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Monday, October 25, 2021

Does Size Matter ?


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  1. I love to toy with size disparity as it pertains to dominance. The notion that the larger more Amazonian partner is typically the dominant figure has worn thin with me and so I love situations......especially F/f ones, where the Dominant female is petite and the sub is somewhat Amazonian.

    The thing that has also worn a bit thin with me is what you see in Sorenutz's work where EVERY image is a tiny guy being Topped by some grand Amazon. I am 6'3" and I had a very petite Top once in my past who said that a HUGE thrill for her was that I WAS so much bigger than her and yet she was in charge.

    It's nice to see stereotypes twisted around.

    1. I do have a preference for a petite woman spanking a much bigger and stronger man , but it's interesting we see few smaller men spanking larger women .