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Friday, September 27, 2019

His Dance Lesson - FM Spanking Cartoon

When she promised him a dance lesson once she got him home he certainly wasn't expecting this.
She knows there is nothing better than a hairbrush applied to his backside to get him hopping....but his lesson is far from finished yet !

Friday, September 20, 2019

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Another 'lost' Saint Spanking - 'The Man who Liked Lions' - MF Spanking

When Templar's friend is found murdered he suspects his girlfriend , Claudia , played by the stunning Suzanne Lloyd knows something.

Simon confronts Claudia but she is not forthcoming in her answers to Templar so he threatens her , "Claudia...I'll give you 10 seconds...and if nothing is forthcoming , I shall place a few well deserved whacks on that delectable posterior of hers ( and quite a delectable posterior it is indeed!).
Disappointingly , despite the naughty Claudia pulling a gun on him , no spanking is delivered to that wonderful bottom.
So here is my version of what should have happened.....

Simon warns Claudia that he will warm her bottom if she doesn't answer his questions....
 Claudia pulls a gun on Simon and he takes it from her. It's time to give Claudia what she deserves!
 Simon takes Claudia over his knee  , hoists her dress and spanks her until she agrees to talk...
 Claudia agrees to take Simon to meet the man she was working for ....and she seems quite in awe of Simon's spanking abilities!

Monday, September 16, 2019

A 'lost' Saint Spanking - 'To Kill a Saint' - MF spanking

The TV series ' The Saint ' featured only one on-screen spanking where Templar paddled spoilt brat Erica Rogers in the 1962 episode 'The Golden Journey'.

However , there were a couple of 'near misses' where a spanking should have taken place but was aborted for some unknown reason.

One of these was the 1967 episode ' To Kill a saint ' where Templar catches the delectable Annette Andre rummaging through his room and , after a short pursuit , goes as far as placing the lovely lady over his lap , raises his hand .....and ....stops because she is sobbing!

So to remedy this situation , I have taken the liberty of re-writing this scene the way it should have happened.....

After she shoots blanks at him , Simon follows Annette back to his room to find it in disarray as she empties drawers and dumps his belongings on the floor. 
He asks her to explain , but Annette is to stunned to reply and when Simon announces that he is going to loosen her 'lockjaw' she squeals and scurries away from him across the room......

 Annette crawls over the bed to elude Simon , her skirt rising to give us a brief glimpse of her shapely legs , but Simon easily catches her.......
 He carries her over to the nearby sofa and prepares her for her spanking by hoisting her dress to reveal a very pretty pair of pink panties......
Simon places her over his lap , hoists her dress some more to reveal her curvy posterior , and despite her sobs and pleads for mercy spanks her bottom until it is bright red .
The stubborn young lady finally agrees to talk and her spanking ends...... 
 Simon flips Annette off his lap and she kneels , rubbing her sore bottom.
When he reminds her that he can spank her some more she quick explains everything to him...

Of course Annette cannot resist Simon Templar's charm and melts into his arms......

You can find the original version on Youtube or one of the streaming services and let me know which version you prefer ?

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

The Making of a Disciplinary Wife - Kate's Story -

My Husband , George is a great Husband and Father who is kind , loving and funny , but by his own admission , he sometimes acts selfishly and without consideration for me or others.
He is always immediately sorry for what he said or did , and I believe he honestly had no intention of offending , but I also know that ,  without proper 'correction' from me , his wife Kate , it won't be long before there is a repeat performance of this behaviour.
That's just the way it is and we both know it.

Now some of you ladies may already be curious as to what sort of 'correction' I am referring to.
Well it is actually very simple , I give him a darn good spanking that he will not forget for some time!
I've been spanking George for over 15 years now and as we celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary I have no intention of stopping , and George wouldn't have it any other way.

In fact , now that our little nest has emptied , my naughty Husband finds himself over my lap more than ever as we have complete privacy to take care of business without waiting for the kids to be away.
If I have one regret it would be that I did not start spanking George much sooner , but we are making up for lost time these days.

Ironically , it was George who introduced spanking into our relationship when we first started dating.
However , back then it was MY bottom that was on the receiving end of a good spanking and I must confess I was ok with it at the time as we both enjoyed it .
To be fair George never spanked me very hard and we both knew it was just an excuse for him to bare my bottom. 
Eventually the spankings evolved into a regular routine  for us  and I recall often returning home from a date with George with a nice red and well warmed bottom.

But as our relationship progressed ,I soon began to realize that  it was he  who deserved to be spanked way more than I did !
So when George acted poorly , I made the occasional threat or comment that he  deserved a spanking , but George would just shrug and tell me that girls don't spank boys and , at that time,  I unfortunately did not have the confidence to challenge his assertion.

It wasn't until we were married and in our  thirties with kids , jobs , a mortgage and all that went along with it , that my general confidence as a woman , mother and 'unofficial' head of our household grew  enough to reintroduce the subject of spanking.

In fact I discovered that I quite enjoyed being the boss ,  expressing my opinions  , and generally taking charge when I could. 
became more firm and confident  and applied this with work colleagues , superiors,  and at home with George and our 3 boys.

Soon our circle of family and friends began to notice the power change  , and some would even tease George that I was the one wearing the pants in the house .
George would stubbornly try to convince them otherwise and that he was the 'King of his Castle' but he knew they were right.
I wouldn't say our power dynamic was greatly tilted ,  but it was clear that it was now a less than equal partnership . 
I had always been more aggressive and a a better negotiator than George ,  always getting  the best prices from salespeople and contractors , including that 'male domain' of car purchasing.
In fact I relished those situations so much that I would take over from George when he began to flounder or cave as he often did.
I guess I was a bit of a Bossy 'bitch'  , but I thoroughly  enjoyed the role ,  and George had no objection to following my lead and allowed me to take charge more and more.

In fact  , George became quite happy to back off and allow me to assume more and more authority and take charge of things that were previously his exclusive domain.
For one thing ,I set  all the formal rules for the household and made sure George and the kids followed them. 
This meant I also enforced the rules by stepping  into the role of  the disciplinarian in the house.

George was never very good at this anyway , and when I informed our three  boys that from now on , any violation of the rules would result in good old fashioned spanking , over my knee and on their bare bottom they soon found out I was deadly serious.

It was our eldest who tested the waters first when he made the mistake of sassing me at the kitchen table .
I still remember the look on his Father and brothers' faces when I grabbed him by the ear , stood him up , and ordered him to go upstairs and wait for me to come up and give him his spanking!
He protested but quickly realized I meant business and went upstairs.
I made a bit of a show of producing the hairbrush and rolling up my sleeves before striding upstairs to take care of business.

When I entered his room , my son'e eyes widened when he saw that  hairbrush and he began apologizing but I was not going to backtrack now.

He reluctantly dropped his pants and I pulled him over my knee and skinned down his underwear.
I spanked his bottom with the brush until it was bright red , making sure the racket of smacks and howls could be heard by George and his brothers downstairs.
Then I marched him back into the kitchen where he apologized to me and asked for permission to sit down and finish his meal, which he did with obvious difficulty.

There was a hushed silence when I reminded everyone at the table that anyone being rude or breaking the rules would  feel what it was like to sit on a sore bottom just like their brother .
While I didn't enjoy that spanking , I was proud that I had the nerve to do it and it certainly set the tone for my new role.

Boys being boys , they  all found themselves over my lap for a taste of my hairbrush fairly regularly for one reason or another , but their general behavior improved and they did their best to follow the rules.
For his part , George was happy to have me discipline the boys , although unlike the boys , his behavior made no improvement.

To be honest , it didn't occur to me right away to extend my spanking authority to George, even though he did act irresponsibly and broke  the same rules without consequences.
It was one evening at dinner that it first crossed my mind.
After I had delivered a rare spanking to ALL of the boys for  repeatedly showing up late for dinner ,  they complained that it wasn't fair that they got a spanking for breaking the rules and Dad didn't 

"Dad's don't get they Mom?" George replied looking over at me uncertainly for assurance.
It suddenly struck me  ! Here he was using the same tired old excuse  he had used with me all those years ago when I first suggested he needed to be spanked .
Well this time I had the confidence not to let him  get away with it  , especially since the boys recognized the imbalance which I  empathized with .

I was having none of it and smiled wryly at him , " Dad's are NOT exempt from a spanking and I will be dealing with your Father later!" I replied to giggles and cheers from the boys.
George was dumbstruck but things were about to change for him whether he liked it or not!

I realized George considered himself above the rules and thought he could get away with anything.
He was undermining my authority , and his 
arrogance of  trying to manipulate me to take his side really bothered me.

After dinner ,George and I did the dishes together and I could tell he was uneasy and wanted to say something about my earlier comment until he finally blurted out ,
 "You were just joking weren't you Honey?" he asked tentatively. 
Even though I knew very well what he was referring to , I feigned ignorance , "Joking ? About what Sweetheart?" I replied ,  enjoying his uneasiness.
"You know....about Dad's not being exempt ?" he stammered.
"Exempt from what dear? A spanking?" I teased  , thoroughly enjoying our exchange now.
I paused and looked him seriously in the eye , "I was deadly serious about that George ! If I can be spanked then YOU can as well !" I replied firmly.
George knew exactly what I was referring to.
Just over a month ago , George had given ME a spanking!

He had accused me of using,  and apparently breaking , one of his expensive tools and ,despite me  adamantly protesting my innocence , he was so angry he still gave me a spanking ...and a pretty hard one at that.
He even had the nerve to tell the boys what I had done and that nobody , including me was allowed to use his tools.
He stopped short of telling the boys that he had given me a spanking but his smugness irritated me , especially since I knew I had not touched his precious tools!

As it turned out ,George had forgotten he had loaned the tool to a neighbour and it was he who had used it improperly.
The neighbor even apologized and offered to pay for the repair.
Admittedly  George felt guilty , backtracked and apologized to me profusely but I assured him that  I would be 'evening the score' with him , and  if I could be spanked so could he!

Back in the kitchen , George was shocked at my announcement and  tried to laugh it off  , but I  informed  him that I was the one who did the spanking in the house now and that included him!
George  barely listened and even though he knew he was wrong , he still had the nerve to try to justify his actions  ... which only made me more determined.

"Don't be silly're my wife ! You can't spank me like one of the boys!" he reasoned indignantly.
How dare he think he think he could spank me for something I didn't do and  still have the nerve to think he was exempt from similar punishment just because I was his wife !
I dug in my heels . 
"Oh don't worry dear , the spankings you are going to get  won't be anything like the spankings I give the boys're going to get it much , much worse that that !" I warned him.

That got his undivided attention so I ordered him to book an afternoon off work next week so I could demonstrate.
He was to pick me up at work , take me to lunch to discuss our new 'disciplinary program' and then we would go home to give him the spanking I had promised him and he had earned.
I then assigned  him a special chore!
He was to make me two paddles for spanking him with , one for over the knee spanking and a much bigger 'stand up 'paddle with holes.
He gulped when I showed him pictures and specifications of the paddles I wanted.
"These are pretty thick and solid...." he observed.
"Yes they are......and they will be reserved strictly for your naughty bare  backside my darling. I want you sitting on a sore bottom for days after a spanking and these will do the trick!" I teased.

That weekend , after breakfast George went to the hardware store to buy the supplies he required for his ‘special project’ .
He confessed later that he was embarrassed when he paid the female cashier knowing what the materials would be used for.
Nonetheless he stuck to his task and on Sunday evening presented me with two very  solid and professionally finished paddles almost identical to the ones in the pictures.
I smiled and tested each one by tapping them against my palm as George looked on anxiously.
"These will do very nicely turn around and bend over so I can test them!" I declared.

"But Honey....the boys are here....they might hear.....and the neighbours might see ..." He whispered looking around the garage.
"Maybe..." I shrugged , twirling my finger in a semi circle for him to turn around.
George sighed but reluctantly turned and  assumed the position.

I tested the smaller paddle first. It fitted nicely in my hand and I liked the feel of it.
"OUCH!" George yelped , springing back up to rub the seat of his jeans after a crisp pair of sharp swats .
"How was that George? " I asked with a satisfied grin.
"It stings like heck!" George replied still rubbing his seat as I examined the paddle.
"Then just think what it will feel like on your bare bottom!" I teased .

I picked up the big paddle and signalled for George to turn around again.
Holding it with both hands , I stepped back and really leaned into my swing.
I really unloaded a pair of stingers which sounded like pistol shots had been fired , and George added to the cacophony with his loud , involuntary howls.
The kids must have heard that even over the sound of the television , as well as the neighbors!
George rose clutching the seat of his pants with both hands , "GEEZUS Kate ! That really  hurt!" he grimaced.
"It's supposed to hurt Darling!" I explained matter of factly.

Quite satisfied with myself , I  hung the paddles on the hooks I had asked George to install in our walk in closet , "There! Always close at hand!" I declared proudly.
"Is that a good idea Kate? What if the kids see them?" George asked  , still wincing from the quartet of hefty whacks I had delivered.
"Well I suppose they'll know that Mom uses them to paddle Dad's backside when he misbehaves!" I smirked.

"What were you guys doing out there ?" our eldest asked curiously when we returned to the family room.
"Yea we heard bangs...loud ones....and Dad yelling !" the youngest added.
"Would you like to tell them Honey?" I asked leaving a red-faced George alone with the kids.

George made some excuse about me helping him with something in the garage and he was still blushing when he joined me in the kitchen.
"You're enjoying this aren't you ?" he said , giving me a playful swat on the seat of my  slacks. I wagged a finger at him , “Uh uh...remember I’m the one who does the spanking in this house.” I giggled.
I turned around and he pulled me into his arms, "...and I'm going to enjoy it even more tomorrow when I blister your ass properly mister!" I purred planting  my lips against his.
For the rest of that night we strained to  keep our hands off each other until the kids went to bed and we had the best sex  in years.
With my new found confidence I was more assured in bed , spurning our traditional positions for the Cowgirl...I rode my man like crazy and loved every minute of it , so did George!

The next morning I stood in our walk in closet contemplating what to wear for this historic day.
I settled on a tight , navy blue skirt and a white blouse with the collar open wide enough for a glimpse of cleavage.
I was going to work after all so couldn't overdo it but was aiming for an authoritative , 'teacher ' look so put my hair up , donned my horn rimmed glasses and slipped into my 4 inch heels.
I studied myself in the mirror and was very pleased with my choice.

George approved also ,"Wow! You look great Kate." he crushed, looking handsome himself in a sharp 3 piece suit.
I was determined to be strictly business with him,so ignored his compliment,  reminding him to pick me up at 1pm sharp .
"Have you made the restaurant reservations?" I asked him firmly , continuing to look in the mirror.
"Yes Luigi's...your favourite!" he replied politely.

I paused from applying my lipstick, turning my head to look at him sternly over my glasses , "You are to refer to me as Ma'am for the rest of the day George. Do you understand? "I ordered

He looked shocked  , as if the reality of the situation was finally sinking in.
"Ma'am ? Seriously?" he asked.
I stood up , placed both hands on my hips and leaned towards him , "Are you challenging my authority?" I asked firmly.
George recoiled , "No....No Ma'am!"
"That's better!" I grinned , returning my gaze to the mirror.
That morning at work , I received lots of compliments from my  co-workers on my attire , including some playful teasing about my planned afternoon date with my husband.
If only they knew what I had really planned for my naughty hubbie !

I had to lead an important meeting that day , and I found that my confidence level and respect from my peers and superiors soaring.
I left the meeting feeling a new sense of power which I intended to carry through to my rendezvous with George.
Returning to my office , I picked up the phone and called George.
"Oh Hi Honey...I can't talk right now....can I call you back in 10 ?" George replied abruptly.
"Is there someone with you in your office George?"
"Yes. Carol is here...."
"Well you need to tell Carol to wait ..."
"Er...uhm...Ok then ...go ahead ..."
"Are you sitting comfortably?"
"Uh ...Yes I am."
"Sorry? Would you like to try that again?"
There was a brief pause.
"er uhm...well...yes I...yes I  am...Ma'am."
"Good.....because you won't be sitting comfortably this afternoon ....or for the next couple of days as a matter of fact.....after I blister your ass !"
"Well? I'm waiting for a response George!"
"I told you...Carol is here!" he whispered impatiently
"Hmmm....I guess you don't want Carol to know that I'm in charge and am going to  spank  your naughty bare bottom ?"
"No I don't."
"Excuse me?" I said irritably.
More silence.
"No I don't...Ma'am!"
"That's better! See you at 1pm SHARP George!"
Then I hung up and sat back confidently in my chair.
George was right...I WAS  enjoying this way too much!
I could just picture him trying to explain away those 'Ma'am' s to Carol!

At 1pm precisely I exited the building to find George parked outside , surprised to find he was on time for once.
I strode confidently over to his car and stood by the passenger door with arms folded.
A moment later , a flustered George got out of the car and opened the door for me.
"Sorry Ma'am!" he stammered as I cast him an icy glare before sliding into my seat.
"Not a good start George !" I scolded.

George did remember to open my door for me when we arrived at the restaurant and also to hold my chair when I sat at our table.
We ordered drinks and a very nervous George started with small talk until I interrupted him with a reminder about what we really needed to talk about.
"We're here to discuss your new 'disciplinary program" George , so let's get started."
He blushed and listened in silence as I explained how the 'program' would work.

We agreed on a list of George's areas for improvement , and rules he was now required to comply with.
Then I explained to him that the consequences for any poor behaviour , disrespect or violation of the rules would be a sound spanking from me , his 'disciplinary wife'.
When I was finished I think he was to stunned to ask any questions.

As our lunch drew to a close I opened my attache and produced a document for him to sign .
His jaw dropped when he read the title 'Domestic Discipline Agreement'.
"Do we really need to be this formal Kate?" he asked worriedly.
I raised a brow in annoyance and he quickly corrected himself , "I mean...Ma' we need to be this formal Ma'am?"
"Yes we do George. For this to work I will need your complete agreement. Now read through the document while I finish my coffee. Then you can sign it so we can go home for the 'main event'!" I replied with a grin.
Somewhat reluctantly he signed the document and pushed it over to me.

I waved at the waitress for the bill when she automatically handed it to George  , "I'll take that !" I told her ending a protest from George with a finger on his lips , "You need to remember that I'm in charge Sweetheart..not you!"I scolded.
The young waitress strained not to giggle and was still grinning when I finished paying.
I looked at my watch and then at George , "It's past 2 and the boys will be home from  school  at 4. Let's get you home so I can take care of business shall we dear?" I announced  matter of factly.

It was a short and quiet drive home and I could see the beads of sweat forming on George's brow as he drove.
After striding purposefully through all the doors that my husband now dutifully opened for me , he held my suit jacket as I took it off.
I unbuttoned my right sleeve and rolled it up over my elbow , "Follow me!" I ordered and marched upstairs to the bedroom with George following closely behind.

I fetched both of my new paddles from the closet and placed them on the bed , then retrieved the trusty hairbrush I used for disciplining the boys from the dresser.
"Strip George....every stitch!" I ordered and George promptly began undressing while I took my place on the chair.

His face was red , and his naked , muscular body glistened with sweat as he stood before me , both his hands attempting to hide a rather obvious erection.
"I see you're getting a little excited about this Darling!" I laughed before firmly ordering him to place his hands at his sides .
I chuckled as he and his shaft sprung to attention together. "Well I don't need that making a mess over my nice skirt!" I announced , roughly grasping his shaft .
Staring him in the eye I began yanking on it hard and fast.
"Please Kate...noooo!" George squealed but I kept pumping until he  exploded into the tissue I was holding in my hand.
I handed him a tissue to clean himself up and  patted my skirted  lap. 
"Over you go!" I ordered.

Stubbornly George still dared to talk his way out of his spanking but I simply told him he should take his punishment like a man....just like the boys did.
This was going to happen whether he liked it or not.
My warning sank in ,and without further resistance, my husband  went over my lap for the first of many times !
I still recall the charge I got from having him submit to me in that way for the first time.

It had to be humiliating for him , draped over my lap getting his bare bottom warmed just like one of our boys!
My experience in disciplining the boys had made me pretty proficient at delivering a spanking  so I new exactly what to do,
I raised the brush and proceeded to gave his backside one darn good walloping  ,admittedly getting  a bit carried away , but the  crisp smacking sounds of the brush  and George's reddening butt inspired me
Soon George was howling and bucking on my lap , clearly not thinking I could spank him this hard.
Rising to my task , I held him in place,  spanking his behind even harder and faster.
His bottom  started  to show deepening colours and textures I had never seen before and  I was both surprised and pleased that I was doing such a good job.

When I was satisfied his bottom was well and truly roasted I let him get off my lap.
Clearly embarrassed ,he struggled to his feet , fighting the urge to rub his behind .
His stubborn male pride still made him try to pretend that the spanking had not  hurt that much but I knew he was faking.
I knew his backside was on fire and I was just getting started !
"That was just a warm up for the main event George. Now get your nose in that corner and prepare for the paddling of your life mister!" I warned , chuckling as he scurried into the corner with his blazing red bottom on display.

While my well-spanked husband wiggled and squirmed in the corner , I picked up the stand up paddle and swished it through the air.
It was time for the more formal part of George's punishment.
Taking him by the ear , I led him out of the corner and ordered him to bend over the chair.
After adjusting his position so his bottom was just right to receive the paddle I took up my position to his left and patted the paddle against his red bottom making his cheeks clench in anticipation.
While I had been mostly silent during his warm up spanking , for this paddling I was very vocal.
I scolded him and listed all of his misdemeanours and offences before applying the paddle firmly to his bare cheeks.
I admired the power of this paddle as it really packed a punch as I swung it and snapped it against his backside again and again.
I continued to scold and lecture him with every stroke , demanding a frenzied "YES MA'AM!" in reply each time.

Poor George howled throughout and was soon apologizing profusely , promising to improve and begging me to stop.
It wasn't a long paddling by any means , perhaps about 30 or 40 good pops in all , but George was a sorry , blubbering mess by the time I was finished.
The wood had really scorched his behind and I could see blisters forming on both his sit spots.
He would not be sitting comfortably for days , that was certain.
Taking him by the ear again , I deposited him back in his corner.

"Don't you dare !" I scolded when his hands dropped to comfort his aching rear , and he quickly placed them back on his head.
This was when , perhaps the most embarrassing part of George's afternoon occurred.
The phone rang and when I answered it was George's Secretary , Carol!

I could see George shudder when he heard me say , "I'm sorry Carol but George can't come to the phone right now but I'll be glad to give him a message."
Carol and I chatted amiably for a few minutes while George cringed in the corner.
If only she knew her handsome boss was standing naked in the corner with his red spanked bottom on display !

"Was there a message?" George asked anxiously when I hung up.
"Yes but it can wait until our business is done here."I told him.
"Aren't we done now? My ass is on fire." 
"Excuse me ?" 
"I mean...I thought we were done Ma'am!"

I picked up my smaller OTK paddle.
"You may come out of the corner!" I said firmly.
George turned around and gasped when he saw me sitting on the chair  waving the paddle at him.
"Aw no! Please not more Ma'am!" he gasped.

"We still have one serious matter to deal with before we're through here George!" 
"You know that spanking you gave me for using your tools was very wrong and unjust. Well it's payback time George!"
"But I've already apologized for that Ma'am?" George reasoned.
"You've apologized but you're not truly sorry and you still need to be punished for it. This little paddle is going to make sure you give me a SINCERE apology. Now get over my lap!" I scolded.

George clambered back into position and I inspected his rear quarters.
Both of his cheeks looked raw and sore so I decided that area had enough wood for today.
My target would be that still nice white and sensitive areas at the tops of his thighs and between his cheeks!

George began howling loudly as soon as the first swat landed on his tender thighs.
In fact he was making such a racket I'm sure the neighbours must have heard !

Then I started on the virgin territory between his cheeks.
He certainly was not expecting that!
He was wailing loudly , begging for me to stop and frantically apologizing as he bucked and wiggled on my lap to avoid the sting from my paddle.
At one point I had to pause and warn him to stay still or he would get another dose of my big paddle after this.
That settled him down , "YES MA'AM!" he blubbered.

I stuck to my task , peppering his upper thighs until the colour matched his cheeks and he looked like he was wearing a pair of bright red shorts.
When I was almost out of breath , I decided he had enough and stopped spanking.

He  just lay limply over my lap whimpering , "I'm sorry....I'm sorry..."
By the state of his rear he was indeed going to be sorry for the next few days - especially when he tried to sit!
He slid off my lap and once again I led him by his ear back to that familiar corner.

My blouse was wet with perspiration from my efforts and there was also a wetness between my legs.
All George's squirming had severely wrinkled my skirt.
Punishing my Husband like this had really excited me and turned  me on , so I removed my blouse ,  stepped out of my skirt and paced behind George in only my low cut bra , lace panties and heels.

It was 3.30pm and the kids would be home from school soon so it was time to bring this session to a close.
Taking his arm I released him from his corner.
His eyes widened when he saw me in my state of undress and I was pleased to see that his impressive erection had returned !
I pulled him to me ,kissing him forcefully and caressing his member with my hand.
George responded by pulling me close to him so I could feel his erection pressing against my bare belly.

"Have you learned your lesson George ?" I asked firmly.
"Yes Ma'am I have !"he sobbed.
"Tell me what have you learned George?"
"To be more respectful and considerate toward my wife and obey all the rules!"
"And what happens when you displease me or break the rules?"
"I get a spanking Ma'am!"
"A good , long , hard spanking!" I added.
"Yes Ma'am! A very hard spanking!" George agreed.

He winced and let out a groan when I pushed him back onto the bed and his sore rear met the sheets.
Ignoring his discomfort , I whisked off my bra , stepped out of my panties and mounted him , producing more pained groans from him.

His discomfort dissipated rapidly as I rode him the same way I had the previous night.

George was groaning again , this time with sheer pleasure until he exploded inside me before we both collapsed on the bed.
We cuddled for a while and George even managed a chuckle when I teased him about how sore he was going to be "I'll need to bring a pillow to the office tomorrow!" he joked.

Without any prompting he thanked me for spanking him as it had been well deserved and I should have done it years ago.
I told him that was great because from now on he would be getting a good hard spanking when he needed it.
I then proceeded to remind him of our agreement and he confirmed his acceptance of the terms.
He also acknowledged that from then on , I would be in charge of his discipline well as a few other aspects of his life.

I put a hand to my mouth , "Shoot! I forgot to give you Carol's message . You had best call her back before she leaves!" I shrieked.
It was pretty amusing to sit back on the bed and watch my naked and red bottomed Husband talk business with his Secretary...if only she knew !

That evening  I resisted the temptation to mention or tease George about his sore backside during dinner , but boy was he  doing a lot of squirming and wincing.
Having spent quite a few meals sitting just as uncomfortably themselves ,  this did not go unnoticed by the boys who were not as tactful as I was.
"What's up Dad? You can't sit still tonight !" our youngest observed.
"Yea ! Maybe Mom gave him a spanking like she said she would !" Our eldest chirped , half seriously to laughter from all , including a red-faced George.
"Well did you spank him Mom?" Our wise middle son asked seriously.
I just smiled and winked  at a wide eyed George  , "Finish your dinner and get started on your homework!" I replied to his relief.

That night in bed ,George and I talked about our disciplinary afternoon.
To 'seal the deal ' George surprised me by voluntarily placing himself over my lap for another spanking.
I was pleased to see that his bottom still bore the marks of his earlier spanking and they had not faded much.
"Haven't you had enough spankings for one day Honey?" I joked
"Consider this a 'symbolic' spanking to seal our agreement." George said.
"You do realize this may be a tad noisy and the boys might hear George?" I warned him.
"I suppose they are going to figure it out sooner or later....if they haven't already!" he replied.

The spanking was a brief , playful but still noisy one and George was rewarded with a nice massage of his cheeks.
The next morning , although they said nothing , I could tell by the smirks on their faces that that the boys had heard me giving their Dad a spanking.
With his bottom sufficiently warmed we made love,  with George paying more attention to my needs than he ever did before.

Over the next few months , George found himself back over my knee or bending over for my paddle fairly regularly.
While our arrangement was strictly a private matter between George and I , he knew I was not shy to scold him and even drop the occasional warning or a hint in front of others , that he was in for a spanking .

One of the issues we did encounter , like many DD couples was finding the time and privacy to carry out a spanking.
With our busy lives and the boys at home it became quite a challenge and George got 'out of jail' on a few occasions because scheduling a spanking was just not possible.
I really needed the privacy of the office for work but it was also a perfect place to carry out spankings in private.

George finally got around to building me an 'office' in the basement that he had been promising to do for years.(Incidentally , it was multiple applications of the paddle to his lazy backside which expedited the project to completion.)
It wasn't completely soundproof but was far enough away from the upstairs rooms to allow a spanking to be administered without being heard.

The only remaining challenge was to silence George's screeching and howling which he could not seem to control , but I soon found a solution for that too! ( We disciplinary Wives can be very creative when we need to be !)
I also purchased a few English School canes for punishing George in my office which were not only less noisy than my paddles but very effective!
 Phrases like "I'll deal  with you later in my office!" or "You'll be paying another visit to my office!" became commonplace whenever George would displease me.
By then , I assumed the boys had a pretty good idea what I meant and would even tease their Dad about it.
"Better be careful Dad or Mom will take you to her office!

We also did our best to schedule one of our afternoon ' spanking rendezvous' every month , where George would pick me up for lunch...and lots of spanking afterwards.
The spankings rang in  welcome changes in George's behavior.

One change to our routine was to schedule lunch after I had thoroughly thrashed my Husband's bottom instead of before.
There were two reasons for this change , firstly I just did not want to wait until we ate lunch to spank George. The anticipation was so strong I just could not wait.
Secondly , I just loved having my sexy husband sit on a well spanked bottom during lunch and of course I would tease him throughout !
Sometimes our schedules would not permit us to take the entire afternoon off so often George would return to work and have to sit on the sorest bottom in town!
I''m sure his secretary Carol must have noticed all his squirming after a lunch date with me and came to her own conclusions.

Sometimes  , George was so well behaved he went weeks without earning a spanking.
While this was great , it was disappointing for me as I yearned to give his bottom a good thrashing.
So I decided that I would spank him , even if he had not done anything , just to demonstrate my authority.
These 'symbolic'  spankings were less severe but still resulted in a sore bottom for George to remind him who was in charge.

After a while , people we socialized with frequently , began to notice this new dynamic between George and I and some were very curious , asking me what my secret was. 
If only they knew!
At first  I was reluctant to release any details about my 'methods' when asked, as I did not wish to diminish or embarrass George in the eyes of our friends.
However , some of my more observant lady friend's persisted, so I decided to allow a select few of them into our secret.

One reason for doing this was my strong  desire to share it with people I trusted , and another was that I was to share my experiences with close friends so their own relationships could benefit if they decided to give it a try.
Some found it amusing , others were shocked but a couple were intrigued enough to follow up with me later.

So at one of our 'girls only' nights , and after a few glasses of wine  I allowed a handful of my closest friends in on our secret.
After that , I noticed a few of the wives whom I had taken into my confidence would make 'spanking remarks' to their husbands.
" John is going to get a good spanking for that!"
"Do I need to take you over my knee Simon?"
"Shall I fetch the hairbrush Sam?"
I wondered if any were serious , or just flirty quips between couples ,but they did make their men blush and bring spanking talk between us more into the open.

One good friend did decide to implement DD into their relationship and came to me for advice.
It was great to have another Disciplinary wife to talk to and share experiences with.
We would often get together with our Husbands for dinner and it was always enjoyable because our DD arrangements were 'out in the open' , so we could talk about it without inhibitions .
I would be so fired up after all that talk about spanking that I couldn't wait to give George a good spanking and I know my girlfriend felt the same way.
Of course our naughty Husbands likely felt the same way as they would predictably say or do something during the evening to earn them a spanking!
We would enjoy many a dinner together with our men sitting on well spanked bottoms and teased them throughout.

Another person who seemed to clue into our arrangement was George's Mom , likely because of one occasion when she came into the kitchen while I was scolding George about something ,  just as I gave him a sharp smack  on the seat of his pants and warned him he was in for it once I got him home!
"Well don't let me get in the way Dear! Go ahead and give him what he deserves!" she chortled.
I was sorely tempted but chose to reply , "Oh don't worry Mom ....he's going to get a lot more than that later!" I assured her.
After that I had the feeling she knew that I spanked George , as she  would often make a joking remark that he  needed a spanking if he did something to displease her.
If only she knew the truth!

I began to assemble a formidable arsenal of spanking implements and discovered the DWC website , soaking up all the instructions and information provided by Aunt Kay to make sure I 'did it right'.
George was pleased to have me assume this more aggressive,  dominant role at home and , while our lives did not really change that much , friends and family began to notice my newfound confidence and  assertiveness .
When the boys heard me give one of my warnings to George like "I WILL be dealing with you later !" or "It's time for another of our little discussions!" I'm quite sure they knew their Father was in for a spanking .
They would certainly notice and joke about Dad's ginger movements and wincing when he sat down after getting a spanking.
George always did his best to act as if nothing had happened , but I always blistered his ass so thoroughly it made sure that was just not possible for him to hide it.
While he was still my strong , knight in shining armour , he was more attentive and considerate to me and some of his bad habits had disappeared almost completely.
Just a stern look or a threat from me was enough to make him smarten up if we were out in public.
When we were alone , I was much more direct with him and he knew I would not hesitate to spank him 'on the spot'  or take him to my 'office' for a dose of the cane if necessary.

George and I have been married for over 30 years  and our nest is empty and our sons have started lives of their own, so  I have more time to spank George and , believe me , I spank him a lot !
I have worn out quite a few implements on his backside over the years but still have that nice big paddle we've had from the beginning. 
I save it for 'special occasions and it's always close at hand in case George needs a reminder.

Our eldest son has been married for two years now ,and when he and his wife visit I , half-jokingly tell her she should give him a spanking when he acts up.
She just laughs and playfully scolds him , but I like to think she takes him over her knee for real once she gets him home.
Like his Father , it's just  what he needs and wants , and a proven recipe for a long ,happy marriage.

Monday, September 9, 2019

We Need to Talk - A Spanking Story

Nathan let out a sigh and stared into his beer glass.
"Why so glum Buddy?" his best friend Corey asked as he eased onto the barstool next to him.
Nathan forced a smile to welcome his friend . He always talked to Corey when he needed advice and he always seemed to have the right answers.
"Amy has invited me over for dinner tomorrow.....apparently we 'need to talk'! " he sulked.
Corey put a comforting arm around his friend , "Things must be getting serious between you two !" he observed.

Amy and Nathan had been together for over a year now and were clearly very much in love.
Everybody thought the pair were very compatible,  perhaps even the perfect couple.
"Well yes of course they are , and we have been talking about making our relationship more....serious." Nathan replied.

His friend grinned , "More serious? You mean marriage?" he prodded.
Nathan paused thoughtfully before responding , "Well not officially...."he offered.

Corey shrugged, "That's probably what she wants to talk about then you big dummy....she wants to know if you're committed or not!" he concluded.
His friend shook his head , "No...she knows I'm's something else!"
This time it was Corey's turn to contemplate deeply before responding , "Well I can tell you that when Jenny tells me we 'need to talk' it usually means I've screwed up again  and I'm going to pay the price!" he blurted.

"Going to pay the price? What do you mean?" Corey asked , his mood changing.
"Weeelll...." Corey began tentatively , "....Jenny and I have a kind of ...uhm...'agreement'."
Nathan raised a brow , "An agreement? What sort of agreement?" he asked.
Corey drew a breath , "Well when we decided to get married we both realized I needed to make some big changes and shape up quite a bit , so Jenny had me sign a sort of 'contract' to make sure I had some's say...'incentive' to change."

Nathan sat up. He was very interested now .
"It's called a Domestic Discipline agreement that lists all the things I need to work on and the consequences if I don't. I must admit it has helped our relationship and corrected a lot of my bad habits..." he confessed.
"What sort of conequences?" Nathan asked , nodding for Corey to continue.
"Well....if I screw up I get a spanking !" Corey confessed.
Nathan cackled , "A spanking? You mean like kids get?"

Corey frowned and shook his head , "Are you kidding? It's way worse than that. Jenny has one of those big bath brushes and she literally blisters my bare behind with it....I can't sit down for days!"
His confession produced a gaping jaw drop from Corey .
"SHIT !Jenny and Amy are best buds and talk all the you think she wants me to sign one of those agreements too?" he asked.
Corey shrugged , "I wouldn't be surprised bud....let's be honest , it's not like you don't have some changes you need to make before you get married!"

The next evening , Nathan arrived at Amy's place armed with flowers , champagne and some knowledge of her possible intent.
Amy greeted him in her usual , bubbly and affectionate way , encouraging Nathan to think his concerns were unwarranted.
She gushed when he offered her the flowers and the champagne , "Oh're so thoughtful."
"This is for you might need it !" Nathan said , blushing as he offered Amy a long thoughtfully wrapped box.

Nathan smiled and made his way to sit at the romantically prepared table .
Candles , music and the smell of his favourite lasagna . Amy had gone all out .
However , Amy's sunny expression  suddenly morphed into a business-like tone.
"I thought we should have our 'talk' in a more formal place before dinner Nathan. Do you mind coming to my office?" she asked seriously.
Nathan gulped and his face  blushed  , "She is going to have me sign a DD contract!" he gasped to himself.

Nonetheless , he found himself following the seductive sway of his curvy girlfriend's hips , accentuated by her , low cut , little black dress and 4 inch heels , to her office.
As a Lawyer , Amy's office was well equipped to look like a typical law office , making the whole scene much more formal.
Nathan felt the power dynamic swing to Amy as she seated herself behind the large mahogany desk and motioned Nathan to sit before her.
As he expected , in front of her was a formal looking document .
Amy looked even more formal when she donned her large rimmed glasses and peered over them at Nathan.

In full Lawyer mood now , Amy pushed the document towards Nathan , "I don't wish to be too formal Nathan but if we are to be married we both know there are things that need to improved...." she began.
Her nervous boyfriend sat stiffly in the chair and braced himself .
".....a lot of couples are using agreements like this to improve their relationship by identifying areas for improvement and  correcting the problems ." she continued , ponting to the document in front of Nathan.
"I know what the document is Amy ,and I want you to know that I'm happy to sign it . In fact that's why I brought you this gift...." he interrupted nervously , pointing at the box Amy had left on her desk.
Amy raised a brow in puzzlement at her boyfriend , "You really should read thiis first Nathan." Amy advised , bring his attention to the document again.

Nathan persisted and was firmly focussed on the gift box he had brought.
"You may want to open it now." Nathan said.
"Ok."  Amy shrugged and reached for the box , carefully unwrapping it.
Her confusion was obvious when she saw the contents inside.
She looked carefully at the large bath brush and looked up at Nathan .
"It's the same one Jenny uses....with know?" Nathan blurted.
"No I don't know Nathan." Amy replied firmly.

Nathan looked confused now , "Its ok Amy...Corey told me about their DD agreement....that is a DD agreement ?" he asked , his voice fading.
Amy smiled  , "It is a DD agreement Nathan , but perhaps you should read it first." she suggested.
His brow furrowing , her boyfriend leaned forward in his chair to study the document and then looked up at Amy in amazement.

"I know I sometimes act  poorly and can be very inconsiderate Nathan .... maybe it's my job that makes me like that , but that's no excuse. I'm so lucky that you're such a considerate guy , but frankly , you've been letting me off with way too much Sweetie." Amy said.
"If we are going to take our relationship to the next level , I need you to take charge Nathan . I need you to discipline me when I misbehave like that !" she blurted.

Nathan paused to absorb his girlfriend's surprising revelation , "You mean the DD agreement is for me to discipline you?" he asked.
Amy nodded , "Of course it is silly. Look I've listed all the offences you should be disciplining me for. Do you want to add any more?" she asked enthusuatically.

Still unsure , Nathan just shook his head prompting his girlfriend to stand to return her attention to the bath brush.
She rolled it over in her hands. "Well I must say I wasn't anticipating this Nathan ....but it's no more than I deserve I suppose!" she said , handing the implement to Nathan.

Amy stood up   , flipped up her skirt to reveal two enticing twin globes and bent over the desk.
"I'm ready when you are Nathan!" she declared boldly , her blonde mane spilling over her pretty face as she turned her head to face him.

Entranced by the sight of his girlfriend's gorgeous , scantily clad cheeks Nathan gratefully took up a position behind her.
"I'm not sure if I can do this Amy..." he said.
"Just think of all those times I've treated you so badly Sweetie , like when I kept you waiting for me outside in the rain for an hour last week !"she reminded him.

Nathan thought about that incident for a moment and recalled how Amy had not even offered an apology ,or  even a tinge of sympathy ,for his soaking.
She actually found it amusing enough to tease him!

Casting his eyes at Amy's awaiting bare bottom ,  he proceeded to scold her , "How dare you keep me waiting like that've had this coming for quite a while and now you're gonna get it young lady !" he added , his confidence growing.
"Yes Sir!" an excited Amy responded.

The next thing he knew , Nathan was vigorously paddling his naughty girlfriend's jiggling bottom with the bath brush.
Amy was surprised at how much the bath brush stung , yelping and wiggling her bottom while Nathan turned it a glowing red.
"I'm sorry....I'm sorry....I'll be good....honest I will!" Amy howled.
Her glowing red  bottom confirmed to Nathan that his girlfriend's contrition was genuine, so he put down the brush and gently massaged Amy's delicious red  cheeks.

They were hot to the touch and she cooed with pleasure when Nathan pulled her close to him and their lips locked in a passionate , lingering kiss.
"That was one heck of a paddling Honey , but you do realize it wasn't legal?" Amy pouted  impishly.
"What do you mean ?" Nathan asked,
"Well didn't sign the agreement so our DD arrangement is not legally enforcable yet. I'm afraid I have no choice but to use the penalty clause." Amy continued , morphing into lawyer mode again.

Nathan shook his head in disbelief as his girlfriend disentangled herself from his embrace and opened her desk drawer.
His jaw dropped when she produced the largest , wooden paddle he had ever seen!
Amy grinned and swished it through the air , "Get those pants down and bend over the desk Nathan. The agreement calls for 20 penalty strokes for that violation!" she beamed.