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Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Her Cure for Flirting - FM Spanking Cartoon

Professor Peabody could never resist flirting outrageously with the young ladies who flocked to him after a Lecture or one of his speaking engagements.
His wife , Helen knew it was harmless , but nonetheless she did not appreciate his behaviour , considering it not only disrespectful to her but it was simply not a proper way for a man of his stature to conduct himself.

So early on in their relationship , she pledged to cure him of this affliction in a very unique and effective manner.....with a good old fashioned spanking !

The Professor still has trouble controlling his flirting , but just one look from Helen sends him a clear message that he had better cease and desist ...or else !
The Professor knows very well that Helen is not shy about delivering an embarrassing spanking where his  young female admirers can see or hear it .....


  1. Wonderful... and I hope it gives those young ladies a few ideas of how to keep their boyfriends in line!

    1. These days I expect they already know how to do that!

  2. A wonderful lesson for many young women to hear.
    Love the art
    bottoms up

    1. A better lesson than the Professor can teach them.