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Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Attention Getter Poll Results ....and the winner is......

 Well it was a slim margin but here are the results for the Strict Wife's top 'Attention Getters' :

1ST PLACE - "Congratulations ! You've just earned yourself another date with my Hairbrush !"
2ND PLACE - "Are you sitting comfortably ? Because you won't be once I'm done with you!"
JOINT 3RD PLACE - "You're going to be dancing to a different tune later !"
JOINT 3RD PLACE - "You're face is red Honey...and something else is going to be red too !"

The winner is illustrated over at 
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Oh My vote ? 

It was : 'Do we need to have another one of our little discussions?'

It gets my attention every time and she knows it , and is not shy to use it in front of company!
(So far there have been no enquiries regarding what our 'discussions' are about.).
Of the winners she has used one of the joint 3rd place attention getters "You're going to be dancing to a different tune later !".....and boy did she have me dancing to the rhythm of her hairbrush .


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