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Friday, November 12, 2021

Discussions !


Communication is the key to a happy marriage and every strict wife knows the correct way to have a good discussion with her husband.

Of course these discussions do tend to be rather one-sided , with her doing most of the talking and emphasizing each point by applying her hairbrush to his bare bottom!

If he is smart , he will limit his contribution to the discussions to "Yes Ma'ams!" and "No Ma'ams!"
He may however , contribute as many "Ouches!" "Ow's!" and other yelps as he wishes .....and be assured there will be lots of those.

As a result , she tends to enjoy these discussions a lot more than he does  , although he will remember it for longer than she will ,being reminded each time he sits down , and she will be sure to smile each time she sees him wince.

Once the discussion is over he will be a model husband ,  treating his wife like a Queen .....until it's time for another discussion.... 

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