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Wednesday, January 27, 2021

The Counting Husbands of Oak Avenue - FM Spanking Story

"AIOOOW! 47 ! Th..thank you Ma'am !"
Wendy looked across the table at her friend Kate , "I'm sure Al's wrong there Kate...I counted 45." she said with a grin.
"Me too....I'll bet he wishes it was 47 ! Anyway , I'm sure Carol will correct his math. Ernie has a counting problem too once I get past 10....don't you Honey ?' Kate replied with a giggle.
Her Husband Ernie sat uncomfortably beside her , finding no amusement in  his friend's predicament or his wife's evaluation of his counting skills.
Kate regarded him sternly , "What's up Ernie? Cat got your tongue ? Or is it because you're turn will be coming soon? It must be tough being the last one up and having to listen to your friends' getting paddled knowing your turn is coming ?"
Ernie grunted an inaudible reply , "Pardon me ?" his wife scolded.
"Yes Ma'am!" Ernie replied , his voice rising .

Another resounding crack of the paddle echoed from the next room.
'WHAAACK !' "OOOOW! 48! I mean 46! Sorry Ma'am! Thank you Ma'am! "
"Oh that was a beauty !" Kate remarked .
"Ha - ha ! It sure was ....that'll teach him to count correctly ! " Wendy giggled then , looking at her husband added , ".....4 more and your up David ! Are you nervous ? Well you should be !" she teased.

An unusually subdued David shuffled uncomfortably in his seat , cringing at the sound of poor Al's final quartet of resounding Swats .
"THWAAACK ! " AAAAH! 47 ! Thank you.... Ma'am !
"THWAAACK ! " OOOOOW! 48 ! Thank you Mmmm..Ma'am !
"THWAAACK ! " OUCH! 49 ! Th...Thank you Ma'am !
"THWAAACK ! " GAAAAH! Ffff....50 ! Thank you Ma'am !

In the next room  , Carol paused to inspect her Husband's soundly paddled backside.
Al winced when she smoothed her palm over his hot cheeks.
Yes , the 50 stinging whacks with the dreaded Jokari paddle had taken their toll alright.
Al's rear quarters were bright red , blistered and scorched.
He would be feeling the effects of this ass blistering for quite a while.

David gulped when he heard the door open and their hosts returned.
A red-faced and flustered Al entered first , followed by a satisfied and glowing Carol.
Al limped back to his seat at the table , but hesitated to sit.
"SIT !" Carol barked , and her contrite Husband began carefully lowering himself onto the hard wooden chair.

Discretely , he slipped both hands under his hips to raise his bottom up , but Carol was wise to his trick.
"Get both those hands on the table Mister !" she ordered.
Al sighed and grimaced with a loud moan when his tenderized cheeks pressed against the harsh wood with his full weight. 
"Having a little trouble sitting are we Al?" Carol teased with a giggle.
The ladies were quite amused by his squirming , the men less so.

Wendy stood up and took a firm grip on a hesitant David's ear , tugging him to his feet.
"Your turn David ! Let's go !" she ordered , clearly enjoying her task.
"I left the Jokari sitting on the chair Wendy , it's all warmed up !" Carole chirped.
As David was dispatched to the next room  , Ernie observed his friend's obvious discomfort.
"Please Ma'am ....may I stand ? It hurts like heck to sit!" Al pleaded.

Carol shook her head and slid a pen and paper in front of him , "You can stand after you've finished writing your lines. 200 times,  'I will not lie to my wife', in your best handwriting mind , or you will start over!" she scolded.
"AWW!" Al complained , but dutifully began complying while continuing to squirm on his chair.

Meanwhile , next door  David was removing his final item of clothing while Wendy menacingly swung the big Jokari paddle through the air .
"This ought to do some damage !" the observed before brusquely ordering , "Bend over the chair!"  David hurriedly complied , scurrying comically to the chair ,  placing his palms on the seat and thrusting out his muscular backside to receive the paddle from his wife.

Ernie listened anxiously for the 2nd paddling to start while poor Al struggled to sit still to complete his lines.
In only a few minutes it would be Ernie's turn to face the paddle , and by the look on her face , Kate was looking forward walloping Ernie's cute backside .

The two men winced as David's swat count mounted.
Like Al , he was able to keep count fairly well for the first dozen or so , but after that , his composure deserted him as well.
An enthusiastic Wendy was really laying the wood to her Husband's behind with venom.
' THWAAACKK ! ' "OOOOOW ! GAWD!! Thank you Ma'am !" David howled.
"Stay in position David or I'll start again so help me !" Wendy warned ominously.
"I'm trying Ma'am but that thing really stings !" he pleaded.

Wendy showed no sympathy , "Well then maybe you'll think twice about lying to your wife again?" she asked , raising the paddle high and bringing it down three times in quick succession , making it difficult for David to keep count .
'WHAAACKK !' "YEOOW ! T..28....Thank you Ma......"
'THWHAAACKK !' "GAAAH ! SHIT ! 29....Thank......"
'WHAAACKK !' "OOOOW! The th...30...Than you Ma'am !"
"I want more sincerity in those Thank you's mister !" Wendy warned him with a grin , to the amusement of Kate and Carole.

With a sense of relief and dread , Ernie listened to poor David's final 20 swats and waited anxiously for the door to open.
Wendy emerged , a proud smile playing on her pretty face with David shuffling unsteadily behind her.
His face was a blazing red , as no doubt was his backside and his eyes puffy and watery.
Like Al , he regarded his chair with trepidation.
Wendy placed the paper and pen before him , "Take a seat and get started on those lines mister !" she ordered , barely disguising the grin on her face.
David took an agonizingly few seconds to ease himself onto his seat , letting out a groan as he did so.
Like Al he moved his hips in search of some degree of comfort but found none.

The smile on Kate's face could not be broader , she was clearly looking forward to this.
Ernie Rose and followed his wife's confident stride to the next room where the paddle awaited.
At this point he was resigned to just get it over with and join his squirming friends at the table.
A buoyant Kate gleefully scooped up the paddle and tapped it against her thigh while Ernie began undressing.
"Bend over the chair , get your butt out and keep it out !" she announced once he was naked.
Ernie dutifully complied .
"Count 'em Ernie ....and I want to hear a big thank you after each one !" Kate ordered , raising the big paddle high over her shoulder.

By this time , a still squirming Al waited while Carol peered over her horn rimmed glasses , checking the penmanship of his lines.
"Not bad....but there are a few which need to be redone ....start correcting !" she said , handing him back his paper.
"AW ! Really ?" Al whined.
"Are you giving me attitude ?" Carol asked firmly , hands on hips.
"No Ma'am !" Al replied , immediately going about his assigned task.

"Uh-oh...both hands on the table !" Wendy scolded when David slipped a hand down to rub the seat of his pants.
"AW Honey ? My ass is on fire ! It's so hard to sit !" he whined.
"It's still Ma'am to you ....and it's your own fault so keep writing !" Wendy instructed.
"Yes Ma'am!" David replied , flinching when the sounds of Ernie's paddling startled him.
Kate wasn't holding anything back and each swat sounded like a gunshot.
'WHAAAACK !' "OOOOW!" "Wwww... one Ma'am!"
'TWHAAACK !' "YEOOOOW!" "Tttt... two Ma'am!"
'CRAAACK !' "GAAH!" "Three Ma'am!"
Wendy and Carol laughed , "Kate saved the best for last ....she's really laying the wood to him !" Carol joked.

Not long after , a freshly paddled Ernie had joined his partners in crime at the table to complete their lines to the satisfaction of their wives.
"Did you ever see so much squirming in all your life !" Wendy remarked to giggles from her friends.
"Please ladies .....can we stand now ? " Al pleaded on behalf of the grimacing trio.

Taking their time , the ladies conferred for a few more agonizing minutes until spokesperson , Kate replied , "First we would like to hear each of you apologize to your wife , and it had better be sincere or you can expect to be sitting on those sore butts a while longer!" 
One by one , each Husband issued their heartfelt  apologies and the ladies conferred again.
"OK Gentlemen...." Carol began , " That was satisfactory enough to permit you some relief. you may stand ....but under one condition !" she added.

The men looked on anxiously , "You can each stand in the corner ....with your bare bottoms on display until we tell you to come out!" Carol announced to titters from Kate and Wendy.
Ernie opened his mouth to protest but was stopped by his wife's wagging finger , "Careful Ernie ....that big mouth of yours is one of the reasons you have such a sore butt! So make a choice gentlemen , pants down and stand in the corner or keep on sitting ?" Carol posed.

David was the first to blink , standing up and retiring to a corner and began undoing his pants.
Resigned to their fate , the other two men reluctantly followed suit.
While their men stood with blazing red bottoms on display , the ladies sat quite comfortably at the table and admired their handiwork.
Their men were going to be good and sore for a few days to come.....and even better behaved !


  1. Great story! I'd love to be one of those husbands for the evening, even with a 50-swat butt blistering in prospect...

    1. The ladies would guarantee a scorching hot evening !

  2. GREAT story! Needs to be made into a movie!
    I volunteer,with my wife!
    Now, two more couples..m

    1. I'm sure there would be no shortage of volunteers for that project !

  3. Well then, seems as though the ladies made their point!
    Good toon!

    1. The ladies of Oak Street never fail to disappoint !

  4. I showed my wife, she said that the men would be spanked not in private, but in the kitchen. Nothing worse than being spanked with others present. She smiled and said, each wife spanks each husband, just something she shared with me. Jack

    1. I like the way your wife thinks!

    2. Devious minds indeed Ladies !

    3. It is the reminder to the husbands that best think twice about doing something stupid, the next time will be worse. My wife said women enjoy seeing men squirming while being spanked, just like a naughty little boy. She said this with a smile. Jack

  5. Great story has me wishing it could happen in real life for me, but the thrill is real, the reality might not be so exciting.
    bottoms up

  6. Counting? Thankfully not part of the procedure here. I am bad with numbers and even worse trying to do anything coherently while being spanked. LOL

    1. I agree KD . Counting takes concentration !

    2. I used to reach subspace quickly, and Merry sometimes made me count, to keep my mind in the present.

    3. I'm not sure where 'subspace is ?