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Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Pool Room Paddling - MF Spanking Cartoon

When these young ladies challenged their boyfriends to a friendly game of pool they were confident of winning until the stakes were agreed.
If the ladies won , their men agreed to take them on that luxury resort vacation they had been nagging them about for weeks.
However , if the guys won they would give their naughty girlfriends the bare bottom spanking that they had been warning them about for weeks.
It was a closely fought contest with the men winning in the end , but in fact everyone was a winner as  a few weeks later the three couples were sunning themselves on the beach at that resort.
The ladies appeared to have a nasty sunburn on their posteriors , clearly visible through those thong bikinis.....or was it something else than turned their cheeks that shade of red ?


  1. Perhaps an odd comment, but I really like your use of color in the last few postings!

    1. Not odd at all Randy....glad you appreciate the art aspect.

  2. Ha ha. They are spanko. So I give it a .00001% probability that the redness seen at the beach is due to sunburn :)

    The small possibility is that they intentionally made the spankees' bottoms bask in the sun too long in order to supercharge the sensations they would feel later on that evening under the strap and paddle back in the hotel bedroom.

    1. True.Either way their bottoms will be nice and red for a while...just the way they like it!

  3. Spanked and also having a holiday. Many of us would sign up for that combination.
    bottoms up