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Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Just you wait until I get you home ! - FM Spanking Cartoon

"Just you wait until I get you home !" Brenda fumed , causing a hush in the room.
Her boyfriend James just shrugged his shoulders , "It was just a joke Honey..." he argued as his friends looked on warily , under the icy glares of their own unapproving girlfriends and wives.

Brenda stood before James boldly with arms folded , "Well we'll be having another of our little 'discussions' about your 'joking' later!" she scolded.
Her threat made all the men in the room shift uncomfortably in their seats .

Sure enough , not long after he and Brenda arrived home , James found himself standing stark naked at the top of the stairs , nervously waiting for his still irate girlfriend.
Shifting from foot to foot , James did his best to cover his nakedness with both hands while Brenda finished her call.

"I just wanted to apologize for James' behaviour tonight Molly and to let you know that I will be dealing with him as soon as I hang up the phone!" he heard Brenda say to their host.
The rest of the brief conversation between the two ladies was inaudible to him , other than their laughs and giggles.

James could feel the butterflies in his tummy when he heard Brenda's soft footsteps on the stairs.
His mind raced , "What was she going to do?' he thought.
His girlfriend's intent soon became clear when he saw the stout hairbrush in her hand.
Brenda had threatened him with a spanking a few times since they started dating but he had always thought she was joking.

"Now're not serious about...." he babbled before Brenda cut him off.
"Oh I'm serious alright're going to get that spanking I've warned you about....and , by the way , you will address me as Ma'am !" she scolded.

Brenda reached the top of the stares and regarded her naked boyfriend with a satisfied grin, "Let's get our little 'discussion' under way shall we?" she asked.
"Yes Ma'am!" came the curt reply from James , who turned and made his way into the bedroom.


  1. Yikes! Love this Glenmore! He won’t be ‘joking’ like he did with the guys—anytime soon!
    I always enjoy visiting here!

    1. He won't be sitting anytime soon either Minielle!
      Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Love the art and how big the hairbrush is. Fun story of how to get a boyfriend to behave
    bottoms up

    1. I'd say a lot of us guys have heard those words from their lady and dreaded what was coming later !

  3. I wonder how many of those other husbands also got a 'maintenance' spanking to remind them to behave when they got home...

    1. My guess would be that James was not the only man who received a bottom warming that evening !

  4. I bet a result of the 'discussion' will be fewer of James' jokes.

    1. James will not find the 'discussion' in the least bit As for Brenda....

  5. My prediction for some of the lecture coming up. The word funny is of course accompanied with a good hard painful whack of that brush.

    "So... is this funny?"
    "Yeeeowch no Ma'am"
    "But you seem to think things are so funny!"
    "Yeeeoowwch.. no not any more Ma'am"
    "You are just chock full of funny funny funny funny funny jokes"
    "Yeaooowch I'm sorry let's forget about jokes from now on"
    "Oh it's my turn to find things funny"
    "Yeeeeowch.. please don't"
    "It's funny funny funny funny funny to see you begging for mercy with a sore bottom".
    "Yeeeoooowch...please it hurts it hurts"
    "Yes it does. I find this all so amusing!!! Amusing and funny! Funny funny funny funny funny... ha ha ha ha ha!!! Don't you find it FUNNY?"
    etc. etc.

    1. I love it when she lectures and teased as she spanks.James will not find it funny at all but she Will!