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Wednesday, August 28, 2019

The Queen's Command -Part 1 - FM Spanking Comic

"Apologies for interrupting but you have been summoned by the Queen your Majesty." the captain of the Queen's Guard announced reluctantly , handing the scroll from Queen Annabella to King Adrian.
Adrian shuddered  , looking more like a nervous schoolboy than a powerful Monarch.
He had been expecting to be summoned but was still shaken when it finally arrived.

King Adrian rose and addressed the Council gathered around the large table , "I have been summoned by Queen Annabella so we must resume the Council meeting once her business with me is finished.",  waving his hand to indicate the meeting was to end.

"But the Royal decrees your Majesty....they need your Royal seal!" his Chancellor appealed.
"You know the Queen cannot be kept waiting Chancellor. She holds a decree much more powerful than any of these." the King replied.

"If you would be so kind as to follow me King Adrian ." the Captain said before escorting King Adrian to the Queen's private chamber.
The King knocked on the door before entering.
Queen Annabella's Lady in Waiting , Lady Rosalind stood at her side holding a pillow.
Upon the pillow was the Royal Hairbrush , passed down for generations from Queen to Queen and now under the control of King Adrian's wife , Queen Annabella.

The Royal Hairbrush was not used for grooming the Queen's long silky mane.
She had other brushes for that purpose.
This Hairbrush was reserved exclusively for administering firm chastisement to the reigning King's deserving rump when the Queen felt he abused his power.

King Adrian recalled listening at the door of this same chamber as his Father , the powerful King Henry , dutifully laid himself over Adrian's Mother , Queen Ann's , lap and the Royal Hairbrush was applied to his bare backside.
He recalled the noisy crack of the brush and his battle hardened Father yelping like a schoolboy and pleading for mercy.
Now it was his turn to experience the power of the Royal Hairbrush for the first time......

To be continued..........


  1. Good to see the king give the queen a royal thank you for his hairbrushing!
    But wow -200 lashes for capt Claret - that's going to hurt!
    Can't wait for pt 2!

    1. You will get to see Lady Rosalind deal with Captain Claret in part 2 CK...and yes it is going to hurt but it is the Queen's command.

  2. Be you male or female, top or bottom...
    ... these latest stories have something for everyone!!!!

  3. Amazing work! I did wonder why the King and Queen were suddenly naked... then the last panel made it obvious :D Love the Lady Rosalind spanking scene too.
    Roll on Part 2!

    1. Like most Queens , Annabella likes to be pleasured after a spanking and the naughty Rosalind is no different!

  4. Queen Annabella: "And after your spanking, I'm suspending Parliament!"