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Friday, October 1, 2021

New FM Spanking Story - A Room with a View


A Room with a View

Anne settled herself to sit on the sofa overlooking the picture window in front of her .
Beside her , she had placed the ebony hairbrush and wooden bath brush and scooped up the latter , tapping it menacingly against her open palm .

Peering over her glasses she addressed her contrite Husband Dan , "OK Dan. Get undressed and get over my lap!" she ordered curtly. Dan's face flushed , "What ? Here ?" he questioned but his wife remained resolute .
"Yes here !" she confirmed.

Letting out an exaggerated sigh , Dan started to draw the curtains .
"And what do you think you're doing ?" Anne asked firmly.
"I'm closing the curtains, we don't want people to see....." he began but was silenced by a wag of Anne's hand
"Never mind about that ! Keep them open and get undressed !" she scolded.

Dan's mouth opened to protest , but Anne's demeanour convinced him otherwise........

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