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Wednesday, January 20, 2021

An Unexpected Interruption ! - FM Spanking Cartoon


When Nancy marched her boyfriend Jeff down to the basement after their date for a well deserved spanking , she thought her parents were still out shopping .

As it turns out , the shopping trip was terminated prematurely so her Mother could take care of some unfinished business with her Father while the house was empty.

So poor Jeff would have to endure an agonizing wait ,  watching Nancy's Father get his backside blistered , knowing he was next , and her Father had the added humiliation of having his spanking witnessed by his daughter and her boyfriend.

The two ladies agreed to do a better  job of scheduling spanking their men in the future......


  1. Good one, Dev!
    It's one thing to know Mom spanks Dad - its altogether another to see him naked, positioned and howling! Those stars show Mom was already well at work!
    Could that pillow be hiding an erection? Awkward indeed!
    Jeff definitely knows what he's getting into!

    1. Clearly it's a family tradition as Nancy looks less surprised than Jeff !

  2. A very delightful scenario. This would be a wonderful scenario, for introducing a boy friend to the family's tradition of men being spanked.
    bottoms up

    1. Jeff was well aware of the Blackwell tradition when he married Nancy so he needs no introduction.

  3. Boys hate being brought down a peg in front of other boys. You captured that well!

  4. I love these situations with matriarch-dominated households where the women of all generations enforce their authority with spankings!