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Monday, January 13, 2020

In praise of older women - FM Spanking Story

"A spanking ? You can't be serious Beth?" Paul asked , his jaw dropping.
A wry smile played on his wife's face , "Don't sound surprised Sweetheart...I did warn you. If you insist on behaving like a naughty schoolboy I shall treat you like one. A good old fashioned spanking is what you deserve and I intend to give it to you. Now get those trousers down and get over my lap!"

Her response horrified her husband even more , "Trousers down? Over your lap?" he repeated incredulously.
"That's correct Paul . Don't make me have to fetch you !" Beth warned , reaching out to retrieve the big hairbrush from her dresser.
"What's that for?" her terrified husband asked.
Beth chuckled , "It's to spank you with silly!" she replied , tapping the back of the brush against her palm , "Ouchie!" she teased .

Then taking her seat on the big chair she rolled up her sleeve , hoisted her skirt to expose the tops of her silk stockings and milky thighs.
"Let's have you then!" she declared , patting her lap and a smile played on her face again when Paul undid his pants.

Paul and Beth had married barely two months ago , ignoring all the gossip and chatter about their relationship.
Not only was Beth 25 years older than Paul , but she was also his best friend's Mother!
It was all very awkward at times but they truly were in love so the age gap didn't matter to them , even though it was a bit odd to have his best friend Mark walk his bride down the aisle!

Paul and Beth even put up with the predictable jokes and teasing from his circle of friends due to their age difference .
'Did Beth ground you again Paul?'
'Does Beth tuck you into bed at night Paul?'
'Is Beth going to give you a spanking?'
Paul noticed when that last comment was made in Beth's presence she would nod and smile knowingly.
Now he knew why !

It was all his own fault anyway.
He knew he hadn't been pulling his weight in the marriage , still drinking and carousing with his friends , not doing his share of chores and little things like not picking up his clothes.
Beth tried scolding him about it , but didn't want to become a nag so would let it go.
Finally in exasperation after Paul spilt beer all over their new carpet she just blurted out , "Perhaps I should give you a spanking Paul?"
Her young Husband's face flushed with embarrassment and stunned him into silence.
Sensing she had touched a nerve , Beth continued , "Well should I Paul? " she probed , her finger wagging at him.
"What? Spank me?" Paul replied meekly.
"Yes ! Perhaps a little time laying over my lap having your bare bottom blistered with my hairbrush might be just what you need to smarten up!" Beth scolded.

Beth handed Paul the carpet cleaning supplies , "Clean up your mess Paul ! " she ordered and he reluctantly took them from her.
As he leaned over to scrub the carpet , Beth eyed Paul's manly posterior squeezed against his tight denims.
She raised her hand and gave it a firm , hearty smack , knocking Paul forward on his knees , "OUCH!" he yelped looking up at Beth.
Beth wagged a finger at him again , "I meant what I said about giving you a spanking Paul ! You had better smarten up fast !" she warned before turning on her heel and leaving him to think.

Paul did not heed the sound advice his new wife had given him , and now was facing the consequences.
There was no way he could get out of the spanking he was about to receive and he knew he deserved it.
So as Paul discarded his clothes , this time folding them neatly per Beth's instructions , Beth watched , tapping the back of the brush against her palm.

When Paul was naked , she curled a finger to beckon him to her.
The sight of his wife's enticing lap excited the young Husband and a larger than life erection was soon pointing  at his her.
Beth gazed at it in derision , "You seem to be quite excited about this spanking Paul , but let me tell you that you won't be for long. This is a real spanking young man and I intend to blister your butt! It's going to hurt a lot and you'll be feeling it each time you sit for the next few days!"she lectured.
Despite her dire warning , Paul's erection continued to grow!

When he crawled over Beth's lap , Paul grunted when her legs parted and clamped down on his rod.
Placing both palms on the floor , Paul found his bare backside was high in the air and his feet well off the ground.
Beth had him exactly where she wanted him!
While she rubbed and tapped the back of the brush against Paul's bare cheeks she began to scold and lecture him. There were a lot of offences so this took quite a while and Paul dutifully responded to any questions from Beth with the required "Yes Ma'am!"

His spanking had not even begun and Paul was already feeling very uncomfortable and vulnerable .
Beth loved Paul's backside.
It was firm and muscular but with that boyish look and a roundness that made it perfect for spanking.
She had been yearning to have it over her lap since the moment they met and now it had finally arrived.
She smoothed a palm over the peach buzzed twin globes and gave each a cute little squeeze that made her young husband flinch.
Then she raised her arm high and Paul's first spanking began!
She was going to enjoy this a lot!

At that moment , Beth's son Mark pulled into the driveway to return a tool he had borrowed from Paul.
The garage door was open so he went in and placed the tool back on the rack.
As he did ,  muffled noises coming from inside the house caught his attention.
They were sharp and had a rhythmic beat to them.
'WHAP!' 'WHOP !' 'WHOP!' 'WHAP!' 'WHAP!'

He opened the door to the kitchen and ventured inside where the sounds were more distinctive.
The cries of a male voice were interspersed between them.
The sounds were very familiar to Mark and thoughts of the past flooded back.

Entranced , he listened carefully as the sounds continued.
There was no doubt they were the sounds of a hairbrush being applied to bare skin.
Someone was getting one heck of a spanking but who ?
It did not take him long to conclude that the recipient was Paul and the spankec must be his Mother.

He recalled many years ago arriving home early from a school outing to hear similar sounds.
When he crept upstairs he saw his Father draped over his Mother's lap getting a bare-bottomed spanking.
His Father was a tough man but he was bawling like a baby and Mark had never seen a backside so red!
He never said a word but noticed his Father wince and squirm on his seat at dinner that night.
After that he noticed his Dad did a lot of squirming and grimacing , especially on Sunday evenings when the kids were out at Sunday school for the morning!
He also noticed the big , old fashioned hairbrush that adorned his Mother's dresser even though he never saw her use it to brush her hair.

As Paul's spanking intensified , Mark decided to leave the scene as he had done all those years ago when his Dad was being Spanked , but left a text message for Paul to join him for a drink later.
About an hour passed until Paul texted him back to confirm , albeit with the condition he could not stay long.

Before he left for his rendezvous with Mark , Paul tidied up the garage , one of a number of tasks assigned to him by Beth during their post spanking discussion.
He noticed that the tool he had loaned Mark was neatly back in its place.
He knew he had not returned it there and immediately began worrying that Paul may have overheard his spanking.
"Surely not?", he assured himself nervously.

The two friends greeted each other warmly as it had been a while since they had met.
Mark had chosen a secluded corner of the bar with two big plush armchairs and sank back into his as Paul hesitated.
"I thought these would be more comfortable for you to sit on Paul ....after....or we could stand at the bar if you prefer?" he said.
The two good friends kept no secrets from each other and Paul knew his friend was aware of this one!

Carefully Paul lowered himself onto the cushion with a grimace and squirmed around for comfort.
"You were at our house today? I saw the sander I lent you was back in the garage." Paul began tentatively.
Mark nodded.
"So I assume you heard....." Paul continued , his face flushing.
"My Mom giving you a spanking? Yes I did."his friend confirmed.

"She sure knows how to spank!" Paul declared with a grin to try and lighten things up.
"I know!" Mark agreed.
"So you Mother spanked you and your sister's?" Paul inquired.
Mark shook his head, "He'll no? Mom and Dad never laid a finger on us. Just the sound of Mom's voice was enough to keep us kids in line.....but when Mom was mad at Dad it was a different story!"

Paul's jaw dropped , "Beth spanked your Dad too!"
Mark nodded , "Yes....not in front of us but a few times we heard her spank him when we came home early. Poor Dad couldn't sit comfortably for days after one of Mom's spankings!"
"I can relate to that!" Paul concurred , "I guess I deserved it anyway. I haven't been pulling my weight and behaved pretty badly lately..." he mused.
"......the great thing was the sex afterwards we....." Paul began but his friend raised a hand for him to stop.
"TMI ! She's my Mom remember?" he said.
" Sorry....I forgot again..." his friend acknowledged.
"Don't worry Paul , your secret is safe with me.....but you better gett ready for a lot more spankings!" Mark replied.


  1. I feel the reason a man marries an older woman is to have a wife and a Mother. Spankings come with it.

  2. I'm 13 years older than husband and often have to administer correction for his disobedience. He never really tried to get me to take a "motherly" role, but, sometimes I just assume it.

    1. I don't think it is a 'Motherly' role Cecilia , it's more of a mature wife role , and older women have a certain attraction to us in this regard.

    2. My wife is older than I, there is no Motherly role. She does spank, but trust me when she is finished you know full well it was your wife spanking you, not your mother.

  3. Beth is a spanko!
    (yes folks... I figured that out all by myself).

    1. No prize for that Joe , I don't think Paul figured that out though , although he has now !

  4. A good story. I agree with you that it is not a motherly role, but a mature wife role. I do not think of my partner as a second mother, but I do accept that she is more mature than me in certain respects and has the right to take me across her knee and spank my bottom soundly.

    1. Although Paul didn't know it when he married Beth , she is a seasoned spanker!

  5. I certainly appreciate the allure of an older woman... which is lucky because we'll all end up getting spanked by older women in the end :)

  6. Replies
    1. Same to you B and I hope you are healthy and well again going into 2020!

  7. I am posting an Eilean Beithe inspired story ;)

  8. Part 1 and 2 already posted, part 3 to be posted this Saturday. Eilean Beithe (Gaelic for Birch Island) was a website created by Alex who rented a Scottish castle to play shool with women friends...

    1. I don't have a castle or an island but you and your lady friends are welcome to visit me to play school any time B !

  9. Fun scenario of two friends, one who marries the other friends mother, and is spanked by her. Hope you continue this story, and the other age gap spanking relationships you have started.
    delightful, and erotic
    bottoms up

    1. I'm a big admirer of older women...especially when they love to spank or be spanked.

  10. I really love this story. Older lady gives old fashion spanking to younger hubby. Hairbrushing is always best.

    1. She has lots of experience with that hairbrush !