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Sunday, November 17, 2019

The Jokari Paddle - FM Spanking Story

I came across it purely by chance at a local yard sale.
When my Husband saw me ask the seller for a price he looked at me strangely , "You do know that is supposed to come as a set of two with a ball attached to a string?" he informed me.

"Of course I do Honey!" I replied , digging into my purse for the $5 asking price .
"So why would you pay $5 for one racquet ? It's useless!" he asked irritably.
I smiled at him as I handed over the money , "For what I neeed it for I'll only need one my Dear and I'm going to be using it quite a lot!" I replied.

Admiring my new purchase , I slapped it hard against my palm producing a 'WHACK!"  loud enough to turn the heads of the other browsers , "You promised me this morning that you'd be patient while I shopped and not complain  , so  if you're  not hoing to do that , then  go wait in the car for me while I look around some more....and don't you dare honk the horn at me like you did last time?" I scolded loudly.

The older lady who sold me the paddle chuckled at our exchange  and passed me a $1 , "I'll let you have it for $4 Dear . It looks like you'll be putting it to good use!" she smiled, "....and by the way , we do have the whole Jokari set and the other paddle has been hanging in our bedroom closet for years!" she proudly revealed , "I thought perhaps this one  might be put to good use by another like-minded wife!"

"Oh don't worry about that , it's going to be used a lot....starting with today!" I confirmed , rolling the paddle over in my hand , "It certainly feel like it packs quite a punch!" I remarked.
"Oh believe me dear it packs one heck of a punch......doesn't it Honey?" She replied poking her preoccuped husband in the ribs.

He turned around and visibly flinched when he saw me holding the paddle , the mere sight of it obviously stirring unpleasant memories for him.
"This nice lady was just enquiring how stingy this paddle is , and as I don't have any experience receiving it myself,  I thought you could tell her!" she prompted , clearly enjoying his discomfort.

With her unsuspecting husband rendered momentarily speechless she proceeded to answer for him , "I like to have him bent over a chair so I can get a nice swing and follow through. Believe me , he needs that chair to hold onto once I connect with it. You should hear him howl ,  and I can tell you that he is not at all keen to sit for a day or two afterwards! "she added.

Her husband , a tall good looking man in his 60's smiled nervously at me and nodded , "Monica's right ! She sure knows how to swing that thing and yes it does hurts like the dickens!" he confessed , rubbing the seat of his jeans dramatically for effect.

Surprised at their openness I decided to probe further , "Really ? If you don't mind me asking , how many licks does she usually give you?" I asked boldly.
Closing his eyes as if to recall an actual experience , he took a moment to reply , "Well that would depend on what I did , or what sort of mood she's in ...but I'd say around 50 or 60.....It's hard for me to keep count when she's laying it on thick and fast!"he confessed.
"All I know is that he behaves like  a true gentleman and treats me like a Queen afterwards , for at least as long as his butt is still sore!" his wife quipped.

WIth my new purchase in hand I settled into the car beside my waiting , and rather pensive hubby.
"The next yard sale is only a few blocks away..." he said , starting the engine.
"I think that will do for today Sweetheart ,you are clearly not interested !" I scolded.
"Look Honey...I'm sorry about that but I ..." he began until I stopped him by pressing my finger against his lips.
"The only words I want to hear from you are 'Yes Ma'am ' and 'No Ma'am '.  I'll be dealing with that attitude of yours when we get home.....with 50 good hard swats with this on your bare butt!" I announced with a hint of  a smile.

He stared at the paddle , his hands momentarily frozen to the steering wheel , "You're not serious?" he asked uncertainly.
"Oh I am deadly serious Dear , and as I did not hear a 'Ma'am ' lets make that 60 swats shall we?" I replied , revelling in my role now.
His lips opened and closed again and after reconsideration he mouthed , "Yes Ma'am!"

Sure enough , a short while later my naughty husband was standing stark naked before me while I placed the big chair in the middle of our bedroom, awaiting his first taste of my Jokari paddle .

I scooped it up and paced before him , "Let me explain how this is going to work. Upon my command you will bend over that chair with your butt out. I don't want to hear any excuses or I will be adding extra swats. I suggest you hold on tight as this is going to hurt. Understood?" I barked.
With his head bowed he responded with another "Yes  Ma'am!"

I pointed at the chair , "Bend over the chair and present your bottom for punishment!"
Without protest , he scurried over to the chair and assumed the position.

I decided to start off slowly , delivering measured but solid swats to alternate cheeks and I could tell by his reaction that he was  feeling it .
He tried his best to remain silent , but little gasps and grunts were  escaping from his lips each time my paddle landed.
I noticed his hips and feet moving involuntarily and his grip
 on the chair tightening.

 I began to swing harder and boy did he start to holler .
He remained in position but was moving his butt quite a lot now to avoid the more powerful swats ,  so I paused to remind him to hold on tightly to the chair and keep his butt out as I was far from finished.
"Yes Ma'am! Sorry Ma'am! he grimaced in response.

I leaned back and really let fly with my next swat and he  sprang up grabbing  his cheeks with both hands, "GEEZUS JEN! Take it easy will ya !" he complained , immediately regretting his outburst .
" I  ordered you to stay in place or I would add extra swats didn't I?" I scolded.
"Well that just earned you an extra 10 swats !" I told him.
His jaw dropped but he knew better than to protest and dutifully bent over the chair again.

I was now warming to my task with determination and , admittedly , a generous amount of sheer pleasure!
My new paddle was indeed making quite an impression on my husband , whose stubborn male pride had him trying his best to keep his reactions in check , but I knew I was soon going to 'break him' .
As the Jokari scorched his backside he started screeching and wailing  so loudly  I'm quite sure the neighbours must have heard him.

I was only about half way through his 60 swat ordeal and his butt cheeks were really starting to show it , so I decided to target my attack on the virgin territory at the top of his thighs.
His howls intensified and  pleaded earnestly with me to stop .
He was now one sorry , contrite husband who was going to have trouble sitting for the next day or two !

To his credit , Hubby managed to endure the remainder of his paddling , including his earned additional swats , albeit with
lots of howling and squirming , but more importantly, with  contrite apologies and promises to behave himself.

Since then , the Jokari paddle became my 'go to' implement when he did something to merit serious correction .
He is absolutely terrified at the mere sight or even mention of it.
If he acts up , I remind him of it's power  and he immediately smartens up in the hope I will let him off the hook - but I rarely do!

When he has been particularly naughty  ,  I will leave the jokari displayed openly where he can see it for days , keeping him on pins and needles , knowing that a sound punishment is coming but not knowing  when I might announce and deliver it.

Only when I feel the time is right , I will bring out the chair , take the paddle off its hook and summon him into the room.
His expression is priceless when he sees me standing there beside the chair , the dreaded Jokari in my hand and my sleeves rolled up.
The moment he sees the jokari in my hand , he  will  apologize profusely and even beg for me to use another implement , and I must admit that I simply revel at his grovelling.

His face will redden and  little beads of sweat appear on his forehead a I tell him how hard I am going to paddle him, how much it will hurt and what his bottom will feel like afterwards.
 I thoroughly enjoy his terrified reaction and he still tries his best to talk me out of paddling him ,even though he knows it is fruitless.

These days he knows the routine well and without being told  , he bares his bottom and bends over the back of the chair.
I am quite fussy and make sure he is positioned to my liking and remind him to stay in place and holding on firmly to the chair.

He still  stubbornly  does his utmost to take his punishment ' like a man'  , not wishing to give me the satisfaction of a reaction  , even though he knows I will eventually 'break him'.
For the first 6 or 8 whacks he usually manages to remain in place , and mostly silent apart from a few hisses , puffs and grunts , but by the time I reach a dozen he is yelping loudly and struggling to stay in position.

I take my time , taking aim with a full swing and follow through for each swat.
Once I reach 20 , any sense of decorum he had has long since disappeared and he is a wailing , struggling , pleading and apologizing mess .
Ignoring his antics , I continue , measuring my swats, scolding him and reminding him to hold on to the chair and stay in place.

I don't bother to keep count but usually bring his punishment to an end after about 50 or 60 whacks , making sure the final 5 or 6 are applied with extra vigour.
By that time his entire bottom and upper thighs are a blazing red  with white areas forming on his sit spots which he will be feeling for days.

He must remain in place bent over the chair for a few moments while I admire my handiwork and continue to lecture him on why he has such a very sore backside .
As I do so , he is  sweating , breathing heavily , moaning and shifting uncomfortably from foot to foot.

I can tell by the shaking  , unsteady tone of his "Yes Ma'am!" that the effects of his paddling have sunk in.
When I allow him to stand , his face is as red as his bottom and he cannot hide his wincing and grimacing while he restores his pants.
I hang the Jokari back on the door handle , and there it will  remain for a day or two as a reminder to him of my power.

I always schedule a little 'sit down chat' with him afterwards to discuss his behaviour and punishment.
While I enjoy this immensely , for obvious reasons , he absolutely hates it. Sitting is not something he wants to after the bottom roasting I just gave him !
He tries to slip his hands under his legs to elevate his sore bottom from the harsh wooden chair , but I promptly order him to keep both hands on the table and lower his tender rear quarters onto the harsh wood.

As I sit nice and comfortably , my naughty man is wincing and  squirming uncontrollably on his seat.
Of course , I  love to tease him about it and for the next day or two he will do his best to avoid sitting!

I also love to tease him about the marks my paddle left on his backside and will sometimes  order him to drop his pants so I can to inspect his paddled cheeks and admire my handiwork.

The glowing red will eventually fade,  but the scorched skin on his sit spots of both cheeks leave marks and bruises which can sometimes remain for a week.

They may be hard to find these days , but I would recommend you ladies acquire this classic implement to your won't regret it but your husband surely will !


  1. Very good story, the picture of him standing, naked, glowing bottom, his penis being limp states the spanking got its point across. I'm limp, and my wife insures that I know that.

    1. The Jokari guarantees a truly sorry and contrite husband and a bottom way to tender to sit on !
      What more could a wife ask for?

    2. Nothing more than maybe a spanking dance. My wife enjoys that the most, besides I act very much like a little boy after a spanking. Wives should apply what ever instrument more often to their husbands behind my wife saids, world would be a better place.

  2. A great story and pic to accompany a legendary implement!

  3. Rubbing afterwards, no way, my wife would quickly apply it again and harder. She enjoys seeing me wanting to rub, pleading to rub, just a part of the punishment.

    1. It is interesting how different women react to rubbing after they have administered a paddling.
      Some prohibit it entirely while others permit it and see it as a satisfying act of submission by their husband as his male ego would urge him not to give her any signal of how much the paddling hurts.
      Some , like my wife , do not permit it during the paddling but quite enjoy teasing about the rubbing afterwards.

    2. My wife, no rubbing, wants the spanking to last longer. I can dance around but that is stopped also. When I'm finally allowed to get dress, she really enjoys me trying to seat, and walking, well that is not good either.

  4. This story is so SPANKY! It is the epitome of spankiosity and spanktasticness.
    P.S. I am one of those who find it utterly charming when a spankee rubs their sore bottom to soothe it (only, of course, i want to prevent it from being done at the same time as a spank is being delivered. So she must endure the spank first).
    P.P.S. A sturdy wood paddle is my favorite toy. Why? Because it's so SPANKY!

    1. The Jokari certainly has a distinct , crisp sound when it connects sweetly and even the spanker is thinking 'that had to sting!'
      I think rubbing afterwards is good , as it does bring relief accompanied by a sense of satisfaction and amusement to the spanker.

  5. A delightful story. Thanks for posting, and I actually showed it to Cindy for her reference whenever I am reluctant to do something, and she spanked me the next day for exactly showing reluctance about something. It was about three weeks ago, so I have forgotten, while we were on vacation)
    bottoms up