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Sunday, March 1, 2020

'In the Navy '-A Spanked Reporter - MF Spanking

This is my own depiction of what should have been a really good spanking in the 1941 movie 'In the Navy'.

The spanking has a great build-up when movie star , Dick Powell finds a naughty female reporter  , Clare Dodd , dressed as a maid and trying to take a picture of him.
He stops her and takes her camera away , but Clare sweet talks him into giving it back so she can remove the film , but instead pushes him down and makes her escape.

There is a short pursuit and our hopes are buoyed when Clare's exit is blocked by our two heroes , Abbot and Costello who happen to be stopping by for a visit at that very moment.
Powell excuses himself and pushes the naughty lady inside and closes the door.

Unfortunately , instead of seeing the action inside the room , the camera chooses to stay outside for the reaction of A & C which is nowhere near as much fun as a good spanking !
The pair finally burst in as the spanking is in progress (and it appears to be a pretty good one given the multiple smacks and ouches ) but we get only a fleeting look at the action as the camera frustrates us once again by closing  in on the camera which Powell is using to take a photo of the naughty lady's spanking.
How disappointing is that ?

In the scene we can see that Dodds' dress is just begging to be raised (and I expect that in 'real life ' Powell may indeed have lifted it to spank her properly ) , so  I would at least have hoped for a glimpse of stocking or leg but alas , the dress remained in place.

Of course , if I was directing , the scene would have been much different , as I would have ignored our two stars outside , and instead give the audience a good view of a very cute female posterior getting a well deserved spanking !

Given the time period , I would expect that underneath we would have been treated to Miss Dodd's  very cute , mostly bare , bottom framed by garter belt and stockings and jiggling nicely as Powell smacks it.
Some photos of Clare's post spanking dancing and rubbing , and a photo of her red , bare bottom would ensure she wouldn't be going to her editor to publish anything !

If only a Spanko had been directing this scene , it could have been so much different ....... 

(You can find a good quality version of the actual scene from the movie at the Chicago Spanking Review website (see  link on the right) )

                                         Actual spanking scene from 'In the Navy '


  1. Great picture and scenario... reminds me of some of Endart's best work

    1. Thank you Q , although I'd say Endart is a lot more talented than mine !

  2. So many times have I said the same thing:
    "They should have let me be the director of that spanking scene. I would have done it properly! Not like that!!!".

    1. If only there were more Spankos in Hollywood !

  3. I probably have seen this movie, encouraging my spanking instincts and desires as I was growing up. Old movies were often shown to fill time in programming.
    bottoms up