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Monday, March 8, 2021

The Lunch Date - FM Spanking Story

 "Thank you for taking me to lunch Honey, and for the lovely flowers. "Kate smiled , planting a brief but passionate kiss on her husband's lips.
Ernie attempted to pull her closer , but Kate pulled away , "Uh-uh big boy....not so fast ! We still have some unfinished business,  remember ?" she scolded ,  turning to lock the front door.

"You're locking the door?" a puzzled Ernie asked.
Kate nodded , "Of course I am Silly ! We'll need privacy for this , you wouldn't want any of the neighbours dropping by while I have you over my knee spanking your bare bottom do you?" she asked impishly.

"A're not serious......" Ernie asked nervously.
Kate rolled up her right sleeve , "Did You really think that lunch and a bunch of flowers would be  enough to make up for what you did Ernie ?" she asked him boldly , scooping the hairbrush from the dresser and tapping the hard back against her palm.

Ernie's jaw dropped , "....well no...I guess not.....but....a spanking? " he stammered nervously.
Kate wagged a finger at him , "Yes a spanking ! Ok , let's get on with it then , take your clothes off....all of them!" she ordered , taking her seat in the middle of the sofa and hoisting her dress to reveal her shapely, tanned thighs.
"Take my clothes off?  Why?" , Ernie babbled in protest but Kate remained resolute.

Kate wagged the brush at her husband as she spoke , "Well for one thing , having you naked while I scold you will be very humbling for you, secondly it will let you know that I'm in charge .......and thirdly it will save time , as your bare bottom will be all ready for my brush !" she replied with a wry grin.

A stunned Ernie stood frozen for a moment , his mouth agape.
"I'll count to three Ernie....and if I don't see those pants coming down I'll do it for you!" she declared confidently , smoothing out her dress.

Ernie remained indecisive and unmoved , conflicting thoughts warring in his mind .
His stubborn male pride told him to resist this abdication to his wife  , but he knew he had screwed up again and should accept his punishment,  no matter how humiliating it was going to be.

"One!" Kate called out , tapping the brush impatiently against her thigh.
Ernie was flustered , still fighting to make a decision  , "Please Honey .....can't we discuss this later .....I have to be back at the office in an hour !" he pleaded.
"Two!" Kate announced firmly.
Just as her mouth opened to complete the count , Ernie's fingers started fumbling with his belt .

A satisfied smile played on Kate's face when she saw her husband's pants drop to his ankles.
She eyed him warily as he removed each item of clothing until he hesitated , standing defiantly wearing only his final garment ,  a rather stylish pair of black satin boxers.

Kate noted that the conspicuous erection bulging within his boxers was likely he reason for his delay.
"You're trying my patience Ernie ....Get them down!" Kate scolded , and with a loud sigh , Ernie eased his fancy underwear down to the floor and stepped out if them , allowing his now fully erect shaft to spring  to attention.

Kate could not disguise  a girlish giggle at the sight of her red faced, naked ....and obviously excited Husband.
Curling a finger , she beckoned him to her , "Get over here!" she ordered curtly ,  pointing to the floor on her right,  and with  both his hands in front attempting to cover his modesty , Ernie shuffled over to the designated spot.

Kate was in her element now , in complete control and enjoying every second of her empowerment.
As Ernie stood obediently before her , hands at his sides , head bowed and shifting from foot to foot , she was on no hurry , and turned the dreaded brush over in her palm before speaking , "Well Ernie ? Do you have anything to say for yourself?" she asked sternly.

Ernie hesitated , shuffling and staring at his feet , transformed by his wife from a strong , confident man to a contrite schoolboy.
The transfer of power was obvious to him,  as he stood naked and ashamed while his wife sat comfortably, fully clothed and self assured.

His eyes could not help focussing on the hard hairbrush in her hand which would soon be used on his bare buttocks.
"Well ? I'm waiting ....." Kate prompted impatiently.
Ernie cleared his throat , "I'm sorry for behaving so badly this month , being selfish , inconsiderate and taking you for granted...."he mumbled.

Kate raised a brow indicating displeasure , and Ernie quickly corrected himself , "I mean...uh...ah...I'm sorry Ma'am!" he added.
A wry smile played on his wife's face as her husband's thick shaft quivered before her.
"Hmmmm....are you excited about me giving you a spanking ?" She teased.
"No Ma'am...I mean ...yes Ma'am ....I suppose so Ma'am!" he replied , his face reddening. 

"Well? Let's  have you then !" Kate giggled , parting her legs slightly allowing Ernie's throbbing erection to nestle between her silky thighs , as he sprawled his hefty frame over her lap, before clamping them shut and trapping him firmly in place.

She smiled when his cheeks involuntarily clenched when she teasingly rubbed the back of the brush against his skin.
He knew what was coming and he knew it was going to be bad !
Just in case he had any doubts , Kate reminded him of her intentions as she continued to tease his rear end with the brush,  "I am going to blister your butt soooo good mister......and I'll enjoy every second of it. I wonder what your Assistant Mary would say if she knew her boss was over his wife's lap getting his naughty bare bottom spanked ? Perhaps I should call her and tell her why you'll be a little late?" She mused.

Ernie was aghast , "No Kate ....don't! Please don't Kate....I mean Ma'am!" he pleaded frantically.
Kate giggled , enjoying her husband's discomfort , "Well....OK....I suppose I won't tell her ........this time ....but I'm sure she's going to wonder why you're squirming in your chair all afternoon , because you'll be going back to the office with one very sore bottom mister!" she declared , raising the brush high over her head..........

As he made his way back to his office , Ernie could not hide the stiff , stuttered gait in his usual confident stride.
His wife's hairbrush had made its mark on him alright , leaving his  backside blistered , bruised and intensely sore.

The short drive back to the office had been agony in itself , and he wondered how he would be able to endure an entire afternoon of sitting at his desk.
Less than one hour after his intense spanking his bottom still burned and with every step he felt the scratchy chaffing .

To make matters worse , Friday afternoons were when he and his assistant Mary reviewed the status of open files , so he would have the added humiliation of sitting on his sore bottom while the attractive Mary sat across from him !

"Right on time !" the effervescent Mary chirped as Ernie arrived.
Ernie paused to consult his watch , it was 1.20pm and lunch ended at 1pm.
His afternoon rendezvous with his wife had taken longer than expected , but he had not set a time for his return , "On time? I thought I was late?" he replied , concealing a grimace.

Mary smiled , "Your wife called me to let me know you'd be about 20 minutes late , and it's 1.20..?"she told him.
Ernie blushed, he had asked Kate not to call Mary and now he was worried what else she had told Mary.
"Sounds like you had a wonderful lunch together...." Mary grinned impishly.
"Uh...yes...we did........why don't you bring the files in and we can get started Mary."Ernie replied , in an attempt to change the conversation, not realizing he had made a serious error.

By the time Ernie had removed his coat , Mary was already sitting comfortably , legs crossed revealing her shapely 'dancers' legs , sheathed in black nylon and enhanced by her  4" heels.
Her tight blouse had one button too many undone , revealing a tantalizing glimpse of cleavage and her long hair pinned back revealing taut cheekbones.

She peered at the files on her lap over dark rimmed glasses perched on her pretty nose while Ernie tentatively viewed the large leather chair behind his desk and lurched slowly to it.
With Mary's attention temporarily focussed on the files , he proceeded to slowly and carefully lower himself onto his seat , both hands clutching the chair to absorb the weight.

His precautions made little difference , as the pain in his rear end intensified sharply once he allowed his full weight to descend on the chair, producing an involuntary "UHHH! which caused Mary to look up.
It was too late to hide the grimace contorting his face , and the shifting on his seat.
Mary lifted her glasses , "Are you ok Ernie !" she asked with just a hint of a grin.
"Oh Yesss !" Ernie gasped in reply , still squirming on his seat , "Let's get started...."

Mary shook her head and handed him the first file.
The pain in Ernie's behind made it very difficult for him to concentrate on listening to his assistant , and she soon noticed that her boss was somewhat distracted.
"Are you sure you're OK Ernie ? You don't look at all comfortable ...." she asked with genuine concern , turning her Boss' face as crimson as his bottom.

Thankfully , Ernie's cell phone rang , and he gratefully rose from his chair , pausing when he saw Kate was the caller , "Oh Hi Kate ..." Ernie began , "er.....ahh....actually it's kind of a bad time time to talk right now , can I call you back ?" he proposed.

"Actually you can't Darling. I promised you that I would be checking up on you this afternoon didn't I? Don't tell me you've forgotten already ? Oh dear....because if you have,  I'm afraid you'll be getting another dose of my brush tonight !" Kate teased.

Ernie glanced over at a smirking Mary who seemed to be enjoying his discomfort , " I haven't forgotten Kate.....thanks for calling ...." he babbled.
"Soooooo......tell me my dear Husband , how is your poor bottom feeling? It must be terribly sore .
That was quite the blistering I gave you , so I expect you're finding it quite difficult to sit ?" Kate asked with a smirk.

"Yes....yes I am quite sore Kate." Ernie whispered .
"You'll whispering so I expect Mary is in your office .....she must be wondering why you're squirming so much in your chair ?" Kate asked.

Ernie blushed , he just wanted this call to end , while Kate was relishing dragging it out.
"Well Ernie.....answer me please ! You know what happens when you're stubborn !" Kate added sternly to prompt her husband.

Ernie gulped , "Yes she is .....and she was just asking about that when you called ...." 
Kate laughed , "Ah! So you're not sitting now ?" Kate deduced.
Ernie was becoming irritated now and it showed in his voice , "No I'm not sitting !" he replied abruptly.
"I don't think I like your tone Ernie ! Now be a good boy and sit down so we can finish this little talk." Kate scolded.

Ernie warily eyed the chair and his pretty Secretary's smug expression.
Despite his best efforts , he was unable to hide his wincing and grimacing when he eased himself down onto it .
Mary giggled at his efforts which embarrassed him even more.

"So , now you're seated comfortably ....I should say uncomfortably.....answer my question and we can wrap this up Ernie is your bottom feeling ?" Kate asked.
Ernie knew , however he responded , this was going to be humiliating , but he also knew there was no escape , "Very sore feels like it's on fire  !" he blurted.

Kate giggled , enjoying her power and ability to make her husband squirm , especially in the presence of an attractive woman , "Good ! Well if you please me tonight , perhaps I'll cool it down with some nice soothing creme ....would you like that Ernie ?" she pouted.
Despite his embarrassment , Ernie felt a stirring in his loins as his wife proceeded to tell him , in some detail, how she expected him to please her this evening.

Once the call finished , Ernie's excitement continued as his eyes feasted on the delectable Mary who was flashing a shapely stocking top, revealing a tiny heart tattoo on her milky white thigh.
Now Ernie was doubly uncomfortable , a sore backside and a raging erection straining in his pants.

"You didn't answer ...." Mary finally said to a dazed Ernie.
"Uh?" Ernie responded.
"Why you're squirming ...." she reminded him.
"Oh it's nothing .....just my old football injury playing up again." Ernie mumbled.

Mary grinned , "Really ? A football injury? There ?" she teased , ".....because you look exactly like my boyfriend does after I've given him a good spanking !" she added , rendering her Boss into stunned surprise.
"He tells me my spankings make his bottom feel like it's on fire too !" she giggled ,"Your wife and I should compare notes !"


  1. Another good one, Glen - story and images!
    I love the two pictures - Dressed, confident and horny to naked, and panicky - it happens so quickly when you have a disciplinary wife!
    Of course, his erection has a mind of its own!
    Can we hope for a sequel with Mary and Kate both at work on Ernie?! One part of him would love it!

    1. I'm sure Kate will make sure Ernie has lots of 'sequels from now on....and Mary will keep an eye on him at work.

  2. Now this is a outstanding story. I'm spanked naked when I really mess up, but never in the afternoon when home for lunch, thankful for that. If that did happen there would no way I could sit, the bath brush will insure that. Great Story and Thank's. Jack

    1. Being sent back to work with a well-spanked bottom is a powerful message !

    2. The real truth from this story is that a male will not be able to hide the fact that he was spanked, women somehow know and enjoy adding to the punishment with comments. Jack

    3. Having trouble sitting is a dead giveaway at the office and difficult to disguise!

  3. Nice story and pics. And the descriptions of Mary are very enjoyable, I'd like to see her in action on either end of the brush!

    1. A lot of people have expressed interest in Mary !

  4. Great story. I guess Mary has a good suspicion about Ernie's situation and that makes the story. I would bet that Mary would like a turn with the hairbrush and Ernie's bottom and I am sure he has done things that would deserve such a spanking. I have been a boss and I am sure the women who worked for me would have excelled with a hairbrush or paddle.

    1. Spanking at the office is a popular scenario....but I think Kate will be keeping Ernie on a short leash when it comes to Mary.

  5. Very well articulated. I enjoy this story. It seems that a befuddled and sore Ernie is torn between his mature wife and his young secretary.I would also like to read some stories on the relationship between Mary and her boyfriend as I have a feeling that Mary has her own choice of "tools" and methods to keep her boyfriend in line.

    1. Mary and Kate certainly have something in common !