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Sunday, December 13, 2020

The Cryptic Threat - FM Spanking Story

Anne hurried to answer the front door when she heard the doorbell ring .
"That will be Mom to drive me to the airport ! Can you bring my suitcase down from the bedroom Dan?" she asked franticly .

Her Husband Dan frowned at her request , but nonetheless rose from his computer and scurried athletically upstairs to fetch the case.
Dan hated when Anne left to go on a business trip .
Unlike him , she always seemed disorganized and left things to the last minute and it really bothered him.

By the time Dan returned with Anne's case , her Mother was already waiting  by the door while Anne hurriedly stuffed files and papers in her brief case.

Dan sighed loudly when he deposited the case beside Anne , "You know you really should have done all this last night Anne instead of rushing around at the last minute like this!" he told her tersely.

Dan immediately regretted voicing his snide remark , and for a moment he thought Anne had not heard it ,but it was too late now to take it back.
He knew he had already been quite rude and abrupt with Anne a number of times this week , and made some comments that were blunt , but totally inappropriate and inconsiderate .

As usual he had apologized profusely afterwards , but they both knew this was not enough , and Anne had told him as much.
In fact , the only thing that had saved Dan's backside from a lengthy session of wood and leather was Anne's trip preparations, so at least he could be thankful for that !

Anne closed her case and looked sternly at Dan , "There you go again with those comments Dan! This is my business trip and not yours and I'll organize it my way!" she scolded.
Anne's Mom chuckled to herself , "You two better save that for later....right now we need to get to the airport." she said.

Dan opened his mouth to apologize again , but Anne raised a finger to shush him , "You can save your apologies until I get back Dan....but it won't do you any good!" she told him before wrapping her arms around him and planting her lips against his.
The length and passion of his wife's kiss surprised Dan but he was happy to co-operate.

When they finally came up for air , Anne lectured , "I haven't forgotten about that attitude of yours mister , and I will be dealing with it when I get back on Sunday!" then firmly gave the seat of his jeans a slap to emphasize her point.
Dan let out an exaggerated "OUCH!" and a "Yes Ma'am!" which amused his Mother in Law !

Dan picked up Anne's case and carried it to the car , giving the pair a final wave as they pulled away.
He paused to recall Anne's threat which he knew was not an idle one  and instinctively he felt a tingling in his backside at the mere thought of her return . 

He was in two minds , dreading it on one hand , but also feeling a deep desire  to be punished .
Either way , he had 5 days alone to think about it.

Meanwhile , in the car , his Mother in Law was probing her daughter regarding her cryptic comments to Dan.
"You know its not good to carry a grudge Dear, whatever Dan's  done you should let it go." she advised.
Anne smiled , feigning  surprise "A grudge ? What are you talking about Mom?" 
"Well ...when you said you would deal with Dan when you get back. Why can't you just let it go?" her Mom suggested.

Anne chuckled , "It's Dan who doesn't want me to let it go Mom! When he behaves badly he EXPECTS me to deal with it and that's what I intend to do when I get back. That's our mutual 'arrangement '." she said ,  chosing her words carefully  .
"When I get back on Sunday Dan knows exactly  what's coming and , once we're done  the air will be cleared!" she added.

Her Mom looked less than convinced , prompting Anne to continue.
"I'll tell you what Mom ....when you drop me off on Sunday why don't you stay until I finish 'dealing' with Dan.....then you can figure it out for yourself !" she grinned.
"You want me to watch ?" Her Mom asked .
Anne shook her head , "Of course not Mom....but you can listen!"

Later that evening , Dan was still busy working on his laptop when his phone rang.
His heart pounded with excitement when he saw it was Anne , even though he was expecting her call.

After some small talk describing her flight and the hotel , Anne quickly got down to business, "OK Mister , just to prepare you for Sunday when I get back , I'm laying down a few rules for you and I expect you to obey them , understand?" Anne said firmly.

"Er...uhm ....yes Ma'am! " Dan responded , taken completely by surprise.
"That's good! First , you are to go to bed promptly at 8pm every night. No television , no reading or working on your laptop . It's lights out and go to sleep...understood?" Anne told him.

Dan loved his late nights , so he opened his mouth to protest but quickly re-considered , responding instead with another "Yes Ma'am!" 
"Second , there is to be no alcohol for you and I mean none. That includes with your work colleagues or work functions. Got that?" Anne asked.

Dan really wanted to make a case on this one,  and told Anne it was going to be difficult as he had important clients in town this week who he would be taking out for dinner and drinks.
"Then you'll have a water or something else Dan. I'm sure they'll understand!" Anne insisted.

Dan let out a groan which did not escape his wife's ears , "Do NOT disobey me on this one Dan , or  your ass will be paying for it big time on Sunday !" Anne scolded.
Dan took a breath , "OK....I won't Ma'am!" he muttered reluctantly.
Anne tutted , "I see ....still the attitude ? Well , I'll cure that on Sunday they say , its your ass!" she chuckled.

"One last thing Dan ,  I want the house spotless when I get back. If I find one dirty dish , clothes on the floor , an unmade bed or one little dust bunny you are going to regret it. Understood ? " Anne told him ,  her tone tightening .
"Yes Ma'am! Got it!" a resigned Dan replied curtly.

As quickly as she had started , Anne flipped the conversation back to small talk about the weather , kids and other routine subjects before ending the call as nonchalantly as it had started.
Afterwards , Dan sat back in his chair to let it all sink in.
Anne was hundreds of miles away but she was still asserting herself . He liked it!
It was 7.45pm....time to get ready for bed!

Anne called Dan every night to make sure he was following her instructions.
Dan knew he could easily ignore them and do as he pleased , but something inside told him that he must comply.
It was difficult and unpleasant at times , but Dan followed his wife's orders to a tee.

As their final  call on the Saturday evening  ended , Anne asked Dan the inevitable question , "So are you ready for your spanking tomorrow ?"
Even though he had been thinking of little else all week , Dan was unprepared to answer and simply blurted out , "I suppose so....."
"Well you better be ready Mister....because its going to be epic !" Anne informed him with barely suppressed glee.

Dan was on pins and needles all morning Sunday awaiting Anne's return .
He found himself checking and double checking to make sure everything was in order , and his heart pounded like a teenager when he heard the car pull into the driveway.

Anne was as pleased to see Dan as he was and they fell into each other's arms , replaying that long lingering kiss they enjoyed before Anne left.
"Well it's nice to see you two kissing and making up!" Anne's Mom said with a smile.
Dan was surprised when his Mother-in-law took off her coat and announced that she would go make some coffee.

Dan felt a surge of relief , thinking his Mother-in-law's unexpected stay over had given him a reprieve , if only for a short time , but he was wrong.

"Thanks Mom ! Don't rush because Dan and I might be a little while !" Anne replied to her Mother before returning her gaze to her Husband , "OK Dan , you know what's coming , so go upstairs and get everything ready....and I mean everything....this one is going to be bad !" she announced.

Dan put out his hands to placate his wife , "But Anne....with your Mother here? She'll hear?" he reasoned.
Anne paid no attention to Dan's concern and busied  herself  removing her coat  , "I expect she will hear Dan , because I know I'll be making a lot of noise and you will  be making even more noise! Now off you go and get set up !" she said , dismissing him with a wave of her hand.
Caught in two minds , Dan hesitated before finally making his way upstairs.

Once in the bedroom , Dan followed the well rehearsed routine , stripping naked , placing the big ottoman in the middle of the room , and laying out each of the implements Anne would use on his bare backside.

He realized he had no excuse , as he had obtained each one himself , and felt them all at some time or other.
Feeling guilty now , he stood by the Ottoman , shivering slightly in his nakedness until he heard Anne's deliberate steps on the stairs.

Anne entered the room looking all business and imperious , wearing a pink sleeveless top which offered just a glimpse of cleavage , and tight jodhpur pants that emphasized her curves and firm , round globes. 

Without even casting a glance in his direction , Anne started into a scathing lecture on his bad attitude and how it had upset and hurt her as she scanned the neat line of implements Dan had laid out. 

She was well prepared for his lecture and held nothing back , continuing for a good 3 or 4 minutes , leaving Dan feeling very humble and  humiliated...... and his spanking had not even begun!

To Dan's surprise , Anne scooped up the wooden bath brush and seated herself comfortably on the ottoman.
She patted her lap , "Get over my lap !" she ordered brusquely.

The over the knee position was rare , so Dan was surprised , but quickly complied , climbing over his wife's curvy lap and balancing himself with both palms on the floor.

Anne fussed with his position on her lap , raising his bottom higher so both feet were off the ground and making sure his bottom was in just the right place to receive the bath brush.
Then she began.

It did not take long for the sound of loud cracks of wood connecting against bare skin , accompanied by Dan's loud howls   , to make their way to the kitchen downstairs where Anne's Mom was preparing the coffee.
The sounds startled her at first , but as she listened , she chuckled and shook her head.
"Sounds like somebody is getting one heck of a spanking !" she mused.

Dan did his best to try and keep track of the number of times the bath brush had snapped against his cheeks and upper thighs,  but soon gave up and just gritted his teeth and tightened his grip on the chair.

Catching her breath , Anne paused to reload, laying down the bath brush and picking up the small but thick maple paddle which looked like a hairbrush without the bristles.

It was perfect for getting into those sit spots and tender area between the cheeks she intended to focus on.
When she tapped the paddle against Dan's already reddened cheeks , he knew what to expect and braced himself accordingly.

Anne spanked her Husband's rear non-stop at a rapid-fire pace until he was bucking on her lap , legs flailing and his voice screeching.
Downstairs , his Mother -in-law cringed at the sound.
"Oh my ! That has to sting like the Dickens !" she remarked.

Anne was all business now , and once she was finished with the small , maple paddle , she took a moment to inspect the damage before ordering Dan off her lap.

Dan thought about rubbing his flaming backside which felt like it was on fire , but when Anne ordered him to lie over the ottoman and he literally leapt over it .

Out of the side of his eye , Dan  saw her pick up the wide leather strap and knew it was the worst of the bunch. 
Anne loved the way she could really swing it with a full follow through . This was going to hurt....and it did!
For the next 15 minutes or so , Anne worked her way , one by one , through each implement , returning to some of them a second time.

Dan had a tough hide , but it was showing the effects of this sound thrashing and , for the first time, he felt real tears forming in his eyes before he finally broke down and found himself bawling like a 5 year old.

Even Anne was surprised at this , but nonetheless she continued spanking , holding nothing back until she had completed her mission of making her husband contrite and sore for the next week or so.

When it finally ended , Dan just lay there for a minute , sobbing , his body dripping with sweat and his backside throbbing.
Anne took a moment to study her handiwork and was very satisfied.

Her Husband's backside was a mosaic of colours and textures.
He would be feeling this every time he sat for the next week , and she would look forward to teasing him about that.
His bad attitude issue was cured ....for now!

"I thought you two were never going to come back down !" Anne's Mother quipped when the pair finally descended the stairs.

Dan's face was still bright red , but not as red as his backside , and he winced with every step , while
Anne was positively glowing.

"Are you ok Dan ? I expect you'll be having your coffee standing up !" his Mother in law said with genuine sympathy.
Dan just nodded and took his coffee from her.
Anne took great pleasure in the fact that she could sit quite comfortably on her  bottom  , while Dan's bottom would not be sitting for quite a while.

"So now I know what you meant when you said you would deal with Dan when you got back....sounds like you REALLY dealt with him!" Anne's Mom chuckled.

While Dan was initially embarrassed that his Mother in law had heard his spanking , now he was oddly glad that she did.
"She usually does!" Dan confessed.

It felt good to speak openly about it to her and not be ashamed or worried , and she did not seem to find their arrangement too out of the ordinary.
"So how long have you two had this 'arrangement'  ?" Anne's Mother asked curiously........


  1. LOVE this!
    Five days of dread and trepidation..
    Mother-in-law gets to know...
    LOVE it!

  2. Great! I love stories where others are in on it all.

  3. fun story involving mother in law listening!. You leave the potential of continuing the story line of how it all began, and maybe even the mother-in-law spanking both of them.
    further delights await us.
    bottoms up

    1. Sorry to disappoint Red but the Mother in law will not be doing any spanking.
      Anne has shown she can handle that all on her own , and Anne does not get spanked by Dan or anyone else.

  4. I love the humiliation aspects of having his MiL know he is spanked for punishment. And while I can understand that Anne does all the spanking, a little red-bottomed corner time in the kitchen might drive the point home?

    1. I left the story open for a continuation, so stay tuned Julie !

  5. Great story with a well spanked Dan. But why would Ann want her mom to drive to the airport? Another version of the story would be Ann scolding and giving Dan a really sore bottom and making him drive her to the airport. Ann would leave Dan with the instructions of what to do and what not to do and with the knowledge that regardless, his bottom would be subjected to another hard spanking when she returns. Having a really sore bottom and knowing another sore bottom was just a few days away would keep Dan on his toes.

    1. Simple....Dan needs the car to go somewhere.
      Good luck writing your version of the story!

  6. It was just what he needed and wanted!

    1. Deep down everyone would like to have a witness to their spanking!