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Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Taking them Down - FM Spanking Cartoon

When she told him she was going to put him over her lap and give him a good spanking he thought she was kidding.
Her lap was indeed a delectable sight , and worth a few playful slaps on the seat of his shorts .
He had endured way worse .....and how hard could she hit anyway?

However , his attitude changed very quickly when he saw the big hairbrush and she was going to spank him with !
It was big , thick and hard and he knew it would hurt.

He was genuinely worried now and tried hard to show he was not.

He blushed when her fingers slid inside his shorts and began lowering them....he was getting a spanking on his BARE bottom!

A determined , upset girlfriend , a big sturdy hairbrush and a bared bottom made a recipe for one heck of a spanking that he would remember for a long time.
He could no longer hide the fact he was scared....he was terrified .....and she knew it!

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Teaching the Sheriff - FM Spanking Story

Mayor  Devlin shrugged , "I'm sorry Sheriff Dillon , there's really no option . The State Marshal has laid down the new rules and we must abide by them . You need to have a school certificate to serve as Sheriff. I've spoken with Miss Pringle , the new Schoolmistress ,and  she is willing to accept you in her class.....but she does have some rules."

Sheriff Clint Dillon 's eyes widened , "Rules? What sort of rules? Can't she just sign off on the paper so I can get on with my job?" he raged.

The Mayor shrugged again, " Miss Pringle won't hear of it Sheriff. She says you must be treated exactly like the other students.Now I suggest you go over there and meet with her to get this started as soon as possible."

Clint let out a sigh , adjusted his hat and reluctantly made his way over to the School house.
He paused outside the big wooden door of the School , took a deep breath and stepped inside.
As he entered he could see Miss Pringle standing at the front of the room with a teenage boy before her.
"She certainly was a pretty one ! " Clint mused to himself , perhaps his schooling may not be as unpleasant as he thought.

Miss Pringle wagged a finger at the lad before her and scolded him firmly , "How dare you pinch Betty on her.....her....appendage Josh Warren!"
Clint had no idea what an appendage was... but he was about to find out !
" Perhaps that's why he needed some schooling .." he thought.

The pretty Schoolmarm opened her desk and withdrew a long thin cane.
She swished it menacingly through the air and flexed it in both hands.
Josh was a burly lad ,taller that Miss Pringle , but looked distinctly worried.
"Bend over and touch your toes Josh!" she ordered firmly.
"Aw no Miss....not on the...." he protested.
"....the appendage? I think its the most appropriate part of your anatomy considering your actions young man!" Miss Pringle interrupted.

The boy assumed the position as Clint stood watching at the back of the room in amazement.
The Schoolmarm quickly delivered 6 sharp whacks to the seat of the boys pants to gasps and giggles from the class.
Clint was still frozen as poor Josh endured the smirks of the girls in the class while he agonizingly lowered himself onto his seat.

As he did so, Miss Pringle added a warning , "If you ever tease any of the girls like that again Mr. Warren I will take down your trousers , put you over my knee and give you a good spanking on your bare bottom right here in front of the class! Do you understand?"
Her comment brought loud laughter and giggles from the class.'

With a simple wave of her hand , Miss Pringle silenced the room.
"Ah! I see our new student has arrived. Please welcome Sheriff Dillon class. He will be joining us for a little while. Please take a seat right up here Sheriff." she announced.

Clint removed his hat and moved clumsily to his assigned place.
The class giggled as the grown man  squeezed his muscular frame behind the vastly undersized desk.
An impish grin played on Miss Pringle's pretty face , "Sorry Sheriff Dillon but we were not anticipating to have students of your stature."
Clint nodded and adjusted his position while the young Schoolmarm took up a position in front of him.
"Now Sheriff ,as I have already told Mayor Devlin , you must abide by the rules of this classroom just like the other pupils. They are not too difficult , arrive punctually , hand in your homework , no talking without my permission and no disruptive behaviour in my class," she began.
"Violations will be punished without exception. The girls receive lines or detention and the boys will be caned. Is that understood?"she concluded.

Clint grinned goofily and looked up at his new Teacher.
"Caned?" he asked .
"Yes caned....where it does a young gentleman  most good....on his backside !" Miss Pringle replied disguising a smirk on her pretty face , " ......and be warned , that  if a boy is particularly naughty  I will not hesitate to take him over my knee for a good spanking with my hairbrush on his bare bottom!"she added to giggles from the girls and moans from the boys.
"Now let's resume the lesson.Open your books to page 33 please."she concluded.

"Watch out for the girls in our class Sheriff.They love it when a boy gets caned or spanked ....and they'll try to bait you into it." the boy next to Clint whispered in his ear.
Clint grinned back  "I doubt that....but thanks for the advice kid."

In a split second  , Miss Pringle stopped writing on the board and spun around to face the class.
"Who dared to speak in class while I was writing on the board?" she asked sternly.
The boy next to Clint shrank into his seat in an attempt to disappear.
The girl behind them put up a hand , "It was Jimmy Dickenson and Sheriff Dillon Miss Pringle." she said ,pointing an accusing finger at the pair.

Miss Pringle turned to confront the accused miscreants , "Well gentlemen? Is that true?" she asked.
Jimmy opened his mouth to respond but Clint stopped him , "It was me Miss Pringle.I spoke to Jimmy." he confessed.
His partner in crime ' s relief was short lived when the girls hand shot up again , "Jimmy spoke too Miss!" she insisted.
Clint turned to face their accuser ,"Be quiet you little brat!"he told her without thinking.
Miss Pringle's eyes widened and her jaw dropped," How dare you speak to Suzy like that Mr Dillon!Come here!" she fumed.
A gleeful smile played on Suzy ' s face while Clint looked up at the pretty Schoolmarm in disbelief.
While Clint clumsily extracted his oversized frame from his desk , Miss Pringle retrieved her cane from the desk drawer.
Despite towering over her , standing before this petite but powerfully confident woman, Clint felt like one of his young schoolboy colleagues.
Controlling the moment , Miss Pringle swished the cane and glared icily at Clint.
"As a new student ,I was prepared to be lenient with you Mr Dillon but I will not stand for you speaking to a young lady in such an uncouth manner!" she scolded.
Clint could hear the gaggle of girls tittering behind him.
"She's going to cane him....this will be good!" they whispered.
"Bend over and touch your toes !" Miss Pringle ordered.
For a moment Clint was frozen by the command.
He could feel the eyes of the entire class on him.
Part of him urged him to defy his Schoolmistress and walk away but he knew that would cost him his Sheriff badge.
Reluctantly , he leaned forward and assumed the position.
He could hear Miss Pringle's heels on the wooden floor as she took up her stance behind him.
She smiled , pausing to admire the handsome Sheriff's tight , muscular backside.
"Touch your toes Sir!" she repeated.
Clint reached further and felt the seat of his jeans tighten.
Miss Pringle knew the Law man's buttocks were toughened by days in the saddle and would be a challenge for her cane ' s sting.

There was a collective gasp from the class when the cane rose , swished through the air and lashed across Clint's rump with a resounding 'WHACK! "
Clint winced , surprised by the power of the stroke which had him staggering forward on his feet.
Taking her time , Miss Pringle expertly set up and delivered each punishing stroke until a full 'six of the best" had been delivered.
Clint felt the stinging in his rear quarters intensify and could actually feel the welts forming on his behind.
Slowly he rose , redfaced and wincing, but trying , as all the boys did, to pretend the caning had barely hurt when it had quite the opposite effect.
Like the other boys , reality struck home when Clint lowered himself back into his seat.
"OW!"  he gasped .
He was embarrassed by his involuntary noise and quickly raised his behind off the seat to laughter from the class.
Miss Pringle smiled with satisfaction at his discomfort.
Carefully Clint lowered himself back onto his seat but continued squirming.
A sympathetic Jimmy whispered , "It's gonna hurt for a while Sheriff ....that cane leaves red stripes on your rear for days too!"
Clint nodded through another grimace.

It was an embarrassing remainder of the day for Sheriff Dillon, as word quickly spread through town about his humiliating six of the best by the young Schoolmistress.

Clint had to endure the taunts , giggles and stares of the citizens as he patrolled through town that evening.
He was actually glad to finally be alone at his desk to finish some paperwork , even though sitting was still somewhat unpleasant for him.

It was late and Clint was surprised by a knock at the door ....and even more surprised to find it was the beautiful Miss Pringle.
"I hope I'm not coming at a bad time Sheriff ?" she asked.
The tough Sheriff felt his mouth go dry and his face flush in the presence of the attractive young Schoolmistress.
When he spoke, he found himself stammering like a nervous schoolboy.
"'s Miss P..Pringle..."

The pretty Schoolmarm smiled at his discomfort, "I brought you some homework to help you catch up on the lessons Sheriff...." she said , placing some books in front of him.
She reached deeper into her basket , " I also brought you this...." she continued handing him a small jar , "'s primrose will help to sooth the sting in appendage... "she teased.

A blushing Clint stood up ,hastily taking the jar from her , "Thanks Ma'am. ...much appreciated." he blurted.
She looked at him sympathetically , "About today.....I hope you understand I had no option but to give you a caning.
Discipline must be maintained , although I'm afraid the girls are quite adept at baiting the boys into a caning ."

Clint winced and gave the seat of his pants a rub, "They sure are....and you sure know how to swing that cane....I haven't had a licking like that for  years!" he quipped with a grin.
"Then you had best be  wary of my hairbrush Sheriff Dillon." Miss Pringle warned with a glint in her eye.

Clint felt his face blush again while Miss Pringle's heart raced , picturing the handsome Sheriff lying over her lap with his very cute and bare bottom at the disposal of her hairbrush.
For a moment there was an uneasy silence as romantic sparks ignited between them, before Miss Pringle spoke.
"Why don't you come by my house tomorrow after class Sheriff .I can give you a little private tutoring....and  I do cook a rather nice Shepherd's pie !" she smiled.
Clint nodded , "You can call me Clint...." he said.
"...and you can call me Jane.....but not in class please Clint."she replied with a wagging finger and a pout of her full lips.

Clint was still engrossed in the material Miss Pringle  had left him when Mayor Devlin and his wife walked in his office the next morning.
"Aren't you supposed to be in class Sheriff?' Mrs. Devlin asked.

"Dammit!" Clint seethed , looking up at the clock.
It was 9.15 and school started at 9!
Tucking his books under his arm , , "Sorry folks...gotta go Mayor....we can talk tonight!"Clint yelled at them as he scurried away.

The older man chuckled , "I'd say that boy must be in love!" he observed.
"Why do you say that Harold?" his wife asked.
"Because he knows Miss Pringle is going to give him another whuppin' but he's going there anyway!" her husband cackled.
Mrs. Devlin feigned a scowl , "Speaking of whuppin's've been getting way too big for your britches lately its time I took them down for a dose of the razor strap!"she scolded.
The Judge looked worried , "Now Henrietta....I am the Mayor so...." he began but was stopped by his wife taking a firm grip on his ear.
"March !Mayor or no Mayor your wife can still give you a whuppin' when you need it. No sense putting this off any longer!" she said with a smirk.

The girls in the class giggled as the sixth stroke of Miss Pringle's cane produced another cloud of dust from the seat of Clint's pants.
"Tardiness will not be tolerated  and you, of all people ,should know that Sheriff Dillon. Now take your seat!" The pretty Teacher scolded.

Another burst of laughter erupted when Clint again  let out a howl when his backside met his seat , sending him springing back to his feet.
Miss Pringle smiled and continued to write on the blackboard.
Clint's classmate Betty gave him a nudge , "You'd better behave Sheriff , next time you'll get the hairbrush.....on your bare bottom!" she teased with a smirk.

Clint made sure he arrived at Miss Pringle's house that evening with lots of time to spare.
Jane Pringle opened the door and smiled warmly , "Ah! You're early Sheriff. It appears your lesson on tardiness this morning has had the desired effect!"
"It sure did Ma'am!" Clint winced , rubbing the seat of his jeans.

She directed Clint to the table where she had already placed the evening's lessons .
"This one may be more comfortable for you." Jane said , offering him the chair which had a soft pillow placed on it.
Despite the welcome padding , Clint sat gingerly while his tutor got down to business.

The time flew by rapidly and Clint took delight in looking into Jane's big brown eyes and watching her full red lips move as she spoke.
When she leaned over him while he worked on some arithmetic , he could smell her sweet perfume and his heart pounded when her porcelain skin brushed his cheek as their bodies moved closer.
Finally their eyes met ,and Clint could resist her charms no longer , reaching forward he put his lips against hers.Jane did not resist , but her reaction took Clint by surprise.

"Sheriff Dillon! How dare you!" she exclaimed indignantly.
Clint began apologizing but it was no use.
"You are not the gentleman I thought you were Sir!" she scolded , "You will leave now and consider your lessons terminated!"
Clint put up a palm to placate his angry teacher , "Please Miss Pringle....I apologize for kissing you , but I need you to help me  graduate to keep my job." he pleaded.
"I'm sorry Sheriff but under the circumstances we cannot continue your schooling," she replied.

It was no use. Clint's head dropped and he made his way slowly to the door.
As he picked up his hat , Jane spoke , "Wait Sheriff! Perhaps we could find a way to continue with your lessons..."
Clint's face lit up.
"......that is....if you are willing to accept an appropriate punishment for your boldness?" Jane continued , her eyes sparkling lively.
For his part , Clint was ready to accept anything short of a hanging ,"Yes Ma'am....of course I would."

Jane was trying hard to conceal a look of sheer glee , "Alright then.....wait here by this chair for me." she ordered in her Schoolmarm tone..
Clint stood anxiously by the chair while Jane went to the bedroom , returning with a large wooden brush .
"What a man like you needs is a good sound spanking ! " she announced.
 Jane hiked up her long dress and sat on the chair  revealing a comely combination of silk stockings , garters and milky bare flesh.
"Drop your pants and lie over my lap young man !" she ordered.

Clint hesitated ,  hypnotized by the enchanting sight and was caught in two minds.
Letting out an impatient sigh , Jane patted her lap with the brush.
"Stop doddling Sheriff! Either you do as I say and accept your punishment like a man , or you can go out that door and never see me again!" she said firmly.

Jane smiled when Clint fumbled with his belt buckle and let his pants fall to the floor.
"Those too...." Jane demanded , " spankings are always on the bare bottom!"
Too embarrassed to argue , Clint whisked down his long johns and clumsily clambered over her awaiting lap.
Jane's face glowed at the sight of the Sheriff's muscular , bare behind and his growing member rubbing against her bare thighs.
She was going to enjoy this!

And enjoy it she did.
Clint squirmed and struggled on her lap , howling and screeching as her brush peppered his bare behind with stinging whacks until it was glowing red and well blistered ,especially in the spot where he sat on his saddle.
When Jane finally released him , he furthered his own embarrassment by performing a rather lively spanking dance with his pants still at his ankles.
Jane looked on in amusement and could not help notice the bulge beneath Clint's shirt.

Jane permitted Clint a few moments to restore his clothing and regain his composure while she put away the brush.
"Well I guess I'll be off now Miss Pringle..." he mumbled through a grimace , picking up his hat.
"You'll do no such thing Clint Dillon. I worked hard on that Shepherds Pie and you are going to have some !" she announced as if nothing had happened.

To Clint's surprise , Jane took his hat from him and snuggled into his arms.
This time it was her lips which caressed his and Clint pulled her closer.
The pair kissed passionately until they were both out of breath and stared longingly into each other's eyes.

"I must warn you Sheriff , if you intend to court me you'll be seeing a lot more of my hairbrush. I'll be making the rules and you'll follow them...or else.....spanky- spanky!" she teased.
"That will be just fine with where is that pie?"Clint replied.

Friday, January 12, 2018

Spanking Relay - FM Spanking Cartoon

This Strict Wife has decided her husband needed an hour long spanking , but realized her arm would likely tire before the end of such a marathon spanking .
Her solution was to ask three of her best girlfriends to help her out by participating in a 'spanking relay'.

With only one deserving bottom and four willing spankers there was only going to be one result - a very sore and sorry husband who would remember this experience for the rest of his life!

The math was very simple . If they changed partners after each 10 minute spanking that would be 6 spankings or one solid hour of non stop paddling .

With him lying over the laps of two spankers it would be much easier to hold him and place and the other two ladies are still available to hold his hands and feet just in case.

As it turned out , her plan worked out to perfection and he has been a model husband ever since.
Of course , she is now obligated to return the favour to her girlfriends three more unsuspecting husbands will be receiving the same treatment very soon!

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Kneeling for Her - FM Spanking Cartoon

This Strict Wife delivers her scathing lecture while her naughty husband kneels before her on a stool that will soon play a major role in his retribution.

His kneeling is a symbolic submission , like a Knight kneeling subserviently to his Queen , accepting of her power to chastise him.

She permits him the minor concession of keeping his shorts on until she has finished her lengthy scolding , during which he cannot take his eyes off the sturdy brush in her hand which will soon be the instrument of his punishment.

When he has been sufficiently chastened , he must then assume the humiliating position , bare backside high in the air and his nose touching the floor.

He will undoubtedly feel very vulnerable knowing his bottom is in the perfect position to receive her brush , and that he must remain in position for a long , long  time.