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Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Double Identity Spanking - FM Spanking Cartoon

If Batman thought his new Bride Wonder Woman was going to be a typical wife who let's him wear the pants (or tights) in the house he was mistaken.

Wonder Woman has a special weapon in her arsenal to deal with her naughty husband which Batman has no defence from !

Not only that , once Wonder Woman is finished blistering Batman's backside , Diana Prince will be taking Bruce Wayne over her lap for a good dose of her hairbrush !

Round 2 to Wonder Woman and Diana Prince !


  1. delightful comeuppance.
    bottoms up

  2. I knew it! Double indemnity?? Lol
    I’m using it wrong but it fits!
    Who’s sorry now?

    1. Batman and Bruce Wayne are sorry alright!
      That's the problem with being a superhero having two identities , you get 2 spankings!
      They are tied at 1 but who will win the battle....stay tuned !

  3. This is just what a spanko would do: exploit every opportunity and every trumped up reason they can think of. :)

    1. I don't agree. I think spankos only spank when it is deserved. In this case both Batman and Bruce Wayne deserved to be spanked .

  4. This is a great idea (and artwork!) It could even work for non-superhero married couples with a slight adjustment... Wife spanks Husband first and then Mummy spanks Daddy later?