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Monday, February 22, 2021

A Belated Valentines Day - FM Cartoon


Steve is finding out that his new Girlfriend Anne is very demanding when it comes to Valentine's Day gifts. 

Poor Steve thought he had picked up on all of Anne's subtle hints regarding her Valentine's Day expectations , but discovered he had missed the biggest gift of all . 

He should have known better , after all , diamonds are a girl's best friend and Anne was expecting some. 

So now Steve must pay the price for his oversight , and Anne will be using all the implements at her disposal to turn Steve's bottom a vivid Valentine's Day shade of red ! 

Steve will not be making the same mistake again !


  1. Possibly she was expecting an engagement ring, and did not get one. He will be in for a long spanking, for toying with a woman's affection.
    bottoms up

    1. Steve will soon learn that whatever Anne wants , Anne gets ....just like most wives !

  2. Replies
    1. Depends how you look at it.....he saved a bundle by not buying her a diamond !

  3. Steve needs to find a less demanding girlfriend, not a spoiled brat who wants everything, one who will appreciate what he gives her. Anne is the one who needs a spanking. But Steve is smitten by Anne and will go along with whatever she wants and will suffer the spanking. Baxter

    1. Steve seems to like having a demanding girlfriend ....or perhaps he just enjoys being spanked?

    2. I think that Steve's girlfriend doesn't like diamonds all that much; she just likes reasons to spank Steve. And I also think that Steve probably "forgot" the diamonds in order to get spanked. I bet that no matter how much he brought, he would still get his spanking. Perhaps she will say he spent too much. And that's ok, because some of us think that Valentines Day is not over until our butts are as red as the roses we gift.