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Friday, September 27, 2019

His Dance Lesson - FM Spanking Cartoon

When she promised him a dance lesson once she got him home he certainly wasn't expecting this.
She knows there is nothing better than a hairbrush applied to his backside to get him hopping....but his lesson is far from finished yet !


  1. Brings a whole new meaning to the song, "You Make Me Feel Like Dancing".;-)

  2. Is that where hip hop came from?

  3. Standing up: it's the hopping dance.
    Bending over: it'll be the twerking dance.

    Both are so delightful for a spanker to watch, aren't they!!

  4. She's definitely leading!

  5. Seems like this lady is definitely in a Strictly mood!
    Though being stripped naked for the hairbrush followed by the belt doesn't sound far from the perfect evening...

  6. I have learned, never having felt the belt, but getting another spanking after facing the wall, to do as told, the only words my wife wants to hear is either Yes Dear, or Yes Mommie. Jack

  7. From Veronica Oldfashiongirl with ref to her blog : It was hacked and I lost everything...10 years all lost! I'll work on a new blog soon...Please let everyone know... xoxo
    On Saturday, September 28, 2019, Brigitte wrote : Dear friend whats happening with your blog ? B

    1. Oh Dear! I was wondering what happened to V's blog. It is one of my favourites.