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Thursday, January 2, 2020

Lady Blackwell's Study - FM Spanking Story

Lady Cynthia looked at her sister Marigold and tried to melt the icy atmosphere at the Blackwell family dinner table with some small talk.
“There’s still enough time for us to go riding after dinner.” she suggested.
Her sister responded with a nod , barely looking up from her plate.

Ever since the incident at  last night’s dinner party the tension between their parents was palpable.
“If you do , I  want you to stay away from Jasper and George , understand ?” Lord Blackwell roared angrily at them.

“Henry ! Don’t  yell at the girls at the dinner table! Their infatuation with those two young men is quite normal , and besides , after your behaviour last night you are hardly in a position to advise anyone about how to behave are you?” Lady Blackwell interjected.
“Are you going on about that again?” Henry sighed .
“Yes I am , and I am far from finished discussing it with you! I told you I would be dealing with you later in that regard and I meant it!” she scolded.

Lady Blackwell looked over at her daughters ,”Actually , it would be good if you two could go for a ride after dinner . Your Father and I have matters to discuss in the study...don’t we Dear?” she said.
“Penelope please....I’ve already said I was sorry....” Lord Blackwell reasoned.
His wife gave him a familiarly stern look , “Well let me assure you that you are going to be a lot sorrier ! “

The two sisters knew exactly what their Mother meant and grinned at each other , “May we leave the table Father?” Cynthia asked , enjoying her Father’s obvious discomfort.
Lord Blackwell’s face flushed , “Yes you may.” he replied reluctantly.
“Be back by 8 girls...and if we are still in the study go straight to bed!” Lady Blackwell instructed.
“Yes Mother!” the daughters chirped, trying to disguise their giggles as they left.

Lady Blackwell looked at Mason the Butler , “Please prepare the study for me in the usual fashion Mason.” she requested.
Mason nodded a reply, “I already have Milady.”
Lady Blackwell stood up , “Follow me Henry !” she ordered firmly.
Reluctantly her husband rose , “Yes Ma’am.” he muttered.

"Hurry up Cynthia , Jasper and George are waiting for us at the stables!" Marigold said.
Her sister was already going in the opposite direction towards the study , "They can wait Marigold. I knew Mother was going to give Father a thrashing so I know how we can get a front row seat!" she replied.

By the time the two young ladies had scaled the big tree outside the study window , a contrite Lord Blackwell was disrobing while  Lady Blackwell leaned against the big mahogany desk swishing the cane through the air.

Cynthia and Marigold could barely contain their excitement , they knew their Mother disciplined their Father but they had never before had an opportunity to watch the scene develop right in front of their eyes.
It was also the first time they had seen their Father naked and the sight took both of them by surprise.
For a man in his fifties , his lean and muscular physique was impressive , but not as impressive as his manhood !
"Ohmigosh! Look at Father's's enormous !" Cynthia gasped.
"....and I thought George's was big !" Marigold concurred.

Lady Blackwell eyed her naked Husband and curled a finger to beckon him closer.
The pair of observers could not hear what their Mother was saying but clearly she was giving Lord Blackwell a severe scolding.
His head drooped and his face flushed red as Lady Blackwell wagged a finger at him and occasionally slapped her cane against the flat desk which startled her Husband as much as the two young ladies.

Finally , they saw Lady Blackwell roll up her sleeve and point to the desk .
Without hesitation , Lord Blackwell leaned his body across the desk taking a firm grip with both hands.
From their vantage point the young ladies observed a look of sheer terror appear on their Father's face as Lady Blackwell paced menacingly behind him , swishing the cane through the air.
Beads of sweat were visible on Lord Blackwell's brow when he felt the cane brush tantalizingly against his bare backside.
There was no doubt that Lady Blackwell was thoroughly enjoying herself , savouring her sense of power over her man.

'SWISH!' 'WHACK!' "OW!" 

Cynthia and Marigold cringed when their Mother delivered the first six stinging strokes of the cane to Lord Blackwell's lily white buttocks.
She paused . looking on in satisfaction as angry , red stripes slowly appeared on his skin.
"Wow! Mother really knows how to swing that cane .....I'd love to try that on Jasper's rear end !" Cynthia gushed in admiration,
"I can't wait to do the same to George !" Marigold agreed.

Lord Blackwell's grip on the desk tightened and he struggled to stay in place while his wife expertly laid on another 6 strokes of the cane to his squirming backside.
This time she applied them slowly and methodically , choosing her spot and pausing for effect after each stroke.

Lady Blackwell placed a soothing palm on her Husband's scorched and striped cheeks .
"Oh my Henry....your bottom looks so much more enticing when it's hot and striped from my cane !" she cooed.
Lord Blackwell struggled up , immediately cupping both of his punished cheeks with his hands.
Meanwhile , Lady Blackwell was already sitting comfortably on the large leather chair in the centre of the room.
"Bring me the Hairbrush and get over my lap Henry !" she ordered firmly , patting her lap for emphasis.
Henry frowned , "Aw no Milady....not the brush too...the cane was enough....I've learned my lesson!" he pleaded.

Cynthia and Marigold were surprised and impressed to see how their Mother had turned their powerful , proud Father into a snivelling schoolboy with her cane.
Now she was going to put him over her lap land spank him like a naughty boy!
How embarrassing ! How exciting !


Lady Blackwell's brush danced all over her Husband's rear quarters soon turning it a blazing red.
His Lordship kicked , bucked and squirmed on his wife's lap as she snapped the back of the brush against his chastened cheeks again and again until he was wailing and sobbing like a small child.

Cynthia and Marigold could not believe their eyes .
In just a few short minutes their Mother had turned the tables on strong and mighty Lord Blackwell , transferring all the power from him to her.
It was indeed an impressive display.

Lady Blackwell pointed to the floor and Henry knelt before her to undo her boots.
Seductively she hoisted her long dress and slid her silk stockings down over her milky thighs.
Henry could only look on in awe as she raised her bare feet and placed them before his face.
Instinctively he leaned forward and began hungrily sucking on each of her toes.
For the girls it was a comical sight to see their Father's red , welted and striped bottom wiggle in the air as he licked and sucked at his wife's feet.

Finally , Lady Blackwell spread her legs and took a grip on Lord Blackwell's hair , guiding it up her thighs before planting his face on her sweet , honey spot.
Lord Blackwell's head bobbed as he pleasured his wife , while Lady Blackwell tossed her head back in groans of ecstasy.

Cynthia and Marigold were shook from their trance by two familiar male voices .
"Cynthia?" "Marigold?" "What the Dickens are you two doing up that tree at this hour? We've been waiting for you at the stables!"
It was Jasper and George and the two young ladies were most happy to see them.
After watching their parents '  seductive activities in the Study , Cynthia and Marigold were feeling very 'frisky'.

Cynthia looked at Marigold , "Are you thinking what I'm thinking sister?" she smirked.
"Well it appears Father and Mother will be preoccupied for the next while so why not ?" he younger sister replied.
The pair descended the tree and fell into the strong , muscular arms of the two handsome young Groomsmen.
"What were you doing up there?" Jasper asked Cynthia.
Cynthia snuggled into his broad chest and placed a hand on Jasper's burgeoning manhood.
"Never mind that Jasper ....why did you and George not wait for us at the Stables as we asked ?" she said firmly , tightening her grip on Jasper's member.
"Well....I....we thought...." he babbled in obvious confusion.

Marigold placed a hand between George's legs and cooed to discover a growing erection beneath , "I would say that was severe disobedience which needs to be punished wouldn't you Cynthia?" she declared gushed boldly.
"Disobedience ? Punished? You can't...." George stammered.
"Yes Marigold , let's take our two naughty boys over to Mother's private stable and 'deal' with them in the Blackwell women way!" Cynthia agreed.

Jasper protested , "You can't do that Lady Cynthia!"
Cynthia placed a finger seductively on his lips , "Oh yes I can Jasper my love....unless you prefer I tell Mother and let her 'deal' with you two?" she teased.
"You wouldn't dare!"George said.
He yelped when Marigold gave the seat of his tight riding pants a hearty whack with her riding crop.
"There will be a lot more where that came from once we get to the stable George March!" Marigold declared.
Lady Cynthia looked at her younger sister in awe , "Marigold ! You never fail to surprise me!" she gushed , before applying her crop to Jasper's backside in similar fashion.
"AIOOW!" he yelped and hopped comically in the air.
"Come along Jasper Dear and take your medicine !" she giggled.

Mr. McInytre chuckled at the sight of Jasper and George being led to the privacy of Lady Blackwell's stable by the two diminutive young ladies who  propelled their men forward with well placed whacks to the seat of their tight riding pants that made them yelp and hop.
Minutes later , the measured , rhythmic 'WHOPS' of wood being applied to bare skin,  accompanied by manly yelps and female giggles were echoing from the stable.

Inside , Cynthia held a naked Jasper firmly over her lap and was enthusiastically cracking the big brush venomously against his deliciously taut rear quarters.

Beside her , Marigold had a still dressed but struggling George trapped over her thighs , snapping her crop smartly against his skin tight pants.
The young lady paused to admire the marks her crop made on the seat of George's pants
"OK George take off you clothes's your turn for the brush! she giggled , tumbling poor George onto the floor.
"Hurry up Cynthia .....I can't wait to try that brush on George's bottom !" Marigold chirped as George disrobed.
Her sister paused to inspect her handiwork . She had never seen a bottom so red and blistered.
"Just a dozen more good ones and Jasper will be done Marigold !" she replied.
"There ! That will do nicely! " she declared with a satisfied glow before handing the big brush to Marigold.
Outside , McIntyre grinned and shook his head , "I did warn those two to beware of those Blackwell ladies!" he said to himself .

A short while later , the two young ladies sat exhausted , wiping their brows as their red-tailed boyfriends stood squirming in the corner.
"OK! You two can came out of the corner now!" Cynthia announced , gasping when the pair of massive twin erections pointed at them.
"Oh my! What are we to do with those sister?" Marigold exclaimed.
"I think you know very well Marigold." her sister replied.

"Thank you Mason." Lord Blackwell said when the Butler placed an oversized pillow on his chair.
Lady Blackwell smiled and their daughters giggled when he agonizingly lowered himself onto it.
Mason handed Lady Blackwell a note , "From Mr. McIntyre." he said.
Cynthia and Marigold looked at each other uncomfortably while their Mother read the note.
"Anything important my Dear?" Lord Blackwell asked through a grimace.
"It appears Jasper and George violated their curfew last night so I'll need to deal with them after breakfast ." she replied nonchalantly.

Lord Blackwell scowled at his two guilt-ridden daughters , "I hope you two are not responsible for this! I warned you to stay away from those two!"
"Stop yelling at once Henry !  You know very well those two rascals are more than capable of getting into mischief all on their own. A good thrashing is all they understand and that's exactly what they'll get!" his wife said sternly.

"Now I think you should apologize to the girls for that outburst!" she demanded.
Lord Blackwell was outraged , "Like Hell I will ! Apologize for what?"
His wife paused to take a sip from her teacup , "I really do not like your tone Henry.....and after last night's quite thorough discussion ! Perhaps we need to have another private 'discussion' in the study?" she warned.
Lord Blackwell blushed and shifted on his sore seat , recalling how his wife had blistered his backside last night  , and he had no appetite for more , "No Ma'am " he promptly replied.

Then looking at his daughters he , somewhat reluctantly,  offered his apologies.
"Don't look so smug ladies!" Lady Blackwell warned her daughters with a wagging finger, "I'm sure Jasper and George will be very forthcoming , so if you were involved I will find out !"

Over at the stables , Jasper and George looked very subdued and humble when they brought out Cynthia's and Marigold's horses out for their morning ride.
"Have you recovered from last night Gentlemen ?" Cynthia teased as Jasper helped her into her saddle.
"Your bottoms must be terribly sore from that nasty brush ?" Marigold asked , feigning sympathy.
George scowled at them , "It's true you ladies warmed our behinds good last night , but we're more worried about what Lady Blackwell will do to us once she finds out we broke our thanks to you two!"

Cynthia pouted , "It seems to me that you were enjoying yourself so much you insisted we stay longer Jasper.....and if your dare tell Mother we were there you'll regret it!"
Just then , the Butler Mason arrived , " Jasper and George ! Her Ladyship wishes to see you in her study right away !" he announced tersely.
"In her Study?" the two young men gasped in unison.
"Yes her two must be in serious trouble if she intends to deal with you there. I wouldn't want to be in your shoes !" Mason added with a grin.

Cynthia and Marigold giggled as their boyfriends scurried across the courtyard to their unpleasant rendezvous in the study.
"Let's go riding later Cynthia ...." Marigold suggested , "....we have just enough time to climb back up the tree before Mother gets started on those two !" she gushed.


  1. Delightful! These stories just keep getting SPANKier and SPANKier. They are the SPANKIEST spanking stories around. Full of SPANKiosity and SPANK-tas-tic-ness. I love spanking!

  2. This is a nice dose of pure female domination... but I'm sure those two naughty young ladies will get their comeuppance before too long :D

    1. I'm sure Jasper and George will make sure they get what's coming to them !

    2. Oh goody. I can't wait! They need their bottoms roasted after all they did.

  3. great story, females in charge, males get spanked. Love it.


  4. Wonderful story, and obviously to be continued, as lying why they broke curfew would be unacceptable, specially since their bottoms will show they had been spanked within the past 24 hours.
    bottoms up

    1. Only Lady Blackwell knows what awaits the naughty young gentlemen !

  5. Great story. Look forward to the next one.