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Monday, January 20, 2020

More Praise for Older Women - FM Spanking Story

"I don't think this is a good time Susan ..." Mark said as the pair pulled into Beth and Paul's driveway.
"Why not Honey? Your Mom and Paul left the brunch early , and we didn't have a chance to thank them for their gift." his Fiancee replied.
"What gift? " a puzzled Mark asked.
Susan grinned , "Oh I'll show it to you when we get back home Sweetie. In fact , I'll do more than that ...." and she gave him a kiss.

Mark sighed , "Well I'm still not sure Susan ....Mom said they needed to have a private 'discussion' so maybe they need some privacy." he told her.
Mark knew very well what his Mother meant when she announced a 'discussion'.
After all , he had heard her say it many times when she was mad at his Dad , and it was no coincidence that his Dad would sit very gingerly afterwards at dinner !

Susan frowned at him , "Oh they were just going to talk about Paul's  truck , Beth told me he had forgotten to do some work on it or something. Anyway I'm sure they won't be long." Susan assured  him in a tone firm enough to end their conversation.

Exiting the car , Susan strode purposefully to the front door , signalling for a reluctant Mark to follow.
"See Mark....the door's unlocked!" Susan declared happily opening the door and stepping inside.
"Maybe we should ring the doorbell anyway know let them know we're  here?" Mark suggested but his Fiancee was not listening , "Don't be silly's your Mother's place ....we never knock!" she scolded.

While Susan made her way to the kitchen , Paul lingered at the foot of the stairs.
The familiar and unmistakable sound of a hairbrush being applied vigorously to a bare backside echoed from upstairs.
He also recognized that all the yelping and howling was coming from his best friend Paul!
Yes , Beth was certainly having another serious 'discussion' with her new Husband!

Susan emerged from the kitchen and joined Mark .
"What's  that sound? What is going on up there?" she asked wrinkling her cute nose.
Mark looked at her and shrugged knowingly.
'WHOP!' 'WHOP !' 'WHAP!' 'WHAP!' 'WHOP!' 'WHOP!'
"OMIGOSH! Is she giving him a......." Susan gasped.
"A spanking? She sure is!" Mark confirmed.

At that moment  , the noises stopped and Beth appeared at the top of the stairs , looking completely unperturbed by the interruption.
Susan had made quite a commotion when entering the house and Beth had heard her over the noise of the spanking she was administering.
"I thought it might be you two!" Beth  chirped , re-wrapping her silk robe around her curves.
Mark blushed at the sight of his semi-dressed Mother  , " Er...uhm ....I told Susan this was a bad time and Paul are obviously busy...." he stammered.

"Don't be silly Dear.....I asked Susan to stop by . Now why don't you both come up here and wait until I finish with won't be long" Beth announced before spinning on her heel to leave before they could answer.
Mark frowned at his Fiancee in disbelief , "Susan! You knew...." he began , but Susan was already half-way up the stairs.
Turning her head , she shrugged and cast him an impish grin , "You heard your Mother Mark....come on!" she told him firmly.

By the time Mark ascended the stairs , Beth had resumed her previous position on the big chair , with a naked and red-bottomed husband sprawled over her lap.
Susan giggled at the sight while Mark's jaw dropped.
"Well don't just stand there Susan....pass me that hairbrush!" Beth ordered boldly , and the younger woman quickly complied.
Taking a moment to adjust the already blistered male bottom on her lap , Beth looked at her , "Watch and learn Susan !" she said , giving a wink to her still stunned son.

For the next few minutes Beth gave the onlookers a classic lesson in domestic discipline , thoroughly tanning Paul's cheeks as she lectured and scolded him about his behaviour.
Susan looked on in awe and with great interest.
After a final flurry of spanks which had Paul yelping and kicking , Beth stood up , grabbed his ear and deposited him in the corner.

She looked at Susan , proudly pointing to her squirming husband's very red bottom.
"So how does it look ?" she asked.
 "Very red and very sore!"Susan giggled  before giving Mark a stern glare , "We wanted to thank you properly for such a thoughtful gift Beth." she added.

Mark looked dumbfounded , "What f#$$$g gift ?" he blurted in utter frustration .
Beth tutted and feigned outrage , "Mark! Such language ! " , then turning to Susan asked , "Are you going to let him speak to you like that?"
Susan shook her head and picked up the hairbrush , "May I borrow this Beth ...this just can't wait until we get home !" she announced taking a firm grip on her Fiancee's ear.

Beth cackled loudly , "Of course Susan....everything is already set up for you here , so why don't I take my naughty boy to the spare room to finish our 'discussion' , while you and Mark get on with your 'discussion'? Come along Sweetheart...." she said , leading Paul out of the room and closing it behind her.

An hour or so later , Mark was relieved to exit the car after the short drive home.
He grimaced and furiously rubbed the seat of his pants.
"Was the ride home a tad uncomfortable for you Sweetie?" Susan teased with a grin , making her man wince when she gave his rear a playful squeeze.
"I'll say!" Mark agreed reluctantly , walking stiffly to follow his Fiancee inside.

"Now why don't you go upstairs and get ready for our proper 'discussion' Mark !" Susan announced firmly.
Her Fiancee's jaw dropped"WHAT? But you just blistered my butt Honey! I can't take another spanking ! PLEASE?" he pleaded.
Susan was too busy opening the box containing Beth's gift to pay attention to his whining.
Scooping up the big hairbrush she rolled it over in her palm , "This will do very nicely....and it's going to get a lot of use !"she remarked.
Mark gasped at the very sight of the implement , almost an exact replica of the brush belonging to his Mother.
Susan pointed to the stairs , "No more arguments young man! Get upstairs and get ready for a REAL spanking !" she declared with a hint of glee.
Her Fiancee's eyes widened and his mouth opened , as for a moment he contemplated resistance , but Susan's posture was resolute.
"Yes Ma'am!" he replied before making his way upstairs.....


  1. Many husbands have heard those words upon entering the house when the wife is unhappy. Not sure how many moms have taught daughter-in-law the way of DD's

    1. Beth is making sure Susan is getting off to a good start with Mark.
      I expect Mark will become very familiar with those words.

  2. Would be interesting to know how much of this is happening. My wife spanks me, said she learned from her mother.

  3. Cute. In my experience though it was the younger Rosa who got our older friend Marta to appreciate the efficacy of spanking as opposed to having the older party act as mentor. LOL

    1. That sounds like an interesting set up for s story KD!

    2. Well funny you say that. My "Coincidences" story is based on a fictional interaction but also based on real people and other real conversations and experiences revolving around Rosa, Marta, and me.

    3. Thanks KD ...that saves me having to go there !
      I will check it out.

  4. Look at Mark's expression in the picture. He is thinking
    a) Paul's bottom is in trouble now!
    and then not long after
    b) MY bottom is in trouble!
    Sometimes the novice spankee's slow dawning comprehension comes in two steps like that :) :)

    1. He knows that his day of reckoning has arrived!

  5. like your stories and the pictures.

    1. Thank you Baxter. It is always nice to hear people enjoy the blog.

  6. Is there gonna be a part 4?

  7. Wonderful story of the women spanking their men, and specially that the fiancée will receive a second spanking. I know from experience that a second spanking in the same day is very EFFECTIVE.
    bottoms up