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Tuesday, December 8, 2020

The Ladies of Belgravia - A Pirate Spanking Story


"Unhand me you big brute!" 
Captain Jack Buckley cackled at the antics of his hefty pirate comrade , Redbeard trying to carry the plump but pretty older lady to him.
Her tiny fists pummelled his brawny back and her legs kicked out wildly , "Put me down this minute you Beast....don't you know who I am ?" she wailed indignantly.

"....and just who are you Milady ?" Jack asked her politely after Redbeard  had dumped her unceremoniously on her large bustle.
Trying to retain her dignity  , the rotund woman hastily arranged her long gown and struggled to her feet    "I am Lady Matilda Fitzgibbon , Matron of the Princess Penelope of Belgravia !" she announced proudly with an imperious flick of her head.

".....and this must be Princess Penelope herself !" Jack declared when Redbeard dragged in a beautiful young woman attired in expensive clothing fit only for royalty.
Unlike her Matron , the Princess did not resist but still stood arrogantly before the pirate Captain.

"Tell him nothing my Princess , he is a filthy animal unfit for your view !" Matilda spewed angrily.
Jack raised a brow at the still struggling Matilda , "You are being very rude Madam .....perhaps a lesson in manners would benefit you ?" he scolded.

Matilta puffed up her full bosom , "I need no lessons from rogues like you !" she spat back at him.
Jack shrugged , "Alright , have it your way Madam Fitzgibbon. You shall have that lesson !" he announced , motioning to Redbeard to restrain her.

Redbeard gladly obliged  , sending the angry lady into another rage when he secured her arms.
"I told you to unhand me !" she ordered , struggling in Redbeard's iron grip.
Jack chuckled and looked at Redbeard , "Take her to her cabin and give her a good spanking Redbeard! he declared.

The older lady's face flushed red , "A spanking ? You wouldn't dare !" she howled indignantly , but Redbeard was already hauling her away.
Jack turned and raised a finger as if he had forgotten something , "Oh and Redbeard ! Make sure you spank her on her bare bottom and don't stop until it's redder than that ribbon in her hair !" he yelled .
"With pleasure Captain !" Redbeard replied , tossing his squealing quarry over his shoulder.

The Princess bristled , "If he touches one hair on her head , so help me you'll pay for it !" she warned.
Jack laughed , "It's not her head that Redbeard is going to touch , and if you don't behave I will be glad to give you the same Princess !" 

The Princess looked worried ,  instinctively placing a palm on the seat of her dress , "You would enjoy that  wouldn't you?" she challenged.
Jack nodded , "Indeed I would and it will be bare bottom just like Lady Fitzgibbon !" he replied.

Soon the sounds of an ample bare bottom being soundly spanked , accompanied by indignant howls from Matilda , were drifting out of the open window of her cabin.
"Shall we retire to my cabin for dinner  Princess Penelope ?" Jack offered politely , "Lady Fitzgibbon may sit with us after her 'lesson'..."he chuckled as the loud smacks coming from Matilta's cabin intensified.
"That's if she can sit at all!" he cackled.

Inside her cabin , poor Matilda was draped over Redbeard's sturdy lap , her long gown hoisted up above her waist and her fancy , French silk bloomers around her knees.
Her large , round bottom provided a luscious target for the big Pirate's hard hand as he walloped away at it merrily .
It had not taken long to turn Matilda's bottom a fiery red  , and the redder her bottom became , the more contrite the spoilt Lady became.

"OUCH ! OOW! Please stop Sir! OUCH ! OOOW ! YEOOW ! My poor bottom is on fire ! OUCH ! OW! OW! I'm sorry for being so rude, YEOOW! OMIGOODNESS! OUCH!"
Redbeard paused to examine the delectable red globes before him .
They were very red and hot , but he was enjoying himself too much to stop !
So he continued , albeit smacking those jiggling cheeks lighter , occasionally massaging them until Matilda's howls of pain turned to moans of pleasure.
Her big bottom rising to meet Redbeard's smacks in a joint rhythm .

Finally Redbeard stopped and scooped Matilda up to sit on his lap .
"Nobody ever had the courage to do that to me before you Mister Redbeard ...." Matilda cooed , wrapping both arms around the big man's neck affectionately.
Redbeard's face reddened , "....and I have never spanked a woman as beautiful as you !" he replied .
In an instant , their lips met in a lingering kiss.

Upstairs , Jack offered Princess Penelope a glass of wine .
"Since you stole it from us I suppose I should accept." the Princess replied sarcastically.
"Well we are Pirates Princess.....that's what we do!" he chuckled , setting up two glasses.
When he turned , he heard a whistle and felt a whisp of wind as a dagger narrowly missed his head and embedded itself in the wall .

In a flash , Jack spun around to find Penelope , reaching under her skirts for a large knife strapped to her shapely thigh.
Just as she removed the knife from its scabbard Jack was able to seize her wrist and wrestle it from her.
He examined it closely , "Quite a nasty weapon for a pretty woman to carry on her person?" he declared.

The Princess backed away when Jack advanced toward her , "Now I see why you were so well behaved , you were just waiting for your chance you little minx weren't you ?" he seethed.
Jack paused to roll up a sleeve , "Well then you ARE going to get that spanking !" he announced.
"Bbbback away you Barbarian! Don't you dare touch me !" Penelope screamed , looking frantically for an escape route.

Jack seized both of the Princess's tiny wrists and hauled her over to the table.
Hoisting her up , he plopped her face down over his knee as she kicked and struggled frantically.
"How dare you !" Penelope squealed when she felt the Pirate Captain raising her Royal gown.
"OHHH! YOU'LL PAY FOR THIS !" Penelope screamed when Jack's fingers eased her French knickers down to her thighs to expose a most beautiful bare derrière !

With pleasure , Jack began smacking the twin globes heartily , quickly turning them from a milky white to a flaming red.
Penelope continued to kick and scream as her bottom became redder and warmer.
Unexpectedly , the door opened and the spanking was interrupted by the entrance of Redbeard and Matilda.
"What are you doing to my Princess ? It is forbidden to strike the Royal Person Captain !" she gasped.

Jack looked at the pair and smiled , "It appears a good bottom warming has improved your manners Lady Fitzgibbon , so it should do the same for your Princess !" he replied , pointing to the daggers he had taken from her.
The older lady had no argument so Jack concluded the naughty Princess's lesson with a flurry of rapid-fire spanks !

Jack helped Penelope to her feet and she quickly proceeded to restore her knickers and smooth out her gown.
"Why don't we sit down for dinner ladies !" he announced , dusting off his hands , "I believe you may find these chairs more comfortable ." he added , offering them each a well cushioned seat.
Penelope was still bristling , "If I ever get you to Belgravia I will have my revenge for this  Captain Buckley ! " she fumed.
Jack laughed , " When I return you to Belgravia I do not intend to stay on its shores any longer than to claim the gold for your ransom ! Now  , both of you ladies must admit that you were spanked only because you behaved badly , so if you act like ladies for the rest of the voyage your bottoms will be safe from any further spankings!" he reasoned.

As the two ladies sat gingerly at dinner , Jack noticed the obvious signs of love between Matilda and Redbeard , "It seems that spanking might have sparked some romance between you two ?" he said.
The pair blushed and looked at each other like a pair of lovebirds.
"Perhaps...." Matilda gushed , placing a hand on Redbeard's.

"So ....tell me about Belgravia Princess . What sort of Ruler is King Desmond ? " he asked .
Penelope grinned at the question , "Clearly you know little of Belgravia Captain , my Father may be the King , but the Ruler , is Queen Helena !" she said.

Jack raised a brow and motioned Penelope to continue , " Belgravia was once ruled by men but after decades of wars , overspending and draconian laws , there was a revolution..." she began.
"The people revolted ?" Jack asked , but Penelope shook her head.
"Not quite Captain , it was the women who revolted and took over the Kingdom. King Desmond retained the title of King but little else. He agreed to the Women's demands to change the constitution and transfer power to his Queen." she added proudly.

"What changes ?" Jack asked curiously.
"Women hold all important orders of office and are designated the heads of all households in Belgravia.
They run the courts , the army and all aspects of the country and men are subservient to them by law ." she explained.

Redbeard looked at his Captain and they both laughed loudly , "That sound's ridiculous !" Jack cackled.
"Women ruling men ? Never !" Redbeard roared , but was quickly subdued by a stern glare from Matilda.

Jack refilled his wine glass , "Seriously ladies can women control their men in such a way?" he asked.
Still maintaining a firm gaze at Redbeard , Matilda explained , "Under Belgravia law , women are empowered to discipline their Husband with corporal punishment. It works very well. Men are much more reasonable under the threat of a sound thrashing from their wife.....including the King !"

Matilda's statement silenced both men immediately and they sat staring at their plates apparently trying to process it .
Finally Redbeard looked at Matilda , "So if we were to be married you would...." he began uncertainly.
"I would be in charge....and more importantly , I would be doing the spanking !" Matilda laughed.

Redbeard laughed nervously , "That's not going to happen!" he replied bravely.
Matilda regarded him seriously before grabbing his ear and pulling his face closer.
"OUCH!" he yelped to chuckles from Jack .
"Why don't I take you back to my cabin and show you exactly what you can expect from a Lady from Belgravia?" she asked boldly.
"Please do !" an amused Jack applauded , laughing loudly as his large companion was led out of the room by the smaller but formidable lady .

The big tough Pirate could easily have resisted her , but this woman had some strange power over him which told him to accept her will , and whichever punishment she had in mind.

Jack was still laughing until he saw Penelope standing over him , hands on hips and looking determined.
"I believe you deserve the same Captain !" she announced with such determination that Jack dropped his wine.
"Hand me your belt Jack!" Penelope ordered.
"My belt ? What for ?" he asked nervously.
The Princess smiled , "To thrash you with of course ! Now hand it to me , drop your britches and bend over the desk !" she ordered.

That same mysterious female power compelled Jack to obey !

The voyage to Belgravia was no more than 3 full days , more than enough for romances to blossom , and for the ladies to familiarize their men in the customs of their homeland !
Neither Jack or Redbeard were interested in sitting very much for the remainder of the voyage , their backsides bearing the marks of the leather straps and other makeshift implements Matilda and Penelope had used on them.

Matilda favoured an oversized wooden spoon she found in the kitchen , while Penelope preferred one of Jack's leather slippers , both being very effective , although both yearned to have the larger selection available to them at home.

Up on deck , Jack and Redbeard leaned over the deck rail , "I'd take the cat'o' nine tails across my back instead of that damn wooden spoon on my stern Jack !" Redbeard complained , "....she even wants to change my name to Redbottom !" 
Jack nodded agreement , "That darn slipper Penelope uses on me is permanently imprinted on my backside and she can't wait until we port in Belgravia so she can discipline me properly!"

Despite their tender behinds , both men felt fortunate to have such beautiful ,powerful women in their life , a far change from the usual pretty but submissive wenches they usually bedded.
"We'll be in Belgravia tomorrow Captain , so we will soon find out ....." Red'bottom' replied .


  1. Great story, and a magnificent pair of bottoms in the pictures :D

    1. They certainly are Q.I may take a visit to Belgravia soon..

  2. interesting storyline. Will enjoy leading wherever the story leads
    bottoms up

    1. Climb aboard the cruise ship to Belgravia Red....I'm sure Cindy will love it !