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Monday, March 16, 2020

A Work of Art - MF Spanking Cartoon

Veronica is late for the Art Exhibition , so her Boyfriend Charles paints his own  masterpiece on his tardy Girlfriend's delectable bottom cheeks ....needless to say his favourite colour is red !


  1. excellent method to deter tardiness
    bottoms up

  2. "Add some more texture to it" <--- ooooo! That's a new spanko metaphor I've never heard before. To me the first thing that comes to mind is the smooth surface of her hot hairbrushed bottom gets raised lines added, the kind that result from multiple stripes of the cane. Then both he and she can take turns cupping their hands and squeezing and rubbing and feeling the special added texture of her punished bottom.... to truly appreciate the art that has been created.

    1. The hairbrush can produce many colours and textures...and a shapely female bottom makes a perfect canvass.

    2. The first time I applied the hairbrush I told her that it will remind you to brush up on your manners. She was spanked for her rudeness, she did improve, but the hairbrush is still the best instrument to get a woman's attention.

  3. A work of art in more ways than one :)

  4. I bet secretly Veronica wants Charles to touch her up a bit more. She doesn't seem to be complaining.