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Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Sore seats - MF Spanking Cartoons

It bad enough that he gave her a good spanking for being rude , but now she has to sit down on a sore bottom for a proper discussion.
At least he allowed her to have a pillow....

Miss James loves to play Schoolmaster and naughty Schoolgirl with her husband but she hates having to write lines after a good dose of the cane !


  1. It's an interesting contradiction and perhaps just "one of those things", but I am as guilty as anyone of enjoying and even making jokes about sitting after a spanking, and yet? I can't think of a single matter how many spanks, no matter how sore and tender, even the time I was badly abraded and oozing, that I 'couldn't sit'.

    I think it's why I tend to like to add "comfortably" to my jokes on this subject, because that part makes it more true. ;-)

    As it is, you can scroll through countless accounts on my blog and find a bunch of comments from my 'circle' geared towards "sitting" jokes. Like I said.....a contradiction between humor and reality....but still prevalent, and fun.

    1. I think there is also a subtle difference between not being able to sit and sitting uncomfortably. I agree that I have never experienced the former but certainly the latter.
      It is still fun for the spanker to tease and admire the lasting effects of her efforts though.

    2. This is true. But, yes, if we change the terms of reference to be "sitting comfortably" then the hot soreness that lingers on after the spanks have stopped is most real. And because of this and the memories of how it got that way being fresh in the spankee's mind, the psychological aspects (e.g. embarassment, memories, anticipation of getting more) serve to magnify what she/he is feeling by making her/him hyper aware of the feelings of soreness. And these kinds of feelings are not reduced very much even if sitting on a soft pillow. The spankee's fate is to feel spanked. Cannot put it out of his/her mind. "I've been spanked". (which of course is a joy).

    3. Us guys have tougher hides so the effects of a good spanking can wear off quickly.
      I would love to hear from the 'fairer sex' to see what their experiences are after a spanking.

  2. Love the curvy adult schoolgirl wife with her very sore bottom!