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Friday, April 17, 2020

A Visit to the Spankologist - FM Spanking Cartoon

Jennifer thought she had tried everything to convince her Husband Jim to change his ways.
Jim didn't realise how much his irresponsible behaviour was threatening their marriage , but reluctantly agreed to go to Marriage counselling.

Ms. Irene Spankem was no ordinary Marriage Counsellor, and she quickly realized that Jim was the problem and recommended a proven treatment for Jennifer to resolve the problem.
Jim look confused when Irene opened her desk drawer and produced a rather formidable looking hairbrush!

Ms. Spankem then proceeded demonstration how the application of the hairbrush to Jim's bare behind would give him a much needed attitude adjustment.
Once she had thoroughly reddened Jim's backside , she passed the brush on to an inspired Jennifer who enthusiastically continued blistering her Husband's rear until he was genuinely contrite.

For the first time since they met , Jim was not only listening to what she said , but responding with a respectful "Yes Ma'am!"
The reconciled couple then signed a Domestic Discipline Agreement and Irene was presented with  her very own complimentary Hairbrush to take home.

Jennifer soon realized the power of her Hairbrush , as did Jim , who discovered that any violation of their DD Agreement would result in him going over his wife's knee for a spanking that would leave him with a very sore backside for the next day or two!

Jennifer's confidence soared as revelled in her new role , and she admittedly took great satisfaction in roasting Jim's backside every chance she got.
Now the Hairbrush sits in full view on Jennifer's dresser , serving as a reminder to Jim to behave....or else !

Irene enjoyed reading Jennifer's letter of thanks for saving their marriage , remarking that her Husband was becoming a model Husband.
Jennifer wondered why she had not thought of such a simple and effective solution before.
"Another satisfied customer ....I love my job!" Irene mused to herself.....


  1. Interestingly a google search reveals the term "spankologist" is indeed a real-life profession ... and they seem that they would be glad to play the role of marriage counselor to a visiting couple if desired. P.S. And they don't seem shy about laying on a hairbrush good and hard either!

    1. I have noticed a few people calling themselves a spankologist , including Chris's who had an excellent spanking blog that seems to have unfortunately been abandoned .

  2. Aunt Kay of the disciplinary Wives category would frit in that category, but Cindy was still very reluctant for years, and still blows hot and cold. Many in a few days, then none for a couple of weeks or more.
    love the idea
    bottoms up

    1. Aunt Kay would certainly qualify as a true spankologist as she treated spanking like a science.
      I find too much of a good thing can actually make you lose interest in it....spankings included.

  3. Love this! Spanking marriage counselors are always a treat

    1. I'm surprised there are not more of them. Too bad as they could save a lot of marriages.

  4. That's the kind of marriage counselor I need.