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Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Julie's Mom gets Skyped ! - MF Spanking Cartoon

"Mom!" Julie exclaimed , "What's gotten into you today? You've been getting on dad's case all through dinner!" 
Julie's Mom grinned impishly , "Oh he can take it! Can't a wife get a little sassy with her Husband now and then?'
Julie shook her head , "Maybe...but not at your age Mom!" she quipped.

Her Mom bristled , feigning indignation , "I take offence to that young lady!" she replied , hiding a smile.
"Don't worry Mom , I'll take care of her impudence when we get home !" David announced happily , making Julie blush.

Mom laughed , "Sounds like someone is in for a spanking!" she giggled excitedly.
"I wouldn't be so amused if I were you , because I WILL be dealing with you later!" Julie's Dad announced , turning Mom's face as red as her daughter's.

"Douglas ! wouldn't dare...." Mom said nervously.
Dad grinned , "Oh you know I would dare Dear , you've had this coming for weeks and now you are going to get it!" he scolded , "I think this spanking thing Julie told us about is going to come in quite handy around here from now on!" he beamed.

Julie and David sat silent and gobsmacked , "Was Dad really going to spank Mom?" They mused.
"Now, now Douglas ....don't be silly know I was just having some fun with you." Mom said in an attempt to placate her husband , who was quite enjoying her discomfort.

"In fact , as you misbehaved in front of Julie and David , I think they should get to see your comeuppance!"he added.
Then, then turning to Julie he asked , "Can you set up one of those skype calls like we had last week?"
"You're not serious Douglas !" Mom gasped in surprise.
Julie grinned and gave her bottom  a rub , recalling the recent spanking she had received from David which was shared with her parents via skype.

Julie giggled , "Sure I can! Mom knows how to set it up , don't you Mom? Shall we say 8pm?" 
Mom stood up and wagged a finger at her Husband , " You are NOT going to give me a spanking Douglas , and you are certainly not going to broadcast it on skype!"she declared defiantly , stomping a tiny foot and placing hands on hips for emphasis.

Julie and David eagerly looked at Dad for his reaction and did not have to wait long , "Throwing a tantrum isn't going to save you Dear , but if you prefer , I can take you across my knee and spank your bare bottom right now!" Dad warned , casting his wife a stern glare.
Mom's mouth opened and closed before she slowly and reluctantly sat back down while Dad smiled in satisfaction , "8pm  it is Julie!" he confirmed.

At 8pm sharp , Julie and David were huddled by their tablet awaiting Mom's call.
Clearly Mom had made a final attempt to abort the call as it was 8.07pm before the call eventually came and Mom's face appeared on the screen.
Behind her , Julie and David were able to see a very happy Dad smiling back at them , and could also see that Mom was already  lying over his lap !

"Hi're late!" Julie teased.
"Sorry about that Julie ,  she tried to talk me out of it but , as you can see , here she is! Excuse me while I unveil the target!" Dad cackled.
Then with aplomb , he  raised his wife's dress high over her waist and , without ceremony , yanked  down her panties to an embarrassed gasp from Mom.

When he adjusted Mom higher on his lap , their audience could see the tops of her bare creamy white globes .
"Are you ready? " Dad asked her.
"I suppose so !" Mom sighed , shutting her eyes tight and gritting her teeth.

"Wait Dad! Where's the hairbrush?" Julie asked urgently.
Dad reached down and waved the brush at the screen , "Right here Dear , close at hand ....but I think I need to do a warm up first , right?" he asked.
Mom opened her eyes briefly and let out a sigh , "Oh just get on with it will you Douglas!" she said before bracing herself again.

Soon crisp spanks from Dad's hard palm were raining down hard and fast on Mom's jiggling cheeks ,  contorting her face into a grimace and generating lots of yelps and ouches.
"How red is her butt Dad ?" Julie asked curiously when her Dad paused after about 30 or so firm spanks.
Reaching over , he took  the phone from his wife and waved it around her bare derrierre.
"There !Can you see how red it is?" he asked . 
"It feels very red!" Mom chirped , almost happily.
"It looks nice and red to me Doug....I'd say she's ready for the brush now!" David advised.
"David!" Mom gasped indignantly .

Dad picked up the brush , "OK Here goes !" he announced , raising it high above his head.
"Don't forget the inside of Mom's thighs Dad !" Julie quipped.
"Julie ! No!Not there !" Mom protested, reaching an arm back to protect herself , only to have it brushed away .

"The camera is staying right here Dear so Julie and David can see the How red that your little bum becomes!"Dad announced.
Mom wriggled and struggled on his lap , "No Douglas ! I don't want them to see my bare bottom ...." she protested but her Husband had already placed the camera in just the right place for a close up of her soon to be hairbrushed cheeks.

The brush made a loud noise as Dad snapped it against his wife's bare bottom , alternating from cheek to cheek , deepening the red hue.
Her cheeks clenched and jiggled while she bucked and  squirmed on his lap.

Dad and his audience were quite enjoying the show....Mom not so much!
"Open those legs!" Dad demanded after delivering a dozen or so good spanks to each cheek .
"OH NOOO! NOT THERE PLEASE !" Mom protested but nonetheless , reluctantly complied while her Husband used his other hand to pull her cheeks open for the brush.
"Give it to her just like she gave me Daddy!" Julie cheered.

Dad  proceeded to give Mom  10  stinging whacks on the inside of each cheek which had Mom shrieking loudly  , followed by a full dozen on the tops of her thighs to complete the spanking.

"There! That oughta do it! " Dad declared , sitting back to admire his handiwork.
Putting down the brush , he affectionately massaged his wife's glowing red rear end.
"My my your bum is hot!" he declared.
"Of course it is! You had better be ready to cool it down Douglas! "Mom moaned , albeit with a smile playing on her lips as if she was as pleased with the result as he was.

It had indeed been a vigorous , but not too severe spanking , just enough to leave  Mom's bottom hot and tingling with a warm glow for a while.
Dad helped her up , ploppingbher down on his lap , "Now I think you owe all of us an apology young lady!" he prompted.

Mom's face was as red as her bottom , but she had an aura of satisfaction and sereneness about her , "I guess I deserved that!" she admitted  , planting a big kiss on her husband's bald forehead , "Too bad you didn't do that years ago! I apologize  for being sassy and rude at dinner . It was very naughty of me.Please forgive me . " she said with a cute pout.
"I like it when your naughty !" Dad replied with a big grin.

"I think Mom enjoyed that as much as dad did!" Julie whispered to David.
David nodded before announcing  , "I believe we also have some business to attend to young lady!" he said with a glint in his eye.
Julie's eyes bulged and she tried moving away from David , but he easily pulled her back and casually guided her over his lap.

"But I have the hairbrush David !" Dad reminded him with a laugh.
David smiled and had already whisked Julie's panties to half mast , "You can keep it Doug , you might need it again before Sunday ! Anyway , leather has a much better effect on Julie's naughty bottom!" he replied , reaching for the
 tawse he had hidden beneath the sofa cushion .

Taking the tablet from Julie he positioned the camera for a close up look of his wife's delectable bare bottom.
"That's ok David......we'll let you two have your fun in private.....besides , Douglas needs to take care of my sore bottom don't you Dear?" Mom said.
"With pleasure !" Dad agreed , placing a sloppy kiss on his wife's lips.
 "Oh! Get a  room you two!" Julie sighed.
"Goodnight !" David added , closing the camera to end the call.


  1. Who saids that age is a factor in the spanking fun. I have found the older women enjoy it more and afterwards is really the best.

    1. I so agree Mr Anonymous!

    2. As they say 'you are never too old for a Spanking ' !

  2. Great series about elder spanking. Makes the saying never too old seem real.

  3. Very timely... I've been in so many Skype meetings lately where I started imagining the couples present spanking (and more) which everyone watches...

    1. I think Skype spanking may be one of the good things to come out of all this !

  4. Next step: turn the grandparents on to spanking!

    1. Three generations of that would be something!

  5. Cool! I enjoyed that more than I had any right to.
    I'm glad Mom got some to the insides while David and I watched. :-)

    1. The way Mom gave it to you on the insides she deserved it!
      Seems she enjoyed it just as much as you did as well, but your Dad is the big winner here , getting to spank two lovely ladies...

  6. What a delightful story. Thanks to you and to Julie.
    bottoms up

    1. Julie's spanking adventures can be very inspiring!