Jim was the problem and recommended a proven treatment for Jennifer to resolve the problem.
Jim look confused when Irene opened her desk drawer and produced a rather formidable looking hairbrush!

Ms. Spankem then proceeded demonstration how the application of the hairbrush to Jim's bare behind would give him a much needed attitude adjustment.
Once she had thoroughly reddened Jim's backside , she passed the brush on to an inspired Jennifer who enthusiastically continued blistering her Husband's rear until he was genuinely contrite.

For the first time since they met , Jim was not only listening to what she said , but responding with a respectful "Yes Ma'am!"
The reconciled couple then signed a Domestic Discipline Agreement and Irene was presented with  her very own complimentary Hairbrush to take home.

Jennifer soon realized the power of her Hairbrush , as did Jim , who discovered that any violation of their DD Agreement would result in him going over his wife's knee for a spanking that would leave him with a very sore backside for the next day or two!

Jennifer's confidence soared as revelled in her new role , and she admittedly took great satisfaction in roasting Jim's backside every chance she got.
Now the Hairbrush sits in full view on Jennifer's dresser , serving as a reminder to Jim to behave....or else !

Irene enjoyed reading Jennifer's letter of thanks for saving their marriage , remarking that her Husband was becoming a model Husband.
Jennifer wondered why she had not thought of such a simple and effective solution before.
"Another satisfied customer ....I love my job!" Irene mused to herself.....

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Paddled at the Governor's Ball - MF Spanking Cartoon

Brett knew he would have his hands full when he escorted the McLean sisters to the Governor's Ball , so he came prepared with a sturdy paddle .

It certainly was entertaining for the other guests to see the naughty ladies marched off to a nearby room where their shrieks and the sound of the paddle being applied to their bare bottoms were audible.

The trio returned to the Ball , red-faced and red-bottomed , and were on their best behaviour for the remainder of the evening......knowing another spanking awaited them once they were home!

Friday, April 10, 2020

Overheard Spanking - FM Spanking Comic

Darren really should know by now that Wendy expects him to behave when she invites their friends over for a party , but for some reason he always ends up over her knee , providing anticipated entertainment for the ladies present ! 

Even worse was being marched back into the room  with pants in hand ,  his well spanked bottom on display and having to apologize to the amused and smirking ladies!

Clearly the effectiveness of Darren's spanking made an impression on the Ladies who promptly phoned their Husbands and Boyfriends to inform them that a similar fate awaited them when they arrived home !

Tuesday, April 7, 2020

A Mother's Advice - MF Spanking Comic

David had tried everything to tame his headstrong Fiancee Tina , and finally found the solution after speaking with Tina's Mom.
Mom kept Tina in line with liberal applications of the Hairbrush to her daughter's naughty bottom , and if David was serious about marrying the fiery Tina he would have to take Mom's place .
The mere sight of that dreaded brush reminded Tina of the many times it has scorched her bare behind.
Surely David wasn't serious ? He wouldn't dare ? Would he?

Friday, April 3, 2020

Spanking Parade - FM Spanking Cartoon

When Donna invited their friends over for a quiet evening of drinks and conversation , she had a feeling it may end this way!

The men had been well warned to behave and not spoil the evening , but nonetheless proceeded to do just that.
"If you Gentlemen continue , I warn you that the spanking stool and hairbrushes are already laid out upstairs !" Donna warned.
The warning resulted in only a temporary respite , but the stubborn , naughty men were soon back to their antics.

So a steady parade of Gentlemen being led upstairs by the ear to face their fate promptly proceeded , each woman taking their turn to enter the bedroom where all the tools required to administer a sound bottom blistering awaited them.
Their male bravado and pride rapidly receded once they were bare bottomed over their Lady's lap receiving their well deserved comeuppance.

The remainder of the evening was well enjoyed , perhaps more so by the ladies who tool great delight in watching the men squirm uncomfortably on their seats , and reminding them that another sound thrashing awaited them once the couples were home alone !

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Another Heated Discussion - FM Spanking Cartoon

Sharon has just finished the 'heated' part of her discussion with Jeremy ,
and is ready to engage her Husband in a serious ' one-on-one' 'discussion' when  a familiar but uninvited guest is also eager to participate .....

Unfortunately for Jeremy  , Sharon knows exactly how to make this irritating and unwelcome guest disappear in a hurry .....

Then it is time for Jeremy to go back over her lap for a repeat dose of the Hairbrush.....