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Friday, August 21, 2020

The Blackwell Academy Tradition - FM Spanking Cartoon

Colin and Raymond met their wives when they were all attending the prestigious Blackwell Academy , a private college well known for its strict rules and regime.

For violation of the rules , all young gentlemen were subject to corporal punishment , while  young ladies were exempt and given lines or detention instead.

Corporal punishment was both a painful and embarrassing event for young gentlemen as it was carried out in front of the entire class by a member of the all female faculty.
The Schoolmistresses were very adept at applying the cane to the backside of errant young gentlemen , and enjoyed it as much as the young ladies in the class who were able to watch.

So it was commonplace for Sonia and Sue to see their boyfriends , and future husbands , bend over for six of the best on the seat of their tight trousers , and they loved to tease Colin and Raymond about it when they went out on a date afterwards!
The two young men were actually proud to show their girlfriends the angry red stripes the cane left on their behinds .

According to tradition , at the Blackwell Academy graduation ceremony , each young lady was presented with an authentic Blackwell Academy canes of their very own !
Having witnessed many canings , the two young ladies needed little instruction on how to thrash their boyfriends' bottoms if they misbehaved.....and thrash them they did !

It must have worked , because a few years later Colin and Raymond proposed marriage.
Sonia and Sue accepted , on the condition that to ensure a happy marriage canings would continue , with an added caveat that once they were man and wife , canings would be applied to their bare bottoms!

There was no argument from their men , who are now model husbands who know that displeasing their wives will result in a rather unpleasant dose of the cane which will leave stripes on their backsides for days....stripes that Colin and Raymond are very proud of !


  1. Really a wonderful solution to many problems in marriage, both in the past and in the present.
    Loved the story line, and art.
    bottoms up

    1. It certainly seems to work for these two couples.

  2. We all need a good thrashing sometimes.

  3. Wonderful picture and scenario... a stint at Blackwells Academy must really lead to marital bliss!

    1. It seems to have worked for these two couples !