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Friday, April 24, 2020

Another Appointment with Betty - FM Spanking Story

Mario winced slightly when he slid into the driver's seat of his BMW.
Despite all of his work at the gym developing his glutes , his new girlfriend Laura's hairbrush , which she affectionately named 'Betty Blister' , had left his backside and upper thighs incredibly sore and tender.

Shifting around for comfort ,he started the car and headed off for his first appointment of the day.
The personal training business he had started with his sister Gina a year ago was blossoming and Laura had been one of his first clients.
So , in a way he was pleased that all that work on his girlfriend's biceps was showing results....She certainly could swing that hairbrush with power !

He used his hands free phone to call Gina for any updates to his schedule , "I hope your new girlfriend didn't wear you out too much last night Mario because you are a busy boy today!" his sister lectured , "Mrs. Jenkins has changed her appointment to 11.30 am ." she added.

"Shit ! Laura made a lunch reservation for us today at noon..." Mario blurted.
"Sorry little brother but you'll have to handle that one on your own....I guess you'll have to tell Laura you're  going to be late again. Clients come first, remember?"Gina replied.

Mario cringed at the thought .
Laura had introduced Mario to 'Betty Blister' last night because of his constant tardiness  and keeping her waiting. He couldn't be late again , especially not the day after Laura had blistered his backside to cure his chronic lateness.

"Can you do me a favour and ask Laura to move our lunch to 12.30pm Sis ? I'm running late for my 9am pilates class." he asked.
"OK....just this once Bro , but from now on you sort out your love life on your own....capeech ?" Gina replied.
"You're the best Gina!" Mario gushed.

Mario had just arrived for his class when Gina called back.
" it fixed ?" he asked her nervously.
"Don't  worry big guy....Laura was none too pleased with you . She  agreed to move lunch , but she wants to have it at her place......" Gina told him.

"Thanks Gina...but why at her place ?" Mario asked,  hurriedly  changing into his workout gear.
" I don't know....Laura asked me to make a 1.30pm appointment with you for a friend of hers so  maybe she wants you to give the session together at her place....."Gina mused.

"A friend of Laura's ? Who?" a puzzled Mario asked , stepping out of his underwear.
"Laura said you met her last night.....Betty.....Betty Blister!" Gina replied.

Mario's jaw dropped , his face flushing at the mere mention of Betty.
"Tee hee ....It's kind of a a funny name !" Gina giggled .
"Er...uhm...Yes it is..." Mario replied after a pause , ironically as he caught a glimpse of his bare behind in the locker room mirror.
It was still quite red with angry blotches of various hues and a pair of distinctive white areas on his sit spots which Betty had visited repeatedly.
It looked as sore and tender as it felt....surely Laura wasn't planning on giving him another spanking?
He quickly grabbed a towel and covered up before anyone could see.

For the rest of the morning leading up to his lunch date with Laura , Mario struggled to keep his mind on task , the lingering discomfort in his rear quarters served as a reminder of what awaited him later when he was to meet Betty again!

His heartbeat quickened when he arrived at Laura's apartment and he was surprised to see his sister Gina sitting at the table with his girlfriend sharing a bottle of wine.
"After we hung up , Laura invited me to join you guys for's only fair given all the times you had me cover up for  your tardiness!" Gina grinned as Laura sat smiling beside her.

Mario cringed when he saw the big ottoman conspicuously placed in the middle of the room- with 'Betty Blister' sitting on top of it!
His mind flashed back to the previous evening when Laura's delectable bottom had sat on that very ottoman as she applied that horrible brush to his rear quarters.
Laura could not hide a smirk of satisfaction when  Mario winced and carefully lowered his huge frame onto the harsh wooden chair she had provided especially for him.

His vain search for comfort did not escape his sister's attention ,
" What is up with you Mario? You just can't  seem to sit still for one minute !" she asked him.
Her observation produced a deep blush from her usually uninhibited brother , "Er...ah...Oh I  must have tweaked something in my back...." he blurted , producing a loud giggle from his girlfriend.

Mario looked at Laura with pleading eyes as she contemplated a comment.
"I think it's a tad lower than your back Sweetie! she teased.
"You mean his glutes?" Gina asked innocently , refilling her wine glass.
Laura looked impishly at her boyfriend , "Yes I  suppose you could say that!" she replied.

Gina gazed hungrily at the lunch Laura had prepared for them , "This looks amazing Laura .....but aren't we going to wait for your know the one with the funny name ......isn't she coming?" she asked.
Mario's eyes bulged and instinctively trained on the big hairbrush sitting on the ottoman.

Laura continued servingblunch before replying nonchalantly , "Oh !You mean Betty?"
Gina giggled , "Yea that's it...Betty....Betty Blister!" she chortled , "I made a 1.30 appointment for her with Mario."
"Actually Gina....Betty is already here!" Laura announced , waving her free hand in the direction of the ottoman.

Gina raised a puzzled brow .
"Actually it's more like Mario has an appointment with Betty !" Laura added with a chuckle.
"HUH?" Gina mouthed , still clearly confused.
Laura let out a sigh before walking over to the ottoman and scooping up the brush.
She tapped the back of the brush against her palm , "Meet Betty Blister Gina ! She's been helping me cure your brother's chronic tardiness problem....among other things !" she announced.

Meanwhile ,Mario cringed and slowly sank deeper into his chair , wishing a bigbhole would suddenly swallow him up.
A gradual smile emerged on Gina's face befor she pointed a finger in the air triumphantly upon solving Laura's 'riddle' , " You mean you're going to  use 'Betty' to give my brother a spanking ?" she asked incredulously.

Laura nodded , "I certainly am...just like  last night....over my knee and on his bare bottom....and believe me , I spank HARD....if you think he's squirming on his seat now , just wait until Betty and I are finished with him!" she announced determinedly with gritted teeth.

Then , after returning Betty to her place , Laura casually returned her attention to serving lunch , acting as if she had said  nothing unusual.
Understandably , Mario's participation in the lunch conversation was minimal ,but the two ladies chatted like two long lost friends.

Just as Laura was scooping up the empty lunch plates , the sound of a loud alarm from Mario's phone interupted them.
Mario fumbled to pick it up , staring at it blankly for a second or two before silencing it while the two women looked at him curiously .
"It's a reminder of my next 1.30 with uh...em...Betty Blister...." he mumbled.
Gina cackled loudly when Laura unabashedly rolled up her sleeve and made her way over to the ottoman ,
"It's time for Betty and I to put Mario through his paces !" she told her.

Mario was looking increasingly worried now , "Please Laura....not now...not with Gina here?" he pleaded , but Laura had already taken her seat on the ottoman and placed Betty on her lap.

She raised herself slightly to hoist her tight skirt higher up her shapely legs , exposing  black stocking tops and a glimpse of bare thigh.
"Stop stalling Mario know the routine from last night....strip off....every stitch!" she ordered , her voice tightening.

Gina sat speechless , eagerly waiting for her brother's reaction.
"Please Laura....I'm sorry for being late again but...." he pleaded.
His girlfriend's response was to wag that awful brush at him menacingly , "You heard me Mario! Do not try my patience!" she warned.
Mario's head dropped and his hands moved to undo his track bottoms.

Slowly Mario stripped off each piece of his workout gear under his Sister's curious eyes , and his strict Girlfriend's supervision ,until he stood before her in only his spandex compression shorts.
Laura wagged a finger at him , "Turn around before you remove those Mario....I want Gina to see the nice job Betty and I did with your naughty bottom last night.
Resigned to his fate , Mario turned around and slowly edged the skin tight shorts down.

"WOW!" Gina exclaimed , placing a palm to her mouth , "No wonder he was squirming!"
Her Brother's muscular backside was a mosaic of colours and textures .
"Now I know why you call her Betty Blister....that is one well blistered ass!" she giggled.

"Turn around Mario!" Laura ordered sternly.
Her Boyfriend obeying her , albeit reluctantly  , using his hands to cover his private parts.
"Move your hands please!" Laura ordered.
Mario looked at his sister who was thoroughly enjoying the show , "Please Laura...." he begged.
Laura regarded him sternly , "I said remove those hands , come here and get over my lap!" she said in a tone that was uncompromising.

Mario's hands flipped to his sides and he comically scurried across the room , leaping athletically  across his girlfriend's inviting lap to laughter from the ladies.
"I've never seen him move that fast!" Gina cackled with glee.

In his haste , Mario had incorrectly positioned himself with his rear placed at his left handed Girlfriend's right side.
Despite his error , Laura took a moment to reflect on her handiwork and teasingly massage her man's muscular rear quarters, before giving them a pair of playful slaps, "Other side Silly !" she told him.

Doing his best to conceal his modesty , Mario rose but Laura delayed his progress when she saw his huge shaft straightening to an erection.
Like raising a flag , poor Mario was forced to stand at attention until his shaft was fully erect.
it certainly was an impressive sight for the ladies.

Finally Laura patted her stockinged lap , "Over you go!"she ordered with a smirk and her man quickly complied.
Laura could feel Mario's massive member straining against her thighs. It felt good.
Then Betty rose in the air and snapped against Mario's right cheek producing a loud 'WHACK!' accompanied by a girlish yelp from Mario.
His spanking was underway.

As Mario's 'prime' areas had already received extensive treatment from Betty , Laura concentrated her attention on the 'neglected' areas such as his upper thighs , where his cheeks met his thighs , and that elusive area between the cheeks - all very sensitive areas for poor Mario based on all his howling and screeching.

Gina looked on in awe , she had never seen a woman take control of a man the way Laura did.
Despite all her brother' yelling and protesting , she never once relented , continuing until the blazing red hue extended well down Mario's thighs and everywhere else.
It was as if he was wearing a pair of fire engine red compression pants.

Finally Laura stopped , leaning  back to allow  Mario to struggle unsteadily to his feet.
Gina noticed her brother's face was beet red and tear stained , but she still laughed heartily when he hopped around the room  frantically rubbing his scorched rear.
Laura perched Betty back on her lap and sat back to enjoy the show also.

Then she stood up , opened her arms and allowed a repentant Mario to collapse into her arms.
She pulled him close to console him before wrapping a shapely leg around his and kissing him passionately.

Mario responded by pulling her to him,  his hands drifting up her raised skirt to cup both her cheeks and raise her off her feet.
The two lovers melted passionately together for what seemed like minutes to Gina before they finally parted.
"OK Mario....go get dressed and lets start our workout !" Laura announced suddenly.

Despite his obvious discomfort , Mario conducted an intense HITT workout for the three of them , his gaze occasionally drawn to Betty Blister still sitting ominously on the ottoman.
When his pace slackened or he needed encouragement for a few extra reps , Laura would reach her hand out as if to pick up Betty and Mario soon got the message!

"You can shower in the bathroom down the hall Gina.....Mario and I will shower in the ensuite if you don't mind?" Laura said after the workout was over.
Gina laughed , "I'd say you two could use a cold shower.....especially Mario's butt!"
The two lovers smiled before Mario scooped Laura up into his arms , tossed her over his shoulder and carried her , kicking and squealing down the hall.

Gina lingered for a moment to gaze over at Betty Blister.
Watching Laura spank her brother so confidently had aroused her more than she expected.
Looking around to be sure she was alone , she picked up the brush  and smacked it against her palm , "OUCHIE!"
She was surprised how much it stung.

Looking around again , she edged down her yoga pants , leaned forward and snapped the back of the brush against her toned bare cheek , 'WHACK!' "OUCH! SHIT THAT HURTS!" she howled , but still proceeded to give her other cheek an even harder smack , 'THWACK!' "OOOW!"

Restoring her pants , she was studying the shiny black ebony of the brush  while rubbing her cheeks when her phone rang.
A big smile played on her face when she saw it was her Fiancee Steve.

Gina could still feel the moisture between her legs when she heard his voice. She was very aroused and her man's timing was perfect.
"How about I stop by your place Steve...." she rasped , surprizing him.
After a long , hot session of lovemaking Steve turned to Gina.
"Wow! That was amazing Gina....where did that come from?" he asked  her.

Gina grinned at him impishly , " Stay right here Steve , I have
someone I'd like you to meet and I expect you're going to be seeing a lot of her from now on...." she purred.
Steve's brow furrowed , "Meet who Gina? There's just the two of us here?" he asked.
His Fiancee pointed to the chair in the corner of the room where she had placed a brand new hairbrush , "Meet Betty Blister Sweetheart....It's time for your first appointment with her !"


  1. Very nice... sounds like Gina might want Steve give her a bit of spanking too!

    1. Perhaps , but it seems to me like Gina and Laura prefer to give the spankings rather than receive them !

    2. I feel more and more women prefer giving, it is the control and also the behavior after a spanking that the males show. Jack

  2. Nice story. I wish if there were more images :)

  3. Delightful story, very arousing. You should be rewarded by a visit from your wife displaying Betty Blister to you, and how effective she is.
    bottoms up

  4. I love the incesty aspects. The sister watching her brother's erection growing to "full blown" before his spanking. That would be me!

    1. As we guys know very well , an erection is hard to avoid and even harder to I'd there is a witness present at your spanking.I think most sisters would love it!

  5. I love more F/M muscular/hunks getting spanked and humiliated

    1. I'm sure Betty will be making another appearance!