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Thursday, December 16, 2021

A Favorite Spanking Video


I don't usually post videos here ,but this one ticked so many boxes I just had to share it.

First of all I love the office scene where she is clearly in charge and he must stand humbled before her with his pants already downed as she lectures him. (Although the odd placement of a door behind her desk shows poor staging!)

Obviously he knows what is to come but waits obediently accepting her scolding.

I love her no nonsense demeanor  , hair up giving her that School mistress aura as she sits behind the big desk .

When she stands we see a powerful , attractive woman , dressed smartly with heels showing off shapely legs.

The little smile on her face when she picks up the strap is a nice touch as she strides confidently toward him , slapping it against her palm.

The way she firmly issues the command to 'bend over' emphasizes her power and control.

I think she could have laid the strap on a bit bolder but she does a businesslike job and having him count out the final ten is a nice touch.

He will obviously be returning to his desk with a very sore bottom that will be difficult to sit on, no doubt to the amusement ov his female co-workers.

It's unfortunate that the clip ends before the alternate angle or showing the aftermath.

I would love to see the full clip ,or more videos from this impressive spanker  ,so if anyone knows the source of the video please share.

Comments are welcome !


  1. Good one! I think she laid it on pretty good. His reaction seemed genuine. I know certain implements can be deceiving. If it's got just the right amount of stiffness versus whip, it can get pretty bad without looking hard.

    1. I knew you'd like it Julie.
      I see a role play with David happening soon !
      I'm probably underestimating her technique as that strap must carry quite a sting.
      Love her businesslike demeanor though.

  2. I would be praying no one walks in, and would be very good knowing the next time it could be worse. Jack

    1. I think all the ladies in the office know why he's in there Jack, and will tease him unmercifully when he goes back to his desk and tries to sit!

  3. Excellent! Graham

  4. Sorry, Glen, I can't get into office/workplace stuff like this. I find it impossible to suspend my disbelief long enough to enjoy the fun parts. (I used to work in HR and had to negotiate a MAJOR scandal of an illicit nature and know that a situation like this would result in massive lawsuits and firings.) I prefer the domestic stuff that seems more plausible.

    1. I'm not buying the scenario either KD but the spanker just ticks a lot of boxes for me whatever the scenario.

    2. I like the video very much, possibly because it is a stretch these days - more like a fantasy. The woman in the video is quite believable and seems comfortable in her role, serious, and strict. The teacher / student scenario has always pushed my buttons. No warmup, no silliness, just right to the point. Perhaps my lady friend will like to play this as the teacher.

    3. Certainly a fantasy yet she plays the role of a strict female boss so well.