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Monday, October 19, 2020

A Picture Tells a story - FM Spanking Story


".....and where do you think you're going mister ?" 
James froze , hopping with one leg in his pants when he heard Sarah's voice.

Struggling to balance,  he turned to see his wide awake fiancee had raised herself to sit up in the bed.
"It's Sunday Sweetheart....I always go golfing on Sundays..." James replied innocently.

"Well that's one of the things that are going to change around here James..." Sarah began , flicking her head back to tie up her long mane in a pony , "Today you will be staying home so we can have a long overdue 'discussion' on our marriage." she added , raising  two fingers of each hand to signal quotation marks that emphasized the word 'discussion'.

Her Fiancee's jaw dropped , "Discussion ? What sort of discussion? I thought the wedding details were all arranged?" he asked.
Sarah giggled , "I'm not referring to the marriage ceremony silly....I'm talking about how things are going to work between us once we are Husband and Wife!"

James was starting to look worried now , "What do you mean?" he asked curiously.
Sarah sat back and folded her arms before responding , "Well for starters , there are number of aspects of your behaviour and attitude that will need to change!" she informed him firmly.

James sighed, "Can't this wait Sarah? I have an 8am tee time with the guys..." he reasoned , but his Fiancee remained resolute .
"Rule number one James. When I issue you an order you must obey it without question , or face the consequences. Didn't I just tell you that there was no golf this morning?" she scolded.

"Yes you did ... but I thought" James began to babble until  Sarah raised a  finger to stop him.
"Uh-uh James....Rule number two . You will refer to me as' Ma'am' when we are having a ' discussion ' , but before we get ahead of ourselves , why don't you go fetch me a coffee,  and when you return we can begin our 'discussion' formally." she said in a firm tone , once again using her fingers to emphasize 'discussion.

A speechless James stood frozen for a moment and when he opened his mouth to speak,  Sarah issued him a warning with a wagging finger , "Be careful James....remember Rule number one! ? I believe I just issued you an order?" She reminded him.

With that , James'mouth clamped shut ,  and he made his way into the kitchen , returning after a few minutes to hand Sarah a cup of coffee .
Sarah ignored him , apparently engrossed in reading her book , forcing James to wait uncomfortably with the hot coffee in his hand. 

As he stood , he could not avoid noticing the title of her book , "How to Discipline Your New Husband - A Guide for New Wives"
James gulped , suddenly realizing the significance of the artwork Sarah had hung over their bed just a week ago! 
At the time he had not given it much thought , thinking it was just a humorous  , erotic piece  featuring a nude man and a fully clothed woman , and he had paid little attention to it.

Now , as his Fiancee studied her book , he had lots of time to study the artwor, his stomach churned.
The woman in the picture was about to give her man a spanking !
Clearly , it must have some meaning to  Sarah to have displayed it so prominently in what was soon to be their marital bedroom.
James found himself instinctively rubbing the seat of his golf pants.
Was she really planning on spanking him ? , he thought.

Finally , Sarah looked up , carefully placing the  book beside her on the bed .
 "Good boy !" she smiled , planting a kiss on his forehead as he leaned forward to hand her coffee to her. 
"Now be a Dear and fetch me something from my dresser ." she asked.

James approached the dresser , turning his head awaiting her direction , "Open the top drawer and bring me the Hairbrush please....the big ebony one." Sarah instructed .
James picked up the brush , nestled on top of her skimpy undies and handed it to her.
Putting down her coffee to free up both hands , Sarah looked almost gleefully at the shiny back of the brush and smacked it against her open palm , "Say hello to Betty Blister Darling , you're going to be seeing a lot of her from now on!" she teased.

Then , sitting up straight in the bed , she lifted the covers and patted her shapely , bare thighs.
"It's time for you to assume the position so we can begin our 'discussion' .
Over you go then!" she ordered brusqely said , patting her lap again.

Her Fiancee's face coloured and his eyes bulged upon realizing her intention.
"What? You can't be serious Sweetie?" he asked somewhat nervously.
Sarah raised a brow , "I'm deadly serious James....and I believe that was another order I just gave you ? This defiance and insubordination is just not acceptable, and you will come to regret it I assure you !" She warned,  patting her lap a final time , this time harder.

This time James received her message loud and clear and leaned forward to comply , but was halted by his Fiancee's outstretched arm. 
"Undress first ! You must be completly naked for our 'discussions'....." she informed him , "...just like in the picture ," she grinned , bringing his attention back to the artwork above her head. 

Then with a dismissive wave of her hand , she waited while James stepped out of his golf clothes and stood before her completely naked.
Then , leaning back , she motioned him over her lap , adjusting his rear so it was high on her lap and in perfect position to receive her brush .

"Let's begin our first of many 'discussions'  we will be having , shall we Sweetheart ?" she announced , raising the brush over her head.
"Yes Ma'am!" came the obedient reply from James , his muscular , pale cheeks tightening in anticipation.
Then their 'discussion began......


  1. A good story that is true to life. A few months ago I came across a picture of a woman spanking a man on the Internet. My girlfriend said she liked it, so I printed it out and hung it on the wall in the bedroom. I thought no more about it until one day we had a slight disagreement shortly after getting up. My girlfriend suddenly looked at the picture and said: "That woman has the right idea!" She took the paddle from the drawer and said: "Bend over, now!" I obeyed and she gave me ten hard smacks with it. Not a very severe spanking, but enough to sting and a lot better than having a row!

    1. I'm surprised she needed a picture to inspire her Richard !

  2. A very delightful scene you have created with this post. If a person enjoys the thoughts of being spanked, they will be delighted to read this! I enjoyed reading and seeing your accompanying art.
    bottoms up

    1. What finer sight is there than a beautiful woman waiting in bed for you....with a hairbrush at the ready !

  3. Sarah is a real cutie... I bet she'll seem more fierce than cute though when she's wielding that brush!
    Who drew the picture on the bedroom wall? It's a nice scene as well.

    1. I dont know the artist that the lovely Sarah loves so much.