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Monday, September 21, 2020

Philandering Phil Pays the Price - FM Spanking Cartoon


Phil promised Sharon that he would change his philandering ways after they were married.
"Don't worry Phil....I'll make it my business to change you and I have just the method to do just that !" Sharon informed him confidently.
However , only two days into their Honeymoon , Phil was back to his old antics and , as usual , Sharon was on to him - but this time she intended to do something about it.
Phil gave the Attendant at the Men's Bathing Room a hefty tip to let him sneak in a new lady friend , but Sharon gave him an even bigger tip to let her have 15 minutes alone with her new Husband behind locked doors.
"Newlyweds!" the Attendant shrugged after pocketing the cash.
Once inside , Sharon took the big bath brush off it's hook on the wall and regarded her shocked Husband with a determined look he had never seen before , but was certainly going to see a lot more of ! 

After a bath brush blistering in front of his lady friend , followed by a naked 'walk of shame' through the resort where a lengthy hairbrushing awaits him , Phil's philandering days are over !


  1. That is my type of woman, would want to be him, no matter how much the spankings will hurt, this is the woman I want as my wife.

    1. She is quite the gal!
      Those two brushes will put an end to his philandering ways , but he is going to be seeing a lot of Sharon's hairbrush from now on.

  2. Delightful scenario and art. Hopefully the next spanking removes the erection, and she should keep spanking until it is long gone, or conversely, have him manually remove it, then spank for even greater effect.
    bottoms up

    1. At least it provides her with a useful handle to lead him back to their room where a lengthy session with her hairbrush awaits !