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Friday, January 29, 2021

Date Night on Oak Street ! - MF Spanking Cartoon


 Ron loosened his tie , tossed his coat on the chair and made his way to the fridge for a cold beer.
It had been a tough week at work and he was glad to have some time to unwind.

He  sighed with disappointment when he surveyed the kitchen , a sink full of dirty dishes and no sign of any supper ready. 
When he opened the fridge door , he saw a bright pink note attached to it  and smiled as he read it :

'I'm afraid I've been a very naughty wife this week Darling...
I was too busy shopping with your credit card to make supper again and I didn't want to mess up my manicure by washing those dirty dishes.
You will find the parking and speeding tickets I got on the dining room table , and I dripped nail varnish all over the sofa and our new rug .
I know I've been a very , very bad girl and I wouldn't blame you at all if you put me over your knee and gave me a good hard spanking on my bare bottom!
I'm waiting for you upstairs .....
love & kisses
Rhonda '

Taking the stairs , two at a time , Ron burst into the bedroom to feast his eyes on the delectable sight of his wife Rhonda lying on the bed wearing nothing more than a pearl necklace and a tiny thong.

It was just another date night on Oak Street......


  1. My ex and I used to do a weekly date night for years back in the 90's all based on a fictional kinky 'restaurant'. In fact, a bit of trivia here, my date night alter-ego "Pierre" the submissive waiter, was the partial origin of the nom de plume I have used ever since.

    1. It must have been a French restaurant KD , and you know how rude French waiters are so no wonder 'Pierre' got spanked!

  2. Delightful idea, but no need to do bad things to be spanked! Much better if you are spanked for all the nice things you have done, and are warned, however, how much worse a spanking you will get if you misbehave. Then at the end of the spanking, your darling wife saying I really outdid myself this time, but too bad, I was having fun.
    bottoms up

    1. A spanking for being nice makes no sense to me!
      It's much more fun if she has been naughty and earns a spanking....especially on date night !

    2. A spanking for being nice can be thought of as a maintenance spanking, to ensure good behavior continues. It is a much preferred method, than to deliberately do something to upset your partner, just to be spanked. Having been married many, many years, one's behavior should be such that both people are happy, and in love.

    3. Deliberately upsetting your partner just to get spanked is even dumber than getting spanked for being good.
      Both make no sense to me.