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Tuesday, November 12, 2019

She's Late Again - MF Spanking Cartoon

He has tried everything to cure her tardiness , but here they are late again for an important event because she is not ready.
This time he will teach her never to keep them late again.
Despite her protests she will have to endure this evening sitting on the sorest bottom in town !


  1. Does she really mean, please spank me, I would take that to be what she wants.

    1. If so she is about to get what she wants....and more !

  2. I think 'I'll be ready in 5 minutes' will start to mean just that from now on :D

  3. I can't resist sharing this video. Normally I wouldn't because there are 1000's out there and you don't want to just post links on here. But this one! I just have to share. It matches the cartoon so well. And it's one of the best spanking play videos I've ever seen. Just full of so many marvelous delicious details that one could want scene (e.g. the pause to roll up the sleeves and lecture is just one).

  4. An excellent solution to tardiness. She is perfectly dressed to put on a good show of feet dancing while being spanked.
    bottoms up