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Sunday, November 10, 2019

Punished for not Pampering - FM Spanking Cartoon

Every Husband should know that one of his biggest responsibilities is to pamper his wife and treat her like a Queen .
However , with our busy lives we do tend to forget this and take her for granted.
This is not acceptable.
So it is up to our wives to give us an occasional  'nudge' to remind us that we have been selfish and neglectful.

This unfortunate Husband is receiving a stern lesson and a lasting reminder not to forget that his wife must be pampered.
So get pampering guys.....or else !


  1. It's a win win situation being a spanker.

    ----1) get pampered - this is a benefit.
    ----2) don't get pampered, then
    a) get to spank - this is the best benefit of all!!!
    b) then demand pampering - this is of course a benefit.

    And I see the spanker has found out you can repeat a, b, a, b, a, b.... as many times as you like! How delicious!

    1. As long as we can keep our wives happy they will do the same for us !

  2. And if he doesn't do a good enough job with the massage then the hairbrush is waiting...

    1. ...I would say the cane is enough incentive for him to do a thorough job !

  3. Other than the cane, I can relate to this particular situation!

  4. Pampering is fun for both, and a perfect reason to be spanked if you forget that you always have to try to woo your woman. Love the art
    bottoms up

    1. This is a good one for the ladies to keep and show us when we need a reminder.