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Friday, April 16, 2021

Burnt Toast - FM Spanking Cartoon


As part of his retribution , Charles is required to serve his wife Darlene breakfast in bed according to her very precise instructions.
He must dress appropriately , wearing only a two sizes two small thong ,and a nice shocking pink apron Darlene bought just for him.

His wife's breakfast must be of a high standard  , her coffee must be not too hot and not  too cold , the eggs cannot be runny or overcooked and , above all , he dare not serve her burnt toast like the offering her served her last month.

Charles had paid for that particular mistake , having to stand at the toaster with his backside freshly glowing from the 50 swats of the paddle his wife lovingly applied as a reminder !
Before he serves Darlene breakfast , he must allow her to inspect his bottom to ensure it is displaying the telltale marks and textures from the thrashing she administered only a few hours earlier.

Satisfied with her handiwork , she gives his tender cheeks a playful slap , signalling that Charles may then serve her breakfast .
As he does so , he cannot avoid gazing at the dreaded hairbrush on her night table , the belt draped over the spanking chair and the paddle laying on it.
He had felt the wrath of all three already and was not at all anxious for more.

Charles cringed while Darlene surveyed her breakfast plate , and gasped when she bit into the toast.
"Perfect!" she cooed with a smile , and Charles let out a sigh of relief. 
".....but where is the peach jam and my Greek yogurt ?"she asked sternly.
Charles felt his face flush , " guess I forgot them ?" he babbled nervously.

Darlene said nothing , taking her time to eat her toast while Charles waited nervously .
Dabbing a napkin against her full lips , she finally looked up at him, "You forgot you say ? Well you know very well I have a perfect cure for forgetfulness Darling. Hand me the big paddle and bend over the chair ....I'll deal with you after I finish my coffee!" she declared nonchalantly.

With another sigh , her Husband handed her the big paddle and bent over the chair.
Darlene sipped her coffee , taking in the sight of her husband's  cute , well-spanked cheeks.
She let him 'stew' there in position for a full 5 minutes or more which felt like hours to Charles.

Finally , he heard the bed creak as his wife's weight lifted off it , and then felt the cold unforgiving wooden paddle tap against his tensing cheeks.
"30 for forgetting the jam and 30 for the yogurt.....but I'll give you a 10 swat 'discount' for the perfect toast !" Darlene announced firmly , aiming the paddle and assuming her stance.
Charles tightened his grip on the chair and clenched his cheeks , at least this time he hadn't burnt the toast !


  1. I know these are fun, fantasy stories, but where the hell do these couples find all this time?! LOL I usually cook breakfast, and sometimes even serve it to Rosa in bed. Not normally, but when she's in a particular mood. But all these paddlings and particulars...oh my! When do they find time to actually eat? LOL

    Just teasing. Cute story.

    1. you can always find time for a nice hot breakfast and a nice hot behind KD !

  2. fun story to entertain spanking enthusiasts. I enjoyed it. Thanks
    bottoms up

    1. But did it inspire you to serve Cindy breakfast in bed Red ?

  3. If my partner sees this then this will be our weekend mornings for the foreseeable future!
    That belt looks outstanding... love a big thick belt for giving/receiving spankings!

    1. ....just make sure you lay out the belt ....and don't burn her toast Q !

  4. I think I will keep this one hidden from the Misses. I serve her breakfast in bed on her birthday and Valentines day and do not want to give her any ideas.

    1. Breakfast in bed should be every Sunday as a minimum W ! I'm sure your wife will agree.

  5. If I had husband serve me breakfast in bed even once a month, his poor bottom would stay red. He's a total disaster in the kitchen and no amount of discipline has managed to fix it. I suppose I could send him out for it, but it might get cold since I'd want him to put on his petticoats, makeup and maid dress before he served it to me.

    Poor little boy, no matter what he'd do, he'd get a red bottom for it.

    Good short story, though. At least I can dream, can't I?

    1. I think you are giving him an excuse to avoid serving you breakfast Cecilia! Have him start with coffee or tea , toast with preserves and cereal with milk.
      If he messes that up then give him a thrashing and send him back to the kitchen until he gets It right !