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Friday, August 23, 2019

The Noisy Neighbours - MF Spanking Cartoon

She has behaved badly and she knows she is in for a good hard spanking when he gets her home .
Everyone in the neighbourhood is hoping she gets what she deserves , so to make sure they are not disappointed he makes sure to leave the window open so they can listen in to her comeuppance!
Her face will turn as red as her bottom each time she meets one of their neighbours after this.....


  1. I would not mind the neighbors knowing, bu tCindy would be embarrassed. I would simply remark what a wonderful wife I have, and how much we love each other. Nice drawing, as people with grey hair can still spank and be spanked.
    bottoms up

  2. Just another normal day in the life of of a community of spankos :)

    When everyone bought their houses there, they well knew the reputation of the neighboorhood. And so they knew what they were getting into (and loved the idea!)

    (that's just my little fantasy wrinkle to the story that occurred to me when I saw this).

  3. I always get a kick out of hearing neighbours having sex... hearing a spanking would be even better!