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Thursday, December 17, 2020

The Cryptic Threat - Part 2 - MF Spanking Story

 "So how long have you two had this 'arrangement'  ?" Anne's Mother asked curiously........
Anne and Dan exchanged glances to see who should answer , "Well it was all Dan's idea so perhaps he should field that one Mom." Anne replied .
Dan turned around , grimacing again, and placed his coffee mug on the table.

"Are you sure you won't sit with us Dan Dear?" Mom asked sympathetically.
Dan forced a smile , "It's not that I won''s because I can't." he said , giving the seat of his pants another rub.
Anne could not resist a giggle , "Usually he needs an ice pack to sit on for the next day or two , but he would need to remove his pants for that...." he declared .
Mom smiled  at Dan's blushing , "Well we can't have that can we ?" she chuckled.

"I guess we started a few years ago , I found some info on the internet about Domestic Discipline , showed it to Anne , and she took to it like a duck to water you might say.....right honey?" Dan began.
Anne seemed just as relieved to talk about their arrangement as Dan was.
"Well it was a bit strange at first , and it took a bit of trial and error , but once I got confident and comfortable with it , yes I quite enjoyed it , and it did get results least temporarily. Dan is usually quite contrite and respectful after a spanking.....or at least as long as his butt is sore!" she joked.

Anne's Mom looked serious , "I had a feeling about it , as I noticed you being a lot more strict with him lately. When you threatened to spank him one time at the dinner table for not listening to you , everybody thought it was funny , but I could tell it was a threat that carried some weight ." she told them.

"Oh it carried weight OK...." Dan joked , giving his seat another rub , "....That's why I jump now when she makes that threat !"
Anne sat back , looking very pleased with herself , "Sometimes a threat is enough  , but it usually takes a good butt blistering to get through to him. Sometimes I'll  have him come home from work for a lunch time spanking and I sent him back to sit on a very sore backside. I wonder what the ladies at work would say if they knew I'd spanked him on his bare bottom!" she beamed.
Dan was blushing again!
"Anne !" her Mother scolded .

"So....are you the only one who gets spanked Dan?" Mom asked curiously , and Anne quickly answered for him.
"Really Mom ! You should know that this cute little Princess tushie of mine is for sitting on....not spanking ! I do all the spanking in this house !" she announced indignantly .
Her Mom sighed with disappointment  , "That's too bad....because you sure could use a spanking the way you act sometimes Dear!" she replied .

Anne took an exaggerated indignant stance placing he hands on her hips , "What on earth do you mean Mom?" 
Dan momentarily forgot the pain in his rear and was enjoying this Mother/Daughter exchange.

"Well Anne...for one thing , Dan was right when he said you should be getting ready for these trips in advance. There is really no excuse for you to be running around at the last minute , keeping Dan and I waiting and almost missing your flight. Then you could have avoided all that trouble with your office because you forgot that file ! Not to mention you almost missed your flight back , and kept me waiting today while you had your coffee!" her Mom scolded.

This time it was Anne who was blushing, while a huge smile played on Dan's face.
This was just too juicy for him to pass up.
"Wait a minute Anne , you didn't tell me about you forgetting a file .....and you almost missed your flight ? Then keeping your your poor Mom waiting while the Princess finishes her expensive latte ! Perhaps your Mother is right.....maybe you do need a good spanking !" he lectured , venturing menacingly closer to her.
Sensing danger , Anne raised a hand to placate her husband , "Now Dan...take it easy....we can talk about all that later after Mom leaves!" she reasoned.

Dan paused his advance and stood for a moment with arms folded , "I don't know Anne.....seems to me we should handle this right now with your Mom  here.....after all , she was affected by your poor behaviour...." he began , turning his head to look at his Mother-in-law,  "So what do you say Mom? Does she deserved to be spanked ?" he asked.
"DAN !" Anne protested.

Mom needed no time to consider her answer , "Don't let me stop you Dan!" she replied with amusement.
"Mom !" Anne gasped , "Don't you dare Dan!" she warned as Dan's advance resumed.
Dan had mixed feelings , he had never spanked Anne before , but there was something about the presence of his Mother-in-law and her encouragement which inspired him to do just that.

Once he had taken a firm hold on Anne's wrist , Dan considered how he should position his naughty wife for her spanking.
Sitting on a chair was out of the question , his butt was much too sore for that , so he leaned against the table , stretched out a leg and tipped a struggling but surprised Anne over it.

Once he had her in position , Dan could not resist taking a moment to admire how fetching Anne's bottom looked with her tight jodpur pants clinging tightly to her shapely twin globes.
"Here goes nothing !" he said to himself , placing his fingers inside the waistband of Anne's pants.
"DAN! DON'T YOU DARE SPANK ME! MOM'S HERE ! WHAT ARE YOU DOING ? DON'T!" Anne shrieked when she felt her pants being slowly peeled down over the curves of her hips.
She wore only the tiniest of thongs underneath , leaving both her round cheeks fully exposed , so Dan decided to keep them in place to allow Anne to preserve some dignity .

Anne's Mom enjoyed the sight , "That looks like quite a nice'll need this Dan !" she quipped , handing Dan the big wooden spoon hanging on the kitchen wall.
"Thank's Mom! " he replied , taking a moment to adjust Anne's position on his lap and tap the spoon against her cheeks.
"What's that ? You wouldn't d......OW! OW! OOW! STOPPIT! OUCH!" Anne yelped when Dan started snapping the spoon against Anne's jiggling cheeks.
It was not a severe , or lengthy spanking by any means  , certainly not even on the scale of the spanking Anne had just administered to Dan , but firm and more symbolic with Anne's Mom clearly enjoying the show.

However , it was enough to turn Anne's cheeks a nice shade of red , and there was no doubt from her reaction that the spoon had really stung her behind.
A beaming Dan released his wife to applause from his Mother-in-law , "Well done Dan ! Anne's needed that for years !" she laughed .

Anne was less than amused , and quickly hoisted her pants back up and rubbed her seat.
"Dammit that hurt Dan!" she complained , "....and it's not funny Mom!" she added , turning to her Mother.
"Well I must say it has been an entertaining afternoon , but you two haven't seen each other for days so I'm sure you're anxious to catch up , so I'll leave you to it." she said , standing up and retrieving her coat  , ".....and don't worry , your little 'arrangement' will stay our little secret !" she said.

Dan looked coyly at Anne as soon as the front door closed , all this spanking and with a witness present , had made  him hot in areas other than his backside.
He had thoroughly enjoyed warming his wife's shapely bare bottom and was anxious to bare it again....for a different purpose.
 Despite her smouldering indignation , Anne felt the same way.
Her bottom had a cosy tingling warmth about it that felt good , and the was still excited from the solid spanking she had given Dan.

After all , it had been a week since they had seen each other.
They melted into each other's arms and kissed again , "OK upstairs again mister.....I'm not finished with you yet!" Anne cooed , and Dan gratefully scooped her up and carried her upstairs.

Later as the pair lay in bed together , Dan lay on his belly  as Anne proudly inspected his well marked rear end.
"You're going to have trouble covering this up at the gym ! Does it hurt as bad as it looks ?" she teased.
"You know it does ! Your quite proud of yourself aren't you Missie? Showing off your 'wifely powers' to your Mother!" Dan replied.
Anne slid her palms over Dan's still hot skin , "I'm always proud of my work  and yes , Mom did quite enjoy it !"

Anne was right , Dan's punishment was much more effective and therapeutic with a witness,  especially when it was his Mother in law.
"I think she enjoyed seeing her daughter getting her bare bottom spanked even more !" Dan quipped and was surprised when Anne replied , "Not as much as I did !" 
Dan turned to look up at her , and Anne handed him the hairbrush , "Why don't you spank me properly !" she grinned.


  1. Delightful story. A truly fun fantasy for almost everyone.
    bottoms up

    1. If there is already a witness you may as well put on show!

  2. Nice ending to this story! She had a taste of discipline... now they’re both ready for more...

    1. Yes indeed Minelle... it seems this spanking event with the Mother in law has taken their spanking arrangement to the next level.

  3. Nice twist to the story! Although if Anne really has needed spanking for years, then it means her mother has been neglecting her duties... perhaps Dan should spank her as well!

    1. I think Anne just discovered what she was missing after she experienced spanking for the first time !

  4. I like how the story turned out, that Ann got her delicious posterior spanked and I am sure that there will be many more spankings for both in the future. Great story and drawings.

    1. It looks like their spanking arrangement is out in the open now so everyone is expecting more !