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Saturday, September 14, 2019

She's All Business - FM Spanking Cartoon

I hope Dan , who runs a great spanking forum called "The Disciplinary Couples Club " will not mind me 'stealing' this spanking scenario from him.
You can find the link to Dan's blog on the right.

As Dan's will no doubt attest  , his wife 'Anne' is very capable at delivering a VERY sound spanking !
One of the aspects I like about their spankings is Anne's 'all business' approach to spanking her Husband.

Dan describes in his blog , how she will often be sitting on the bed diligently working on her laptop when she summons him into the room for a spanking.

Without even looking at him , she has him wait in silence, sometimes for quite some time , naked and with spanking implements at the ready while she finishes her work.
Then when she is good and ready , she casually puts her laptop away and gets on with the business of walloping her Husband's backside!

Any resemblances to Dan or his wife in the cartoon are purely coincidental !


  1. A delightful method to spank your partner. Well done Anne, and great art work Glenmore
    bottoms up

    1. I love Anne's approach too Red. I was going to draw her peering at Dan over eyeglasses perched on her nose (as my wife often does ) but decided to stick with Dan's description. Here's hoping I captured the moment....

  2. That's an amazing coincidence. The cartoon looks exactly like them. In fact it's even the same model laptop she uses in real life.

  3. Love the picture hanging on the wall in the background!

  4. Replies
    1. The honor is all mine Dan!
      I hope that I captured the moment and your wife approves.
      Thanks for sharing your DD experiences and describing them so well.

  5. Cue the song "Anticipation" by Carly Simon.

    1. It would make a nice background as he waits for what she has in store for him Joe!